33 thoughts on “The Rise Of Citizen Journalists

  1. One reports the facts, the other reports on their political bias. Mainstream media is shit and has been for longer than any of us have been alive. Just one example not widely known- “REMEMBER THE MAINE!”

  2. Well done Mr. Stossel. Such an important story for today's societal environment. I just subscribed.

  3. Right wing social media says Biden is a child molester. Idiots nod and agree, posting thousands of comments that Biden's a child molester.

  4. Where would you suggest as the best place to live in the USA for a Libertarian? Freest state, county etc? I hear a lot about North Idaho. Any thoughts?

  5. Jon I'm 50 years old and I was raised Democrat in a union house and I watch Tim Pool and yeah your stuff everyday. Why because the MSM is just lost to the view of America we don't trust anything they tell us. I'm also nolonger a Democrat because the Democrats aren't Democrats there Socialists or sraight up communist they nolonger reflects the working man but they do the lazy man.you don't get anything free someone is paying. Jon you should watch old all in the family Archie was spot on and that was 45 years ago.

  6. I think that citizen journalists are passionate about their subject matter, it may be biased or it may be to dis spell biases (as with Pool), whereas MSM is passionate about revenues.

  7. When the truth actually becomes important again, Tim will shine above the the rest because he is truthful. I am one that believes the "educated" are nothing if only armed with a liberal arts degree. youtube can fill you with all the "information" you need if that is what you want. The people that will hold up a degree in philosophy and say they are educated, but they are obviously not intelligent if the information is worth $100k taking 2 decades to pay off. Tim might be producing news on a budget but in the future when he holds journalistic capital, he will replace CNN.

  8. Sorry John they don't "miss" these stories they flat out don't want to cover them because it doesn't fit their extreme leftist agendas.

  9. Tim used to annoy the hell out of me because I thought he's way too far left but them more I watched his videos the more I realized he's a good journalist and now I'm subscribed to his channel..good job Tim

  10. This guy is from the right and he doesn’t even know it. Lol. He can say that he’s from the left all he wants. But we all know that the left is a lunatic. Just look at their open border policy, high tax, free education for all, free government healthcare for all, when we all know that nothing is free.

  11. The Old Left now known as center right is how I was told this would happen. Slow progression towards an "ideal" middle which we can call nuance or just call it what it is: the right moving towards the left.

  12. I like how he included Don't walk, run! Production's along with Ben Shapiro in that clip at the end

  13. Can someone please fill in the blanks here, I'd like to check these other people out, thanks!
    First panel: Ben Shapiro, Joe Rogan, Candace Owens, The Majority Report, Lauren Chen, Don't Walk Run, ????, Zach Hing
    Second panel: Jimmy Dore, Steven Crowder, Milo, ????, The Humanist Report, ????, ????, Kyle Kulinski

  14. This guy goes and makes videos of protests. BFD. Meanwhile regulations against dumping sewage in West Virginia streams are being relaxed, and the Trump administration stopped reporting on civilian drone casualties, and so many other things are happening. Some guy going and videotaping a protest does not help us.

  15. HOLY CRAP STOSSEL! I have never seen such a good like/dislike ratio in my life! There are kitten playing videos with more dislikes! Clearly you are doing something right. I think your style of journalism was one of the catalysts of this new media revolution. God bless you sir!

  16. I appreciate that the citizen journalists provides a perspective that is different than the ones often reported on the mainstream media networks. It's sad that most professional journalists aren't more competent than the amateur journalists on YouTube. I too don't agree with everything the citizen journalists say, but seeing both sides gives me a better understanding of the issues. It is unfortunate that journalists don't just report the all facts and allow the audience to make a personal decision based on those facts; they always have the insert their personal opinions.

  17. Stossel. Just wanted to tell you that… I love you, man.
    I don't always agree with you. But man, I'm glad you do what you do. You are one of the lights of hope and freedom in these dark and manipulative times.
    Thank you for all your hard work. You are helping this world become a better place.
    Again: thank you.

  18. John, it is good to get these types of reports so everyone can see what is really going on. The main network news is no longer news as it has become mostly option which is not good for us. Have you considered doing an investigative report on the effect of illegal immigration and the correlation of high housing occupancy and high rent rates? Just a thought but why are rental rates in apartments so high driving many American citizens to become homeless? Seen several stories about people living in their cars (google living at Walmart) but know one has connected the dots. As you are aware, high occupancy rates means high rent because they can (supply vs demand). So is the high occupancy because of illegal immigration? From what I have seen in Atlanta, GA the answer is yes. It is worth checking into.

  19. Who’s the girl on the bottom left corner and the dude on the top right corner? I watch 4 out of the eight. Not bad.

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