The Review - New Zealand v Pakistan with Exclusive Shaheen Afridi Interview | ICC Cricket World Cup

The Review – New Zealand v Pakistan with Exclusive Shaheen Afridi Interview | ICC Cricket World Cup

hello and welcome to the review what a comprehensive victory there by Pakistan important for them as well in terms of you know making their chances for that semi-final spot of as well I'll be joined shortly by Brendon McCullum Sangeeta Afridi and Ramiz Raja yeah exactly the kind of win Pakistan wanted I mean in terms of how crucial this match was Rambo before we actually go to Shaheen let's just talk about how important it was for Pakistan to win this very important now I never do or die whatever you want to term it coin it and we see them play their best cricket when they're pushed in a corner and that was the case in 92 it's still the case in 2019 so some things have not changed they've not learned from our experience they're making it very tough for themselves and for their fans but excitement is because this is how Pakistan play their cricket I mean you know hot one-day cold the other but today they were outstanding I think in a pressure game they kept things rather simple especially this man on my left I mean he created magic with simplicity I just hit the hard link and got the ball to deviate enough to get the feather edges I think Mickey otta will be quite relieved you know he certainly wears his heart on his sleeve and those two points over there that Pakistan needed they've got that today 237 is what New Zealand made and Pakistan winning the game by a six wickets barbarism you know he's the hero of the day it was quite a masterclass by Barbara Azam lots of talks about how he's been unable to finish games for Pakistan but we've seen that today and he is surely a classic but remember that the match was set up by this man on my left Shaheen Shah 3d nahin congratulations to you you've put those two points on the table for Pakistan they're moving this they're almost like sneaking up the ladder slowly by winning their games against South Africa initially and now against New Zealand so again important win for them and remember the top 14 qualify for the semi-finals Charlene you know there was a lot of talk about your length in particular in this tournament we've seen your talent come through what do you feel about today's game was different in terms of your bowling compared to the other other matches correct main tthe performance e-g bill called a struggle korat England key series maybe Jub World Cup cappella masculine 3gp jdq Comerica support is a tie karateka dunno swing quranic in Arabic Assad or copy discuss kiya coffee just a little you know translation of what he said he's basically saying that he's worked really hard in the Nets and he worked with of course the support staff and mercy Makram you know guided him a lot in terms of where he should be bowling and hitting those right areas not a lot not a lot but just enough to rate stuff but I mean you know again ramiz in terms of Shaheen we've seen his talent there's no doubt about how talented he is it was just about getting those areas and hitting the right length yeah I think credit to him because he was shown the door after a couple of matches and to make a comeback like this I mean and it's quite phenomenal in a must-win situation you produce your best bowling spell it's I mean only a 19 year old could do it I don't know how you do it boss because at 19 I mean I was playing under 19 that I had no clue how to bat how to feel how to even pack my luggage but this is 19 year old kids a match – I think we need to get bad yeah I mean how difficult is it for a batsman to be playing a bowler like him in such form well it's really difficult first of all I'm a little bit torn obviously as disappointed with New Zealand losing but I play with Shaheen at Lahore calendars as well and saw him develop on the scene and and knew what such an exciting talent he was his English is really good too so don't let him fool you there but as emergence on the scene has been fantastic is an out-and-out superstar not just in the making but even now what he did today could easily have got five six seven wickets such as a spell that he bowled this ground was captivated by what what he was able to do with ball and hand it was a pleasure to watch and sometimes there's a better you've just got to say the bowler was too good for me and I think that's what a very good New Zealand top order will say is that Shahin was too good for us today it was important for Pakistan stop order to click today and barbarism I mean you know he was quite special with the way he played a Shaheen you know we've office often spoken about how talented Barbara Simon he's played all those important knocks for Pakistan adds that stability how important was it for him to score that hundred today I think Barbara is a master class i ball him in the nares and I've seen his first like that like bad finish timing the ball and I love his batting is well and I'm watching the dressing room and Horace berry as well so it's a very good I think it's a respect that you gain in the dressing room that makes you a star I mean for me that is the most important aspect of any cricketer the moment you enter that dugout the space that you share with your mates how they rate you as a cricketer I mean are you a team player are you a player that will stand up for them in intense situations and barbarism today prove that is not only talented but can win my ranch's for Pakistan so it's very very important game in that aspect averaging 66 in this tournament is Barbara Azam Shaheen overall let's just talk about how much confidence Pakistan is going to get from this win you know you won against South Africa won against a good team like New Zealand going forward do you think the morale is going to be super hot yeah you know again South Africa a very good match and we lost two crucial matches then we lost and people criticizes us so it's a part of cricket so I will learn that and we strongly in the all right thank you so much for your thoughts I'm gonna let you go I know you need to go