44 thoughts on “The Sugar Epidemic: Policy versus Politics

  1. We are we are today not because of a study — the study was created to justify the food diet we are eating —

  2. Cargill is a private corporation and is family owned — this is one evil family that you never hear about.

  3. What kind of government allows food companies and corporations get away with this — this is proof positive that government is not there to help people, it is there to enrich these corporations.

  4. Raise in rice prices (by Goldman Sachs manipulation) caused Arab Spring. Control the food , control the people — Henry Kissinger quote

  5. thank Dr Lustig i have attending nutritions lecture for years and i concluded 41 years ago that sugar was a poison,and Dr Lustig enlighten is with more names for sugars that i did not know, i cut sugar 41 years ago when a was living in Colombia, thank you DR Lustig

  6. much respect for Dr. Lustig for pronouncing tsunami correctly. Oh, and his presentations on how harmful sugar is are not bad either ūüėõ

  7. 2+2 is 4. Really that simple? When two things increasing at the same time .Are they so easily can be related? Smoking is decreasing in the 2000.ISIS attacks are increasing at the same time.So stop smoking is the cause of increasing ISIS attacks. Right?

  8. I think sugar will be seen for what it really is. I fear however just how bad things may have to become before this happens. The idea that a time will come when sugar is seen in the same light as alcohol and tobacco and maybe some of the other addictive substances and is categorized publically as such makes you think. I wish there was more integrity and that people would decide where possible not to work for companies that made products that damaged health or employees work for change from within, or investors would be more ethical and not buy their stocks and shares.

  9. I would love to hear this guy speak on Cephalic insulin response in regards to diet soda.  It's just as evil, as far as inuslin goes.

  10. Can someone answer me this in a positive manner? I've been low carbing for almost a week now, just hit ketosis :). But I was curios about "Insulin Resistance", he speaks of it like it is a bad thing. I thought it was a good thing since insulin makes you store fat, if a cell is resistant to insulin, won't it  be resistant to fat build up? So to sum up, is insulin resistance good or bad?

  11. i am spreading the word 
    did not consume sugar (went cold turkey and started eating natural) for a week now and lost 10 pounds (never ever happenend on any diet before) 
    thank you doctor 

  12. High fructose corn syrup
    Mono sodium glutamate
    Some of the great Japanese inventions that being enjoyed world wide.

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  14. Too much sugar is bad for you. The companies who profit from selling products with sugar will tell you sugar is not bad for you. This is America and we have Freedom to choose what we eat. The government should not get involved in regulating sugar, or what people eat, how much, when, where, why etc. Eating lots of sugar comes down to personal choice. Some people just make bad personal choices for themselves. It's human nature. As bad as sugar is, we have the Freedom to eat what we want.

  15. If that's all you live on then you are vitamin and mineral deficient. Go to a nutritionist and a personal trainer.

  16. Why would you listen to someone overweight telling you how to lose weight ….my whole family is obese and low carb …I'm 8% bodyfat and live on cornflakes,bananas,and rice cakes …once 347 lbs now 147lbs

  17. I gave up sugar after watching Dr Lustig's Sugar: The Bitter Truth and have never looked back. Blood pressure went from hyoertensive to ideal, ability to maintain fitness went up and weight went down.
    I hope that the message spreads and that some of the lawyers in the room are successful in fighting the sugar and processed food industry.

  18. Hi there, have you heard about Lean Body Maximizer? (look it up on google) You will learn about the crimes we commit against ourselves. With "Lean Body Maximizer", you will discover how to burn off fat quickly.

  19. Our Government is working for Wall Street and not for the American people and this is why the Sugar problem wont be fixed or even acknowledged. And this is why this information about Sugar is ignored by the controlled media. We are being exploited by corporations and over charged for just about everything.

  20. 1:36:00
    "Russia in Soviet times (between 1917 and the early 1990s) had a totally socialist model of health care with a centralised, integrated, hierarchically organised with the government providing free health care to all citizens."

