The Review - Australia vs England | The Two Michael's! | ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

The Review – Australia vs England | The Two Michael's! | ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

match 32 of Cricket World Cup 2019 is in the can and Australia acted up winning by 64 runs beating the hosts of this tournament yeah at the home of cricket Lord's joined today on the review by Michael Clarke in Michael Etherton the – Michaels you are smiling so now I'm smiling I know it's you know it's well it does count for something it's an important game but it's not a semi-final or a final but I'm just really impressed with the way Australia played from ball one today their approach the team they pick their attitude every part of Australia today was exactly what I think of this team if I want to win the World Cup they had to play like I did today and I'm over the moon I've kept a close eye on us as the most of the afternoon that frown has been etched in well it's a galling defeat for England you know they've beaten this team time and time again in the last two or three years I think they're being Australia in the last six ODI is 10 out of the last 11 they whitewashed them here 5-nil only 12 months ago but all that counts for nothing now this was the game that counted this was the game that mattered and Australia of one absolutely so impressive to see what Australia did here today – 85 for seven with Finch scoring a hundred exactly or 116 balls carry with city 80 not out over for 50 overs works taking a two wicked Stokes Moeen and Archer also contributing and then on the England side of the score sheet only Stokes putting up an 89 there the rest of them in the 20's and be randolph of course the guy it was basically burned off day out here in london f-five only the 10th person to a get one out here at Lord's but David Warner the guy who came in and started things off at almost exactly the right tone it felt for Australia heck yeah well after losing the tosser being sent in in conditions where the ball moved around swung and seemed I thought Warner and Finch were exceptional again England were too short so yes the batting deserves credit but I thought England were too short too wide gave Fincham more nor too much width and they made him pay you know again we see the confidence in David Warner walking out and playing with that aggressive attitude today we spoke about this the mid-innings live and the line from NASA was saying at that stage was simply that England didn't make enough of the fact that they had that start with the ball in the East conditions and how do they address that going into two more very challenging games what England haven't done very well so far or as well as some of the teams is assess the conditions they had a bit of a stuffy grippy pitch up at Headingley against Sri Lanka and they didn't really cope with that very well and today you had some classic English style almost Test match conditions where you just got to do the basics well keep it simple hit the top of off stomp time and time again and they didn't and I thought the game was won and lost with both aspects of the new ball really England were Paul Finch Ramana played brilliantly and then when we got to the other side of the equation start with those key wickets of route and Morgan was fantastic when when Finch was dismissed on exactly a hundred a few people were quite disappointed and and an even slightly concerned there did you even look at that Australian innings and worried I think England fought back there's no doubt about it the position Australia we're in after the start they probably should have made 320 340 so I think that's one of the areas that Aaron Finch and just Elena were to be talking to the batsman the middle order saying again we're seen an example where we've had momentum Finch and Warner had got us off to a flower and we haven't capitalized but he was unreal today Finch another hundred another hundred against England he'd love that playing against them so long may that continue happens I mean he loves it doesn't he does he seventh I think against England and I don't know I asked him whether this was his best he didn't quite say it was but I reckon a World Cup game against England at Lord's conditions like that in the morning fantastic well considering halfway through that first innings they were what thirty five overs 185 for two and they looked like they were doing some hard work England boners and then they managed to restrict Australia towards the army it's a funny innings because in the conditions 285 was an excellent score because Australia got two hundred and twenty three four nine hundred with you know 10 overs left you felt the Australian going to get to 330 so it only felt a little bit below par simply from where Australia were but in the conditions 285 an excellent yeah so in general for Australia then not a concern at all in fact the middle order there's a bit of a concern I think just khawaja about three dismiss battery I think that'll be a talking point scorn is batting at number six isn't likely as many runs as he would like so you know there's there's a couple of berries where the Australian batting needs to improve but again I think the way they started their earnings in tough conditions deserves a lot of credit okay well we found ourselves with one or two people questioning whether 285 runs would be enough after 50 overs and it turned out to be plenty plenty because of Mitchell stark initially and Jason Baron off but burned off got the wicked of Vince I think the two that stark got root and Morgan were absolutely key wickets and the way that he got them he was too quick for Jo route really yeah and then there was a definite plan to Morgan to bounce him two years ago Mitchell start hit him flush on the head at Old Trafford and gave him concussion so I think there are a few memories there for both players and then you know you usually start really wise to go back to that game against West Indies was it yeah when they brought him back to win the game there and he brought him back later today to get rid of Ben Stokes who was the only threat really now it was interesting when we saw saw stark doing his thing and Shaun Pollock mentioned to me that he saw Starks wife ELISA tweeting a little earlier and it was good fun going to find this tweet considering what happened after this high fives to the English bloke who fired up mix with some banter at Brickey only a legend doesn't that just say a lot about the Australian mentality tell us more about how that was about English mentality giving him a serve at breakfast eating his poached eggs right I look I think you know you're gonna get that no matter where you play around the world and I think that's part and parcel but there must have been so far at least a healer to send that to post that there must have been something that did fire Mitchell stark up and it might have been about his teammate it might have been who knows what it might have been but at the end of the day I thought stark was at his best today I thought he pitched the ball up early it's swung and again he knows how to hit the stumps better than anybody else in the world and then of course two changes there in the selection for Australia today no sample I'm came in and then Baron Dorf instead of Nathan Colton are is this the best Australian side they could select yep I think they've finally got the right 11 I think their balance is perfect I think if anything with the boss trail is probably struggled a little bit with the brand-new ball so they bring in Baron Dorf who is an expert that's he skill that brand new ball bowling but now means one of Australia's best folders Pat Cummins is our first change bowler which is a great weapon to have and then I think Nathan line is an attacking spinning option as well I says what do you do and you're faced by Baron Dorf how do you neutralize that threat for other teams looking at this now going we strive to play well if I'm honest is not quite the threat of a mitchell stark he's not as quick but he's showing that he can swing it today got Vince with the beauty and he's also got that nice angle across with a bit of Bounce it's quite a tall bowler so it's got a bit of bounce as well but the key thing is that it just gives it gave that Australian bowling attack a sharp a lot today because they had threat throughout the innings so he had a good day I thought Australia you know pick the right side just to give you a run of exactly what went down there you have Vince dismissed right at the top after the second ball really destabilizing and that's pretty much Australia you know the story is that they take wickets and they take them early yeah well every time you look at a scorecard you look at the top four that's who you need someone to make 100 in that top four and unfortunately that wasn't the case I think they miss Jason Roy they want him back but as you can see as a tha's just mentioned it's the two left arm ins for Australia that new boy execution was outstanding for England wickets in 14 overs and that early destabilizing effect certainly didn't help him Mitchell Stark the most wicked so far at the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 three clear of joy for Archer and then much talked about but today unfortunately certainly not his day so how much pressure on England considering they only have two matches left and it's two very big big game tomorrow Pakistan Pakistan win that game then England are gonna start to get very nervous they're gonna probably have to win their two last games it's a bad place to play India Edgbaston because the pitch spins a little bit there and then newzealand up in Durham so it's not terminal yet for England at all it's still very much in their own hands if they win those last two games but they're not in a position that they want it to be for sure quickly what do they change how does nothing to change anything they just got to play a bit batteries the oldest cliche in the book isn't it play a bit better but I think they're picking the right side they've got the best 11 players on the park they've got a lot of success built up over three or four years they just have to remember that and try and put it right Australia through to the semi-finals guaranteed what do they show up and up tighten what do they address I'm fearing for that all three facets bat ball field they can get better this team still hasn't played a hundred overs of brilliant cricket and I know that's what Erin Finch should be saying their goals got to be lets get better every single game so the next game no matter who they play no matter what conditions they face they've got to get better than where they were today and maybe an England fan should Riley Mitchell Stark thank you so much gentlemen for joining us this was the review make sure that you keep in touch with us on social media use the hashtag CW c19 follow at ICC at Cricket World Cup we'll bring you everything from behind the scenes tomorrow New Zealand Pakistan a big match taking place out there from us at Lord's it's a beautiful evening in London and we bid you goodnight very warm welcome two more and it doesn't get much bigger than this you should call me Finch is ready Warners ready [Applause] but that's a massive moment tonight [Applause] Australia beautiful stuff [Applause] that is a punishing buyer for Fenster you

