The Review – New Zealand v Australia | ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

The Review – New Zealand v Australia | ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

well a very warm welcome to Lourdes for the review here Australia dismantling New Zealand here winning and getting two more points I've got two gentlemen beside me Michael Slater big grin Brenda McCall looking chipper I don't feel chipper right at this moment but I look I think what we saw from today was a very very impressive Australia New Zealand Rock de Mille and I thought right at that moment in time there was an opportunity for New Zealand to really go for the jugular but I think they just backed off a touch and there was a worry and concern for me but then what happened after there was Australia really I guess just flexing muscle a bit and showed everyone at this world cup how dominant a team they are a few given a give them an inch well buzz what I said 92 for 5 they rock them and you said it maybe let him off the hook a little bit what would you like them to Don there that situation well we were pretty vocal about it throughout the commentary box to Michael Clarke as well myself I just felt that there was the opportunity for Trent Boult to come on try and attack the two left handers he is their premier fast bowlers his responsibility when you got a team on the ropes to put them away instead they let the game just meander along a little bit they bowled a little bit of spin a little bit of part-time stuff and they're loud kiri and also khawaja to just settle and to develop a partnership and then the internal 43 was a pretty good score on their wicked slots first five wickets to fall Australia in a bitter strive just talked us through these wickets in a lot of strike and I didn't mind that they got himself in this strife because I think the middle order of this Australian team is needed testing but there was some good hostile bowling from Ferguson that was his first delivery to Warner then this was just a phenomenal catch gap to a drop to at that point then he pulls off one of the best of the tournament and there was just enough going on out there I think the players particularly in those kid they kept us chat there said that that it wasn't great batting conditions at time little bit slow a little bit to paste and so when the bowlers got it in the right area you didn't really feel in and that's why credit goes to carry and that's why he was player of the match khawaja baited for a long time it was almost the perfect scenario and it was dictated because of those wickets but Kerry came and made it look like a different pitch didn't either way he was middling the ball and he's a terrific player what about was Micajah because a lot have been mentioned about also McGuire's batting number three batting out of Stevenson maybe not getting as many runs as he would like played well today yeah he played really well the other thing he did is he he was able to find some scoring areas against the spin and no one else was really able to do that barring carry and the reason was that he proved he was prepared to reverse swing the ball against the spin when we threw it's alright through the New Zealand inning so they weren't prepared to play those sort of inventive types of shots and in the end were reduced to having to try and smear the ball against a spin whereas khawaja chose really good options and I thought he was a guy who was allowed who he allowed Australia to settle and then once they settled Alex Curie came out and played a fantastic innings slots Alex Kerr has been very impressive good behind his stumps you know doing a good job leaving a site in the field X in the last couple of games with the but yeah he's an immense talent and I think he's worked himself into this ashes squad at the end of the World Cup I mean that's the the word on the street is that pain will still captain and he'll still be the keeper but he's going to be in that ashes squad because of what he's doing here he's vice-captain as well so he's a young man with leadership qualities he's taken a catch today one of the highest sky balls you've ever seen he couldn't believe he held on to it but this batting skill that he possesses is one that is a craftsman light but it doesn't take him any deliveries to hit the ball out of the middle he seems to be a phenomenal timer of the ball and I love the areas he hits as well he's one of those lefties he's heard the ball turn very hard to ball to be an excellent last couple games now in New Zealand bowler was X today Trent Boult another hat-trick in his career fantastic yeah he was really really good especially the ability to reverse swing the ball late but I just felt knowing these are great wickets and this head trick was well-deserved shades or was him Akram go back to the yesteryear whose it was very very good got the ball dipping and life I just again like if he was able to come in and try and attack the stumps when they had Australia on the ropes there's no reason why he can't do this his level of execution is outstanding and yes he's bowling to some of the tail end is here and he's been able to remove them ask him to do it against the the the australian batsman who were under pressure at that point in time New Zealand missed the trick today and that I think there's going to cost them in the end would you second that slats you think Australia shoe and the other foot stark might have come on that position 92 for five they may have brought stock on to try and blow away the tail I have been Finch has been doing that and that's why Stark has been barley in three spells Cummins has been barley in three spells you know it might be that up front they bail three very rarely maximum four depending on what their wicket taking ability is like oh you saw Finch bowler burned off 9 overs yeah so Finch's used stark and those strike bowlers perfectly I think strategy wise he's one of the strongest captains and now the bowling lineup looks like it's more balanced than it was previous and line and he got the one wicket one for 30-odd and he was able to set things up at the other end so look I think Finch bringing those boulders back has been brilliant would you agree that buys a lot of good captains around Aaron Finch getting a lot of Plaut it's easy when your side is playing well isn't it yeah to be honest I was buzzed but scathing not