The Technocratic Global Government of the Future Is Here

The Technocratic Global Government of the Future Is Here

all right I first heard about this one a few weeks ago on the truth is stranger than fiction channel Asgardian the news space Kingdom after the American super national space open people carnival possessed Spacely to defend humanity and planet Earth from that's emanating from outer space [Applause] it will open its embassies on all continents we are not the best but we are the future I have each and every one of you well humanity one unity first when I saw the whole ridiculousness of this and in taking this new made-up ad hog nation seriously I thought I was gonna make a bunch of jokes about ass guardians but then I realized this is not a joke this is very very serious the solemn oath of the head of the first-base nation is sworn to the head of Parliament mr. lambic topic today as I accede to the position as the head of nation of the space Kingdom of Asgard dear I solemnly swear to be faithful to the spirit and the letter of the Constitution of Oz Gardea and to be the guarantor of its observance the head of justice lays the sign of the head of nation on the shoulders of Egor Asher Bailey he can't even put the necklace on right this is a quote unquote space Kingdom it's the world's first official space nation and they've been endorsed by the ISS who put on a whole display they showed their paraphernalia they have written a constitution they have all their logos and symbolism in place they have placed their hand on the Constitution and sworn to it they've convened in Vienna they've had people sing the anthem and the pledge the national anthem of Oz Gardea is played all please rise [Applause] and of course they have put on the fancy medallion necklace in a very very official manner no no not like that yes thank you and this bowtie man Igor ash or Billy is this billionaire who set up his own space nation just by spending enough money on it and apparently he was born in Azerbaijan he's lived in the Soviet Union and he's been involved with science and engineering for most of his life and he's got all kinds of connections to the United Nations he was part of the ECOSOC United Nations Economic and Social Council he's won Russia's state science and technology prize but what he's done here has really just outstripped everything in fact this puts the stuff going on in Estonia that we covered in the previous video to shame I mean they've actually really got this going they've got a whole cult of space backing this thing this guy Igor Asher Billy is the first head of state of as Gardea the first ever space nation the solemn speech of the head of the first space nation of US Gardea in the history of mankind Igor Asher Bailey is being given as Guardians this day will certainly bill be recorded in the annals of the greatest events in the history of humankind and with the help of NASA and I'm sure you as taxpayer dollars and other international space cooperation they have now officially launched a satellite in the lower Earth orbit where they're going to store digital information and where they now have their first official space territory and they're also expanding space territories throughout terrestrial earth both on the water and the land and they have future plans for manned space platforms space arks to promote and preserve biodiversity space arks will be deployed providing permanent resistance to humans in outer space in environment or of official gravity and protection from space radiation thus enabling human reproduction for moon colonies satellites will orbit the moon and stationary settlements will be established on both the moon's orbit and its surface and beyond they're gonna go to the stars because they are as Gardea just 20 months have passed since the announcement was made of the creation as guardian now there are some 200,000 as Guardians in more than 200 countries of the world we have our own territory on the Asgard Iran satellite declare with confidence that as guardian the first space nation of the united humankind has been bought but after I got over just simply being stunned by the fact that a space Kingdom had been launched and announced and there was this new space nation that was going to have space people and even space money well I just felt behind the times because I just hadn't heard about it and it passed me by but then Melissa and I looked up the space constitution of the space Kingdom of as Gardea and I was just really floored by the whole thing and to be fair they do Express some good ideas but if you really dig into this you'll see that this is not the path to the future that preserves individual rights and it is in fact a space Kingdom that is based around a technocracy as a guardian we'll build an infrastructure that is independent from ground-based systems on earth as Guardians will carry handheld devices with integrated passports credit cards and conventional smartphones and a government dedicated not to the rights of individuals but to the common even though they do state that there are individual rights so they start out with a preamble and I'm obviously not going to go through the whole thing but I am gonna hit some highlights here we the people of planet Earth irrespective of our place of birth residence language gender race nationality religion or citizenship of the existing earth states use our free choice will and conviction in the desire to unite future humanity as trans ethnic transnational trans religious ethical fair peaceful looking into the infinite universe based on equality and dignity of every human being to resolve differences conflicts inequality and imperfections in human history they're gonna fix human history bringing spiritual and scientific practices and human creative achievements to a new level that is the level of space to launch a new era in the history of space humanity and they're allowing anyone currently residing on earth to become a citizen of as Gardea as long as you assent to the declaration