46 thoughts on “The Reporters | Adil Abbasi | ARYNews | 25 June 2019

  1. mesaaq e maishat wo kion karna chatey hain? Opposition achanak awam ki hamdard kab se ho gaye? ye meesaq e maishat nahi NRO hai aur corruption ka nasal dar nasal chalney wala silsilah hai jis ko nahi hona chahiye …they should be hanged instead of NRO

  2. o chal o kutry dya putra. tu to kehta tha shahbaz sharif wapis nhi aye ga? aur ab woh aya to kya krny? agr usy nro e chahiye tha?

  3. Adil Abbasi is so annoying and useless. Please remove and replace him and bring a genuine, credible, wise and intelligent anchor instead. Sabir Shakir rating 95%. Whereas Adil Abbasi hardly 5%.

  4. I am Die Heart Fan and Voter of PTI but not sure what politicians want to do with this country, either from Ruler side, either from Oppositon.

    Abhi Takk PTI wallay Imran Khan ho yeah hi kahiee ja rahyee hain …… "Peeechayyee Dekhoo Pechayeee" O Bhai Agayee Ka bhi koei Batayee.

    Har Cheez ki Jazza Sazza Hoti hay, Lakeen Yahan tou Imran Khan Ki Haat Dharmi nayee Qoom kay har bandayee ki Waattt Laga Di Hay.

    I will give my Honest Opinion to Imaran Khan, "Abb Agayee Dekhoo Agayee Bhi Dekhoo" Whatever they (Zardari/Nawaz) give back, take and focus on welfare works of country, This is not the End of World! Your First Over is becoming over soon and you have just 4 Overs left and you did nothing, honestly only did same begging policy sofar like previous one did. No New Mega Public sector project launched in your government which credit you can take.

    Eventually this will let our economy Tax Based economy and Loan based economy while Enemy is on Door from inside and outside country.

    Every Kind of Investor is facing fear of FIA, FBR, NAB and Courts and therefore Private sector growth is getting down and everyone is looking to convert their onhand money in Dollars and Gold and waiting for coming era due to uncertainty, therefore $ is going up.

    This way everyone and everything will be collapsed.

  5. PTI flop parti musnoi too per chlane se doler oper oper jaey ga pm her dufa Nia darama chlaey ga puplo toplo khosh hon jaey. Get

  6. Maryann safdar. Apne baap nawaz sharif ko maarna chahty hey. Taake wo mazloom ban jaie aur jazbaaty awaam es ko vote de kar head of state banaya jaie

  7. پاکستانی لوگ شاهد رهی که مولانا دیزل کا فتنه جلد نا کامیاب هوجاییگی کیونکه آج پاکستان کا قیادت ایک ایماندار انسان هی اور اسکا نام هی عمران خان

  8. تکلیف ده یی هی که آن چورو کو کیو اتنا تایم ملتاهی خدا کیلیی آن لوگو کو جلد از جلد سزا دیکر نشان عبرت بنادینا چاهیی

  9. I think money can make people callous and ruthless. It is in the interest of heirs of MNS that he God forbid that MNS conks off and perhaps there will be no recovery in such an eventuality. No wonder the leading heir is threatening the govt. on these lines. She wants to eat the cake and yet have it.

  10. Awam ko yakeen ha mulk patri per nhi chara ga jub tuk Riasat dakoo choron ko mirchon vala dunda chara ker awam ka loota pasa vasool nhi kerti jo marzi ker lain

  11. Ye Saab log bahir tu buhat zuban chalaty hai sir magr jab Murad saeed. Bolta hai sab k sab Jaty hai us ki baat Tak nh sunny ki himat in salo wo in ko shesha dikhata hai or ye apny chehry k dagh birdasht nh Kar paty ye nh jant imran Khan. Tu imran Khan us k tarjumano sy b panga menhga parny Wala. Ye zardari or awaz Mulk ko bri sport krty hai tu phir lota howa pesa wapis la k mulk ka qarza sarA ye log utar Dy itni dolat py snak ban k bathy in ko chalnge hai k mulk ka Sara qarz ye 2 Ghar utar Dy tu imran Khan ko hum chhhor Dy gy saly karty b kuch nhi bhonkty b free ka hai hum 2 family ko kehty hai ab hum bewaqof nh bany gy tum apny Ghar dafa ho jao tum Jason ko koi haq nh awam sy baat karny ka imran Khan in ko Jala watan Kar do ya phansi do latka do salo ko Jo ho ga dekha jay ga