scalings wrong words but critical of him at one stage today because I thought he was getting a little bit too whenever those went over when the one overs he bought himself he bought Smith he bought Maxwell and then it wasn't until he then went back to his main bowler once he had tried that little gamble went back to Mitchell start Mitchell stark gets out came Williamson and then we just saw a procession of wicked so I think he he stumbled on his success plan right at that point in time but I will agree that he is a very very good tactician and now with the balance of their lineup with Nathan line and there could not agree more with sleights that the day to me look like a really really well-balanced bowling attack if we take a look at through some of the wickets so have a look at it's a good bowling poor batting combination of both okay that's unlucky I mean you get it if it when you've caught up with it in your glove it but you know it's execution that's not a bad delivery okay I can give that to the bowler Guptill had a big day out that was a loss of concentration and then I think there was a couple of hack shots that just shouldn't have been played well at that stage it was runner ball for New Zealand and they needed someone to bat big and take some responsibility Roscoe who had been pegged down a little button and then we just saw I mean this was his first ball first so this first ball that he faced it was brainless really against the part-time option of Steve Smith that was brilliant Steve Smith you can't keep him out of the game if he doesn't get runs he was brilliant in the field and I think in the end it was just a matter of New Zealand were frustrated out and they played some poor shots and it's a performance that we very disappointed with so you need in run-chase like that you need the Cameo you need someone up front just to take on some good calculated risks to get things going I think if you try and pace yourself to 244 and victory and just get there in the fiftieth then you can get bogged down too easily and then you lose that flow of an innings and when you try and get it going it's hard to find another two gears so someone had to take it on but in a lot more of a smart man I thought they lost their way and then panicked well we've only got two score card here martin Guptill 20 off 43 and not a customer seeing Martin couple nickels eight of 20 strangled down a leg side Williamson forty or fifty one and then Ross tale of 30 off if nobody got going and is that backing up micro Slayers point that maybe a little bit too cautious buzz yeah too timid for my liking I think that's spot on the conditions were tough and it made no bones about that they were difficult well I thought 240 is a very good score I have to agree you have to almost wrestle them I meant him back a little but knowing that 240 was going to be good it was gonna slow up late it was gonna spin we saw that in the end it was almost was death by paper cuts for want of a better term because they just literally didn't play too many shots and and it just was frustrated out frustrated into playing poor options against against the the gifts of strangle hold of of Australia Stark's Pfeiffer yeah there's no other Bowl around World Cup history you've got three five purses in World Cup so we've got one in 2015 he's got two now in this one so 24 wickets the most wickets in a World Cup is 26 Glenn McGrath yeah so he's going to go to the top of the list at the end of this World Cup and Nathan Lyon won for 35 off 10 almost unnoticed but another good job with the ball for Nathan like let's have a look at that result and see how it affects the points table Australia as we know already qualified they qualified before this game but sitting pretty at the top 14 points New Zealand still in a good position huge game tomorrow India obviously taking on the host England and Birmingham but Pakistan after their win have snuck into four position and just create a little bit more pressure on England yeah yeah look I said on commentary like a week ago we thought we'd locked in the fall and it was just a case of all right they might shuffle and ib1 reforms don't not change up the semies but it's changed on its head turned on its head in the last week and now England out of that top four you've got Bangladesh you're hovering and now you've got Pakistan in the four I mean I love what's happened in the last week so there's so much to talk about that game tomorrow it'll be watching it from start to finish well you'll be watching from a starfish tell me give me a little thoughts on tomorrow's gonna put you on a spot here in Lourdes well looking then they're gonna have to I want them to be brave though they'll play brave cricket since the last World Cup now's the time when everything is on the line for them to really grab ahold of that go out there be brave don't worry about if it doesn't work out and try and take the bull by the horns fate is still in their hands they need to ensure that they stand up and perform well one of your best mates is Captain so I'm sure you'll be on a text like tell an owl to be brave listen it's been wonderful thank you very much for your time this evening absolutely fantastic game here Lords Australia winning easily keep following the social media hashtag CWC 19 we've had a great day I hope you have – goodbye Australia and New Zealand trans-tasman Royals who know each other so well you should call me before I go options [Applause] you should come in a huge wicket for music [Applause] [Applause] groaning Ballmer the big skeleton [Applause] [Applause] you you

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  1. May England win today.. and you know England will loose their match against NZ so Pakistan has still chance to go to Semi-finals if they win against Bangladesh.. so don't be exicted haters😂

  2. Australia were missing a player like Gilchrist and Haddin. Now they have found Carey. I Suspect Australia will win the world cup again. They are looking brutal.

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  4. Nice review. Might be time for Aus to elevate Cary up the order? – Watch NZ! It's amazing these days, how much a loss can affect a side for the better.

  5. Funny thing is everyone thought this would be a much bigger match than pak vs afg but it turned out to be other way around 😂

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