and swear to the Constitution and the laws of as Gardea and they've actually got people who have set up their citizenships they've proved their identity they've got their accounts approved very much like the EU residents of Estonia and they're now able to upload digital profiles store media on this space platform and satellite that's carrying various types of computer servers but they must swear to the conditions of the Declaration and constitution of the space Kingdom of Asgard yeah and there's a pair more than 300,000 some odd space citizens already and I wonder how many of them have read this constitution or really thought about it they talked a good game saying that we the people have asked Gardea will do everything for the prosperity of our new space nation created by us safeguarding our motherland planet Earth the development of the entire humankind in space we are not the best we are the future one humanity one unity the prime document for the creation of the space nation so one billionaire can create one humanity and one unity with one space nation and then if there's another billionaire maybe someone with the title of count for instance there could be two humanity to unity and so in the Articles you learned that as Gardea is the first independent free unitary and social space nation based on morality fairness and peace whose morality whose fairness and whose peace while they come from a scardiest supreme values which are established under the space Kingdom of asgaard eeeh and the first question everyone should be asking is if as Guardi is a space Kingdom then who is the monarch there who is king well if you go through the document you never learn the answer to that question and if you go to a scardy a space kingdom frequently asked questions you see they talk about why did ask Gardea decide to become a constitutional monarchy a space kingdom of ask Ardea why not a democracy well they never directly answer that question but they say to be clear as Gardea is a democracy really that does not answer the question why is it a space Kingdom and who is the space king well you learned that in the space kingdom some of the greatest democracies in the world are monarchies and they named the UK Liechtenstein the Netherlands Sweden and etc it's a perceptional misconception that a constitutional monarchy is a bad thing the Netherlands is a constitutional monarchy and yet the most liberal country in the world setting humanistic trends not only for Europe but the entire world and they basically modeled their in space off of the Netherlands but at the same time history does show that no society is perfect and therefore a scardy has conceived to be a new form of society not just a regular monarchy like the great ones in Europe but a space monarchy but again who is the monarch in Asgardian the space Kingdom I just raised the question because it simply isn't answered here who could it be hmm because we know it's not the founder Egor Asher biele he paid for it he set it up but he's only the head of state for a temporary reign I mean after all when you read through a scardy is clearly a technocracy I want technocratic and futuristic state but they call it space Kingdom and if they don't tell you who the monarch is I'd say your best guess is that the monarch is right here on screen someone very trustworthy someone very reliable someone who's never made a mistake I dare say that the king if not the god of a scardy ax is AI itself I mean with artificial intelligence real summoning the demon you know all those stories where is the guy with the pentagram and the holy water it's like yeah you sure can control the demon then what god I'm sorry I mean you learn right here in article 4 the supreme values of as gardius shall be the common and permanent foundations of the self-identification of Asgardian citizens and whose absolute supreme value is quote humanity striving into the infinite future the infinite universe and infinite new universes because it is a space kingdom and they plan to establish peace and space and permanent settlement in the universe hmm space guard and humanity from space originating threats the unity of space humanity as a community they plan to fulfill their mission for humor dignity Human Rights and Freedoms and the harmonious development of individuals the supreme values will fulfill the mission for the supremacy of ask Guardians laws seems a little self reflexive and the preservation of space environment and the community and mutual support it's getting kind of repetitive and scientific and artistic creativity okay and belief in the boundless potential of human reason do not ever stop believing not to mention labor knowledge and progress also peace tranquility safety security respect and confidence are all nice sounding buzzwords to throw in on a line Kay and if you didn't get enough of those words throw in morality fairness and freedom and it is of course prohibited to undermine or even to diminish these supreme values of asgaard eeeh whatever but from a legal perspective of course no one is going to space although they could talk a great game about Verner von braun style space colonies and space platforms and space circles and spaceships and space wheels a scardiest territory is apart from its satellite really only in one space territory and one space territory only and that is cyberspace it is a digital nation with living citizens on the planet Earth implemented from a scientific and technological perspective from its low-earth orbit satellite so again all these hundreds of thousands of people signing up to protect the supreme values and the overarching absolute supreme value of as Gardea are doing so as digital citizens now here's an important point let's get into article eight the rights and freedoms of space citizens of as Gardea the population of Asgard they will grow to comprise 2% of the most creative individuals on earth which is equivalent to approximately 150 million people making agar the one of the 12 largest countries in terms of population