50 thoughts on “The Purge: Election Year – Official Trailer 2 (HD)

  1. It’s amazing how Hollywood USA came up with this movie. That’s what the states is all about. Guns and murder. Must be proud to be an American NOT!!!

  2. So much like what you Americans are about. You are the most violent and fucked up society in the world. Stop living like you are in the old west. Greatest place on earth that is so full of shit. Most VIOLENT!!!

  3. if purge was real there would be a shit to of people in line for hell poor devil all those people on one night

  4. How many people want this for one night in only Maine city's like Phoenix only like new York city only and los Angeles CA only no bomb's but. If they killed your family and they were gang members you get all there House's and car s I would just watch on TV what would you do only one night a month on the 25 always no kids allowed for AMERICANS Freedom election year is coming let's make AMERICA great again turning the table poor will be rich now

  5. If the purge was real then let's be honest nobody would care about murder, maybe some robbery but most ppl would stay at home and watch movies lol

  6. On purge night I would I would go to the supermarket and get a costume and get fake blood and spil it

  7. Man, I wish, just wish our country would have a real annual Purge. Think about it: No more homeless people begging for money. The NYC Metro area, Southeastern Pennsylvania (including Philadelphia), and every major city would be nice and clean. I'd live with it the rest of my born days.

  8. This was movie was fucking dog shit. If you watch it as a comedy it’s not as bad but still overall what a waste of time and money.

  9. Good tip to survive the purge (if the pirates ain’t in it lmao) get a boat and sail out the coast for the night? Anyone just me?…ok….HAVE A GUUD LIFE

  10. Ha! Another Democrat funded propaganda movie. Of course, the entire military are Nazis and Pantera fans, only the Black Panthers and Crip gangbangers can save society thru acts of terrorism. And as if white people are just salivating at the chance to murder and eat black people that suggestion is wrong even for a horror movie. Edit: Did Pelosi, Schumer and Rev Al Sharpton write the script for this movie? Democrats, keeping African Americans down and in the ghetto with the usual clichés and stereotypes, desensitization of black on black crime while illegals run rampant so Democrats stay in power. Satanic

  11. In the purge I would go to a shop, border it up. Then get out the big guns. And shoot anyone who try's to kill me. That's a good way to start the first purge.

  12. Ok yea this is wayyyy toooo insane but um I’d still want to participate just to steal shit and protect the innocent.

  13. If I was in the purge I'd say to my mom and my brother " mom bro were gonna go threaten the airport and steel the first class tickets and go on a pirvate plane and go back to Korea!!!

  14. When I watched the purge with my friend I was so happy when it finished but then she was like, “oh hey Toni what lemme show u something else!”
    I be like: mk
    Her: shows me the purge Election Year movie
    Me: shhhhit

  15. if the purge was ever a reality. imma go out there and dress like one of them and purge with my friend. He wants to know how it feels like to kill sooooo.. ima kill with him 🙂

  16. The Purge was a great movie. I loved it…. But this one was nothing more than left wing. Proproganda. What a bunch of crap. Of Donald Trump has not won in 2016 this movie would be altogether different. Hollywood trying to sway the masses with their thumb in the scale

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