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    Si te votamos, ¿prometes

    Ser honrado, decente y honesto,

    Y defender principalmente nuestros intereses?

    ¿Entiendes por qué no te creemos

    Es demasiado fácil ver a través de ti.

    Y esa no es la mejor manera de empezar.

    No hay rocas en la playa de Rockaway (*)

    Y todo lo que brilla no es oro

    Estáis todos tan borrachos de dinero y de poder

    Dentro de vuestra torre de marfil

    Enseñándonos a no ser inteligentes

    Haciendo leyes que solo sirven para protegeros a vosotros mismos

    Pero nunca olvidaremos que

    Destrozasteis nuestras familias

    No hay rocas en la playa de Rockaway

    Y todo lo que brilla no es oro

    Así que, si te votamos, ¿nos prometes

    Ser honrado, decente y honesto

    Y quitarnos todo el miedo?

    Te sientas y esperas a que te elijamos.

    Pero lo que haremos será rechazarte

    Porque tus políticas nos aburren hasta hacernos llorar

    No hay rocas en la playa de Rockaway

    Y todo lo que brilla no es oro.

    (*) Rockaway Beach: Playa de Queens, Nueva York, conocida por ser la playa urbana de arena más extensa de los Estados Unidos.

    Traducción libre: Liova37 (Fuente : https://errepublikaplaza.wordpress.com/2019/05/09/vote-for-me/)

  2. I was wrapped to see The Specials on The Graham Norton Show last week, so pleased they are back, I'm off to buy their new album !….YEEHAAAA !.

  3. For fucks sake! Stop finding blame with islam, marxism or any other distraction. The issue is a political neoliberal model that plays to the elite and screws everyone else.
    A few decades ago it was Jamaicans, Indians, miners etc.
    Now its Muslims, Europe etc.
    Stop being brainwashed, come together and fight this capitalism. We are humans.

  4. Both the song and video are a rip off of Brent and Johnson's 'Equality Street'! : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XmTV62mE1PA

  5. A huge great big Hi to you Debra Mac..🤗😊..excellent choice of classic tune from the lads..come say hi on Facebook😉😊🖤♡🖤♡🖤👌👍🤘🤘(/-)..

  6. Classic Specials, Big up the reality ting.. nowadays stylee. One of the best reunions I've ever known.

    Could do with a Dub version though


  7. Anyone else walked down Hillfields in Coventry UK ? …. If you had you would understand this song ….

  8. And someone got robbed from his mobile in the clip 😦😳
    In the end 😔 we see the flowers in the street where that young boy died ☹️
    Beautiful clip, but very sad.

  9. Great to haveThe Specials back at it again !
    Please come check some conscious UK reggae on our page ..One Love … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSmrL8qRH3I

  10. Well Terry, I got my 7 and 10 year old into The Specials and now you are coming out with more music? AWESOME! Nice groove to it. Come visit Toronto and play!

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