and one of the top 12 economies on earth all human and citizenship rights and freedoms shall be recognized in asgard II in accordance with baba wawa an alas guardian citizens shall be equal but some shall be more equal than others persons who acquire space citizenship at birth can exercise their rights and shall perform all obligations on reaching full legal age at 18 number four key rights and freedoms of ask guardian citizenships freedom of individual freedom of speech while that would be important wouldn't it I hope nothing stands in the way of that the right to participation and national affairs of asgaard eeeh both directly and via representatives they talk all about their digital elections why not the right to elect and elect appointed as guardian governmental bodies participate in referenda the right to introduce legislative proposals the right to access information about the activities of government bodies and monitor them okay the right to participate in space-exploration and universal access to science information about space that sounds like it would be nice the right to personal safety and the safety of home in ask Gardea locations notice you don't have the right to bear arms you don't have the right to self-defense but you have the right to personal safety and safety of home guests who will protect and Institute that right I'm sure you can guess it would be the space Kingdom now they do claim that on top of freedom of speech that there is a right to citizens self-governance you have the power of self-governance here as long as nothing else in this contract and against that the right to ownership and inheritance that's nice the right to organize citizen groups on the basis of Asgardian laws but number 9 citizen rights and freedoms may only be restricted that's a little bit of a step down from shall not infringe and government may not and government may not impinge etc citizen rights and freedoms since the not absolute they're not the absolute supreme value they may only be restricted by us Guardian laws to the extent authorized by the Asgardian Constitution required to protect us Guardians national interest and safety security performance of mission this mission is too important and supreme values and/or to protect the rights and legal interest of other Asgardian citizens a bit of an asterisks there and so it's good to know that if you're a space Kingdom space citizen you do have the freedom of individual freedom of speech right to personal safety and safety of home among other rights however they may be restricted under a few certain conditional clauses space citizens and a scardy ado have indispensable and inalienable obligations which shall not violate the rights and freedoms among those include the requirement to pay taxes but you pay voluntarily established taxes not just any taxes you have to pay them that's an obligation that's an alien Abul it's not your rights that are inalienable cuz that's Clause 9 may only be restricted if but what is inalienable and indispensable are the obligations among them the requirement to pay the voluntary tax so that's that's pretty good I guess you have the right but also the obligation to participate in elections in referenda and there may be consequences if you don't and you also have the obligation to preserve nature and environment and all of us gardius locations and ask Guardian citizens also have an obligation towards the national interest and security and performing its mission and of course the supreme value is above which is the absolute supreme value before moving into the infinity it is an obligation which again is inalienable and indispensable that ask guardians citizens shall make a contribution to the creation of a scardy as resources to ensure the common good once again your your human rights your personal rights your right to individual your right to free speech those are not inalienable but the contribution to the resources to ensure the common good that is a required obligation of course and the failure to perform blah blah blah you could have your citizenship revoked there could be fines and restrictions I mean I will say this is good there's no death penalty in ask Gardea hey there's a few attractive ideas in here for sure but you've got to read those contracts so the government is responsible for implementing and protecting citizens rights and freedoms but they may be restricted under certain clauses and conditions at any rate I thought this was interesting article ten number six the government shall establish its public opinion and take the same into account when making administrative decisions in accordance with Asgardians laws of course I couldn't finish that without laughing I guess if I understand this properly it will take into account public opinion when make administrative decisions because they care what people think but the government shall establish its own public opinion the government shall establish its public opinion when you get into Chapter four an article 11 they get into human resources which is just the world's greatest euphemism for eugenics and for using you as a data slave a resource of information as they track and spy on you as gardius shall encourage the development of human resources quote unquote Asgardian citizens have a guaranteed right to free time for self development and self-improvement creative and cultural pursuits that sounds pretty nice you as a human resource under Article 11 if you sign up and approve this constitution so you can upload your digital crap to their satellite as a human resource as a piece of data that is worth a certain dollar amount to them as Gardea shall support its citizens in leading healthy lifestyles right let's see which one of us can touch his toes you think soda taxes are bad just wait till Asgardian and it's space Kingdom and all its citizens here on earth leads the way on healthy lifestyles yeah I don't know as gardius natural resources include of course not only material objects energy but also information streams data