21 thoughts on “The Politics of Parsing

  1. Basically not much difference , look at the entire speeches since these were taken out of context and yes I would still rather her then Obama . Her physical responsibility as the best damn plan , right off she would have brought back 1.2 million Jobs to Michigan, given the big three health insurance if they built there Cars and Trucks in the USA , then a huge list of jobs taken back from China because they broke there treaties . DNC Freaked Out~ now we borrow from China giving them control !

  2. Ah, I and everyone across our country – expect honestly, but instead – we have this human toilet hillary and more of the clinton felonies! (want more? google Senator James Inhofe's June 23, 1999 Senate Floor chinagate speech, google by the title: Clinton National Security Scandal and Coverup – – – there was never a treason trial for both clintons only because all 115 chinagate witnesses – fled the country)

  3. Speaking of lying, let's all closely examine OBAMA'S SEC. of STATE PICK, HILLARY CLINTON!! NORMAN HSU, a swindler and big time donator to Hillary Clinton's Senatorial campaign – was JUST Convicted in federal four days ago, May 18, 2009!!! Hillary and her campaign knowingly accepted hundreds of thousands from Hsu!! Google Norman Hsu folks! There is absolutely NO rebutable for these documented facts of Hillary's felonious conduct!

    George W.Bush packs his bags
    143 DAYS – 06 HRS – 13 MINS – 10 SEC

  5. Hillary Clinton has my vote ( if i could )

    i admit she can thrive off of power play-


  6. Ican't understand why anyone with a brain larger than peanut would stand behind and vote for this piece of crap!!

  7. ! * ! * ! * ! NEWS * FLASH!!!!! * ! * ! * ! * Hitlery Rotten ClinTURD is currently being urged to pull OUT of the race by insiders close to Ms. ClinTURD. OBAMA has not only secured the endorsement of Edwards but he has also obtained 8 more super delegates since the endorsement. STAGGERING news for Hitlery and her campaign! They say she will concede after the Oregon primaries as OBAMA is expected to blow her FAT ASS & CHUBBY ANKLES right out of her orthopedic pumps!!!
    Hitlery should be gone!

  8. It was true some 10 years ago…

    Now there are countries like China, India and Brazil who covers about 50% of the whole population of the world. These countries are growing rapidly. They have nearly eradicated the poverty in their country. I respect their government in doing so. Because of their economic growth more people are using cars and thus driving more and consuming more gas/petrol.

    I dont think that slow america down is enough. We need some other reason

  9. Paul vs. Clinton.
    Discovery in the case is expected to begin in May, 2008 as it proceeds to trial.

    The discovery will expose an ongoing cover-up of the campaign finance crimes and the obstructions of justice directed by Hillary Clinton with the help of Bill Clinton and former DNC Chair Ed Rendell. The cover-up rivals Watergate in its corruption of each branch of government and the media.

    campaign finance fraud case in U.S.

  10. LOWER GAS PRICES NOW…Here's how.
    It is time to slow america down.
    Americans use way to much fuel, simply by driving too fast, Drivers of all vehicles; cars and trucks, need to slow down. Drivers start setting your cruise control at 60 and leave it, then get in all lanes and "SLOW AMERICA DOWN" gas consumption will drop by 30% or more instantly.then fuel prices will drop. We need to get together on this and save the american economy from collapse.


  11. pbs org/ moyers/journal/05022008/watch html In front type h t t p: // and put a period in the three spaces.

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