    That's from Wikipedia "Socialized medicine", Mr. Lusting, You're simply wrong on this.

  21. I love this guy again, but I would love it even more him talking Stfan Molyneux. The yelling would come very quickly and the ad hominem would follow iven quicker – just my guess.

    "Industry self regulation" YES, but it has to include your industry too Mr. Lusting, every industry. Health and insurrance are like a hand and a glove. On free market you pay little amounts until you get sick. Then the insurrance pay. Guess what they are interested in – you living forever and never getting sick.

  22. Externalities – just google Walter Block on it.

    I get it that Lusting is a passionate fighting liberal, with all the implications and his views are skewed in this direction. It's heartening -friends on the left include ppl like him. But it's not the case that we have to use politics and point guns at people that do not infringe on private property of other people their bbodies included. Just as we do not pay young girls to wear mini skirts while some might benefit fromt this state of affairs.

  23. Don't get me wrong – I love this guy, what he does, his passion, but I have to point some stuff out:

    nicotine – it is a neurotoxine by itself, without the crap that you inhale extra with tobacco, 10 times the usual amount WILL kill you
    caffeine – also toxic, you're going to poison yourself just like with too much ciggarets, do 3 times the amount you normally do and you'll see it, you might get sick and hallucinate
    weed – not toxic, abused, HUGE mistake to put it together with buzz and cocaine

  24. And Fat Head demonstrated that Spurlock was not eating as many calories as he said he was, this supporting the idea that "cals in/cals out" is nonsense.

  25. Actually, he said that BCAAs CORRELATE with metabolic syndrome (0:43:40 – 0:44:30). He did not say that BCAAs CAUSE it. There is a huge difference. The reason why BCAAs are associated with metabolic syndrome is because people who generally eat corn fed meat, also eat soda, french fries, pastries (i.e. think McDonald's), and it is these foods which really cause metabolic syndrome, and since they are consumed concurrently with BCAAs in meat, the BCAA are mistakenly presumed guilty by association.

  26. The problem results from sugar altering the metabolic machinery. Once sugar consumption is excessive, it causes insulin resistance, and when insulin resistance occurs, then rich carb foods induce obesity/diabetes/cardiac problems. Until recently, Italy, Japan, and China, had little sugar in their diet, and hence were NOT insulin resistant, and therefore they could tolerate a high carb diet without consequences. Once one is insulin resistant, through sugar consumption, carbs become problematic.

  27. Great video, good information.
    All the more reason to follow a fruit based low fat raw vegan lifestyle and eat as much fruit as you desire.

    Glucose is the energy of life indeed.

  28. People who make this comment are looking at men in their 50s and 60s who spend their entire lives reading books and writing at a desk and think they are obese. Metabolism decreases rapidly after 30; you're not going to be ripped at middle age unless you are a body builder from age 18. Think before speaking.

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  30. "Currently there are 30% more obese than malnourished people worldwide"
    Obese people are malnourished lol

  31. They can stop saying that fat is bad and start saying that sugar is toxic for your body. But that is not what they are doing. They are still recommending a low fat diet even when there is no connection between fat food and obesity.

  32. It's not your fault for not getting the information you need to make the right decisions about what to and what not to eat. That's the whole point of this talk. Sugar is poison.

  33. Capitalism a destructive,dehumanizing system of private gain no matter what the consequence to our life,health,environment. World Capitalism is the real cancer upon humanity.

  34. He's right that sugar is toxic but naive if he thinks government actions can stop people from eating. We still drink, smoke, and do drugs in this country. The only thing I do think the government can do that won't infringe on individual rights is stop subsidizing corn and sugar.

  35. That statement "Nobody chooses to be obese" doesn't apply in Africa. We can only say they don't wish to be extremely obese. Our people believe being fat means you are healthy and well taken care of. Many are beginning to realise their folly though

  36. People need to be made aware of what they are eating and what it does to their bodies, but, yes, I agree. Let people choose for themselves what they do with their bodies. These nanny state/do-gooder control freaks using the power of the government scare me too.

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