in space environments in the universe in Asgardian territory and adjacent environments and as Guardians natural resources including information streams may be exclusively its governmental property the property of its companies public private property private property personal property as well as other property under their laws and they shall use all of these available resources including information streams to ensure the safety and sustainability of its natural resources including information streams pretty much a blank check for tracking tracing spying and the rest of it or maybe you read it different hey it's your space environment too but that is not all where it really starts to get interesting is article 13 financial resources I'm not making this up I'm just reading from the Space Constitution as Guardians currencies shall be a monitor named solar solar shall be issued by the National Bank of asgaard eeeh in the amount tied to the parameters of the Moon the Sun and other celestial bodies set by a special law of as Gardea your money system isn't just fiat it isn't just made up out of thin air it's space money tied to the parameters of the Moon the Sun and other celestial bodies and number nine as gardius shall recognize the immunity of commercial secrets and bank secrecy right in the Constitution go ahead and sign your name on the dotted line become a space Kingdom citizen today your Soler's are not only tied to the free market in accordance with the Moon Sun and other celestial bodies but they have protected immunity for commercial and bank secrecy and the government's a lender of last resort just wait till they have a financial crash up there that'll be lots of fun but it's backed up of course by article 39 where they go into more detail on the National Bank of S Gardea who set up the exchange rate the emission the financial circulation the stability and the liquidity of the system and furthermore support the development of the banking network of the national and private banks regulate the conditions and profitability of their financial activities banking secret not banking secrets plural banking secrets shall be guaranteed by the government banking secret may be limited by as gardius laws or an international agreement that's if you know anything about it at all because of course banking secret is secret seriously you can spend solar you can collect solar you can admire solar from a distance but you can't change the parameters of the Moon the Sun or of the banking secret that's not allowed under the ass gardius system and as they point out as everyone uploads to this space server they will accumulate intellectual resources by digitalizing and storing the wealth of human knowledge in space which will be stored in a data bank in low-earth orbit which also includes biological materials from Earth this is in essence the whole crux of the as gardius system it's an untouchable secret databank of flowing information resources the constituents of whom have signed off on basically all their rights and allowed to be one big banking secret it's a similar deal for property and ask Gardea they do ensure and guarantee the rights and freedoms of citizens their security wealth property and development so long as it shall serve the achievement of the common good as gardius shall recognize exclusive inalienable government property used for national needs not just any government property but governmental property that constitutes the wealth I guess the entire wealth of asgardian citizens used for the common good please or hated beautiful private property personal property and mixed forms of property pretty big blank check and this common good property includes information and intellectual property as well restrictions on property rights since rights and as Gardea float around in a zero-gravity atmosphere even as its citizens stay firmly on the ground of Earth these restrictions on property rights as well as the procedure for circulation and disposal of property are set by as gardius laws so they have a social justice government by the people but of course it is a space Kingdom with various powers over it and very flexible rights but it's worth pointing out that as Gardea has no place for political parties in fact not only is there no place for political parties in this social justice space Kingdom there is also no place for the history of earthly conflicts in Asgardian and this is key folks as Guardino peaceful history of the future space humankind by uniting in Asgardian the progressive part of humanity can offer the whole civilization on earth an alternative by replacing Jo politics with space politics and ability by lacing jewelry this space ladies what you just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard at no point in your rambling incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought and thereby open up a path to a new spiral of development everyone in this room is now Dumber for having listened to it by banning human earthly conflicts and their sordid history just because they're in space prejudice during elections in referenda based on country of birth resident Citizenship race nationality gender religion language wealth and any other attribute is forbidden and it sounds nice I'm no fan of prejudice it's obviously ugly it's wrong but it's also incredibly easy to use to restrict free speech not that they know anything about that they're going to ensure fairness through equal rights and equality of human dignity and the spread of moral ideals and that becomes interesting here well it's covered in part in article 18 equality of dignity for all the views of people and Asgardians citizens about human dignity shall be formed and fostered through education parenting propaganda and the media in accordance with as gardius supreme values so they are going to tell you what your views on human dignity shall be that way they can be recognised equally and protected based on what they tell you through propaganda and the media and just in case you had any