and celebrate you've been waiting around so you can go in and celebrate with your team thank you so much I'll take I'll take I'll take the mic from you thank you nobody barbarism was great but so was Horace so vain I mean you look at the way he performed and supported this is two back-to-back innings by by Horace O'Neill providing the stability to Pakistan yeah real innings of class so I thought the way it came to the wicket that was a difficult difficult wicked to bet on and that that combination that partnership along with barbarism is amazing but I thought Harris he's made such a difference since she's since he's come to the side classy player in terms of New Zealand would you say there's been lot of talk about how there was perhaps could have played ich Saudi yeah look I think that got that one wrong it's okay to make mistakes every now and then as long as you don't keep making the same mistakes and I think Cain Williamson and Gary's did the New Zealand coach they'll admit that they misread this wicket they would love to have had this Saudi when they when they saw the ball spinning and bouncing in that second innings but they unfortunately I got that wrong they've also got another couple of selection issues they're gonna have to address in the next little while but they're not far away and sometimes a loss like this right at this point in time can make all the difference in terms of smoothing out a couple of those rough edges never really recovered from losing those early wickets Rambow New Zealand yeah I mean it was a tough pitch actually and and Pakistan ball superbly shines afraid he was almost unplayable and you know you get a lucky break through as well and so got me was his dismissing Mongo is just a little casual around his Austin so that couple of bonus for Pakistan bonus tickets and then the field came into play and today I thought they were outstanding in the feel you know and normally the opposition look at how Pakistan will feel and if they feel well in start of the day wells that he's that turned on and this was a classic lick spinning dismiss alignment such a difficult ball to handle and that was the turning point as well because Williamson was batting so well at that stage to get rid of him with a beauty was really job done phenomenal by Pakistan as well but jiminy sham you gotta give credit to him you know New Zealand put up a fighting total because of his effort in the end look that to me for Jimmy nation was perhaps the coming-of-age of the cricketer who was threatened so much and he's been good at times and Test cricket frustrating at others and in terms of white ball cricket he's never really grabbed the opportunity but what we saw today was under pressure and man grow up on the big stage of course you know we saw that important partnership but Ramiz you spoke about the fielding of Pakistan one of the things that we've spoken throughout the Stoneman as the Pakistan means to improve their feeling and they need to be able to change totals this is a classic example of them chasing quite comprehensively do you think this will give them more confidence in their chasing ability going forward in this tournament I think this is making of a team because you know it's a must-win situation so you've got a ball well you've got a feel you've got to beat the side that's not been beaten so far in this competition and then you've got to chase down a target on a tricky pitch and so that the will was tested that temperament was tested the scales against Spain and pace was tested and I thought they outsmarted New Zealand today because the play that phase where centnur was looking like the real terror I mean you know it was as if he'll pick up a we get after every third ball I think that was the critical phase where Pakistan played with a lot of smartness ok a lot of comparisons with that 92 World Cup as well bad I've got to bring it up because everybody's talking about the eerie similarities in that New Zealand unbeaten in 92 as well it's almost seems like history is repeating itself it is unbelievable how eerie that is my opinion even the rain out at the same may have a new prime minister in ten years such as just it's almost like we started poorly so many things have happened similarly so I mean it's it's good omen for Pakistan if you look at it because they went on to win the World Cup in the end that's right I think yeah I mean we had to win every match and New Zealand were the favourites when we beat them at Christchurch so yeah I mean I I don't know I mean my heart it can it can be possible but I think they just need to focus on winning the next two matches and just leave it there alright tomorrow up next of course the action doesn't end here and we have West Indies taking on India I remember India are the team to beat in this tournament they've been in terrific form and West Indies as well you know there they had that fantastic game against New Zealand with Carlos Brathwaite you know making performing particularly well in that game alright so you can follow us on ICC remember we love to hear your thoughts pretty much everywhere on YouTube Facebook and yeah keep sending in your feedback keep sending in your thoughts thank you so much gentlemen I think it's time to head home and get some rest I hope you guys enjoyed this show and we'll meet you for the next one we've had our challenges this tournament where the guys rise to the challenge looking forward to it we're gonna embrace it they're gonna have to do it again today you should me go it's gonna be a sea of green late we're gonna have a bet first cha-cha pretty wonderful things absolutely brilliant in the situation standing the very based hundreds

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  2. Brendon wasnt asked alot of questions 😌 he has such a great cricketing mind. Perfect pundit! Still can fit well with NZ current XI. Respect Brendan from Pakistan

  3. That was funny. Ramiz was trying to say anchor not to exaggerate otherwise they will take to thier head. And Ramiz don't want that at any cost because still long way to go.

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