  12. بِسۡمِ ٱللَّهِ ٱلرَّحۡمَـٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ

  13. ھمارے معاشرے میں بدقسمتی سے لالچ خود غرض اور ھوس اتنا بڑھ چکا ھے کہ کسی کا ضمیر نہیں کانپتا اور جاگتا علماء بھی سارا دن ڈراتے رھتے ھیں اللہ تعالیٰ کے عذاب سے مگر پھر بھی لوگوں کو کوئی پرواہ نہیں ھے

  14. بھت سے انگریز جب دنیا سے رخصت ھو رھے ھوتے ھیں تو کوئی نہ کوئی اچھا کام کر کے جاتے ہیں یا کوئی ھسپتال یا کوئی رفائی ادارے کو سارے پیسے دے جاتے ہیں تاکہ ان کی وجہ سے اللہ تعالیٰ کی مخلوقات کو آسان زندگی مل سکے یورپ میں بھت سارے ادارے محض انسانیت پر یقین رکھنے والے عظیم ترین افراد کی وجہ سے آن کے دنیا سے رخصت ہو جانے کے بعد بھی چل رھے ھیں اور چلتے اور پھلتے پھولتے رھتے ھیں

  15. سزا یافتہ کوئی فرد عہدے دار نہیں ہوسکتا تو پھر نواز شریف صاحب ن لیگ کے چیر مین کی حیثیت سے کیسے اپنی پارلٹی کو احکامات جیل کے اند رہے کر جاری کرتے ہیں اسکی بھی وضاحت کر دیں

  16. صابر شاکر صاحب نیب کے قانون میں اگر ترمیم کی گئی تو یہ عمران خان صاحب کی سب سے بڑی سیاسی غلطی ہو گی کوئی ادارہ نہیں ہو گا جو بدعنوان عناصر کو قانون کی گرفت میں لا سکے پروڈیکشن آرڈر میں اور ضمانت قبل ازگرفتاری کے قانون میں ترمیم کی ضرورت ہے

  17. Letting off sharif/zardari for 6 bil$ each are peanuts..IK must not go for this deal..atleast 12/15 bil$ each.nothing less..

  18. Imran Khan has been brought to power to punish and destroy PMLN and PPP. The establishment was fed up with PMLN and PPP corruption and crony politics. They were especially angry with Nawaz Sharif and his antics. But in the context of present world they cannot have a direct military regime.

    In this backdrop the military and ISI leadership sabotaged PMLN government and caused a great harm to Pakistan's economy by backing Imran Khan's dharnas and Qadri sahab's agitations. They saw that in spite of the corruption of the PMLN, they were going to get economic success and it would become difficult to remove PMLN if they solved the problems of economy. PMLN already made huge development in infrastructure and electricity generation sector. They also gave full backing to the law enforcement agencies to destroy terrorism. Had there been no political agitation, dharna, and Panama leak, Pakistan would have been an economic success story in Asia.

    The Military establishment could not allow it to happen because they have long term strategic targets which the PMLN could jeopardize. They heard Imran Khan and his team's talks and considered that Imran Khan had gathered around him young competent people who will run the country well and also listen to the establishment. So the establishment moved here and there and gathered influential people, intellectuals, media groups, business people and influenced the election so that PTI got the majority. PMLN lost the election and their leaders were being hunted by NAB and supreme court where the establishment has their people of choice listening to their dictats.