further notions of free speech you may also not despite your freedom of speech you may also not have any propaganda of a moral or anti-social behavior you cannot have the production or circulation of any information on any storage media which contains mass information that is harmful to morality or aims to undermine or diminish its supreme values who have free speech so long as it's nothing immoral or inflammatory or offensive or against quote unquote national security or promoting quote violence and strife and do not demean anyone's honor with your free speech don't call anything into question we want floor of Congress rules where you can't even talk bad about another member of Congress or of course any space citizens of asgardian I mean are you hearing this stuff one more thing about free speech too there are national symbols and asked Gardea among them or the national flag of a scardy in the national coat of arms of as guardian of course reflecting the monarchy of the space Kingdom I've asked our DIA whoever that might be and the national anthem of Asghar do these symbols have been chosen and among them is also the national motto one humanity one unity now as Guardian citizens although they do have free speech shall respect and protect these national symbols in any disrespect towards these asgardian national symbols shall be subject to liability in accordance with their laws which supposedly include free speech and yet there shall be no disrespect for the made-up nation of asgaard iya for the made-up space Kingdom the made-up national coat of arms the made-up national flag or the very made-up national anthem and there will be no taunting or laughing at the putting on of the very special medallion necklace of the head of state of a scardy a Igor Asha V Lee or whatever his name is and of course if there weren't enough restrictions on the kind of guaranteed rights spaces since the head of nation of Parliament may of course also declared states of emergency defense or disaster and accordingly in accordance with their laws under which point I'm not sure if there are any restrictions because there couldn't be a need for protecting earth yeah-oh the biodiversity of earth of protection through a space Ark I know I've heard that somewhere before that's right the James Bond movie Moonraker where the villain sets up a moon colony with a very Noah's Ark themed group of selected alpha people who were selected for their genetic superiority and they bring them on board the ship so that the villain can spread some kind of bio virus on earth wipe it out and then in time repopulate it with the eugenic Lee selected human resources that he's brought and protected upon the earth is the space Ark space Kingdom colony here plans to have the Asgardian Kingdom government oversee the propagation of the human species they're planning to have an ark inspire djegal materials a scientific technological control system with all the scientists to oversee the propagation of human species and the protection of biodiversity on earth even of human people in the event of any severe space threats have you seen Moonraker it's all I'm gonna say and finally I want to just point out what some of you may have already known this name as Gardea wasn't just made up it is the special place out of Norse mythology and the Norse religion whereas Gard is one of the nine worlds that is home to the tribe of gods it's basically the Mount Olympus of the Norse mythology among whom only one of the realms of Asgard is Valhalla asgaard is this special Dominion in the tree that looks like the place in the movie the fountain where the gods live they're trying to have the god-like people although right now all the Asgardian citizens are just signing away their rights agreeing to back the Constitution as you saw in that video so they can upload their digital information and store their pictures and send their videos and do secret banking but in the future if they ever do get to space not that any of the current citizens ever will and they have their space colony with the protection of biodiversity and the overseeing of human reproduction this guard Mount Olympus of the gods does in fact plan to be a sort of heaven on earth a heaven and low orbit where the godlike people are going to live because first and foremost as God there is a reflection of humanity's beautiful and ancient dream of a divine and peaceful land in heaven they are in fact trying to amenitized the eschaton that is to bring about a final heaven like stage of history they're trying in their own words to erase and undo the cycle of human history of conflicts and whatnot and instead bring about a sort of heaven on earth or in this case just above the earth and lower Earth orbit and future space arks space platforms moon colonies and otherworldly entities that they plan to populate somewhere in the future well if Homo sapiens and opportunity to become emotional as a species they are not simply trying to put people into space to colonize space to spread out amongst the stars they are trying to reach a certain type a philosophical Kingdom and it has nothing to do with the individual rights guaranteed by the Constitution the very rights that people of all countries of this globe should be insisting upon as they build this future world instead no one is insisting on inalienable rights they are allowing in a Leah Boleyn the placing of duties of social obligations for the quote unquote common good upon the subjects of these space kingdoms they are after something else altogether and I'll leave that to you to say just exactly what that is austerity will achieve recognition as an independent space state by means of bilateral agreements with as many states on earth as possible and ultimately to the United Nations but if you are thinking of joining the space colony I strongly recommend you at least read this text for yourself I just don't know what else to say I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul

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