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  1. this England side will follow the footsteps of their rugby team in 2015…choke in their front yard..too much hype…no show…English media is suggesting they need to win both matches against India and NZ to go through, but the reality is, if they lose against India…they are OUT..

  2. Australia is looking dangerous in yet another world cup – Only Indians could stop them now. England have 2 more tough matches on the cards and they need to pull up their socks. Please find the link for Post match review done by me in my youtube channel. The link is provided below..

  3. Not surprised to see England choke on tough and important matches.. I expected this from the strong England team

  4. michael Atherton looks like the old drunken "wino" outside the Whale & Anchor, along with yellow teeth and foraged brow, yukkkk

  5. If England want to win they need to Jersey change.And bring back to Hales and Roy in squad.England board showed their EGO remove the squad Hales.

  6. Well, at least look on the bright side. The Pommies' defeat just opened a ray of hope for Pakistan and Bangladesh who might just reach the semis.

  7. I was laughing at Atherton's commentary in the second innings when he kept saying England were in front…. still cracks me up. It was obvious to all that 280 was heaps – Micheal Atherton, you are FAKE NEWS.

  8. I like Michael Clarke as a player but my god he is an annoying commentator, High voice, heavily biased and always puts down the other countries. He’s only in it because of his career.

  9. Pakistan'zind bad πŸ‡΅πŸ‡° pakistan'cricket it's best one minute done next minute up Nasir Hussain words u beauty

  10. Usman is probably the only worry for Australia!!
    He needs to make runs at number 3 with only one 50+ score so far in this world cup!!

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