    Unfortunately, this sabotage of the previous government created economic uncertainty. Moreover, people who are around Imran Khan are mostly his cronies and friends who funded him for their personal interest. Imran Khan also got clandestine monetary and other supports from groups related to foreign agencies and a special religious sect who thought that PTI would declare them Muslims ones they come to power. but Imran Khan's whole team proved to be incompetent. Moreover, the core PTI leaders proved to be irresponsible, damn care about Pakistan's economy and political situation and they also proved to be more corrupt. People like Faisal Vawda, Zulfi Bukhari, president Arif Alvi and others are acting like economic robbers and they are looting mercilessly as if there is no tomorrow. PTi people lacked any sense of responsibility. Moreover, Imran Khan had good connection with PTM as the foreign agencies and interests funding PTI are also handlers of PTM.

    The establishment forced Imran to change his economic team and came down hard against PTM. In bargain they have allowed free hand to Imran to influence NAB to grab and punish opposition leaders. The PTI political leaders are now engaged in taking bribe, corruption, looting, doing business using political influence, land grab, politicization of administration and other unholy activities to a greater extent than PMLN. PMLN leaders were afraid of Shahbaz Sharif and Nawaz Sharif. But Imran Khan does not have full control over his leaders. And there are multiple power centers in Punjab and central government. So ther is total chaos in Pakistan government.

    The military establishment has realized their mistake in giving full backing to Imran Khan and his team. But they have an inflated ego and they are not ready to compromise with PMLN or PPP because of ego problem. In addition, there are foreign agents inside establishment who want to create anarchy by supporting the incompetent PTI people because their foreign handlers have told them to do so. On one hand, in the international forum the Western powers are behaviin in a hostile manner with PTI led government. On the other hand their agents hiding inside military and spy agencies of Pakistan are giving full support to the irresponsible behavior of PTI leaders. This is the bigger game that aims at disintegrating Pakistan gradually. Military top jobs have been infiltrated by several Qadiani and secularist generals who have connections with foreign agencies but who vocally support PTI and talks against the opposition to show the Pakistani youth and middle class that they are patriots. Pakistan's military establishment have had this suicidal tendecy. It is that even when they have realized that their decision has been wrong and have back fired, they don't confess their mistake and they don't have plan B. It happened in 1971; it happened in the 1990s and it has happened in 2018-19. In 1971 the establishment gave full support to Bhutto and expended their greatest energy in bringing him to power. Bhutto proved to be power hungry megalomaniac and stupid socialist who harmed Pakistan's industries and economy. He also proved to be a hateful and dictatorial person. the army had to remove him at great cost. Had they realized that listening to Bhutto and supporting him unjustly in 1971 was a mistake, the humiliation of 16 December would not have occurred.

  19. کرپشن کی تجربہ کاری میں واقعی نواز شریف شیطان سے زیادہ کوئ تجربہ کار نہی ھے ۔صابر شاکر صاحب ۔

  20. Imran Khan is very angry when he sees criminals activities of Sharif and Zardari family . This is main reason temperature can not be lowered. These bastards destroy Pakistan and willing to cheat again n never want to be get caught

  21. اب عظیم چور بھی حکم صادر کر رہے ہیں اسمبلی میں بیٹھ کر کے اب ماحول بنانا پڑے گا ورنہ ملک نہیں چلے گا جنہوں نے ملک کو لوٹا وہ دھمکی پر دھمکی دے رہے ہیں اور ریاست کو یرغمال کرنا چاہتے ہیں

  22. سب سے پہلے تو ریاست کی بہت بڑی کمزوری ہے جن کے اوپر عربوں کی چوری کا الزام ہے ان کے پروڈکشن آرڈر جاری ہوں جیل میں وی آئی پی سہولتیں دی جائیںاس ملک میں کوئی قانون ہے اگر ہے جو پیٹ کی خاطر چوری کرتا ہے اس کے لیے یہ ظلم ہے نا انصافی ہے اس قوم اور ملک کے ساتھ 👉❓مذاق کے معیشت نہیں ہونی چاہیے❓👈now people of Pakistan want Justice And justice must be seen to be done

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