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  1. Today non-compliance and boycotting is rebellion. Varg is far more right than people realize.

    Companies destroying the environment and at the same time privatizing things like water? I am surprised people don't see what is happening and how our kids will grow up being slaves.

    Start living simple. Boycott useless things. Starve the system… If even a little, do it.

  2. But if I stop giving him money I go to jail… I have limited freedoms already why would I limit them more

  3. I'm from Argentina and here those under 16 can already vote for a politician, it's crap. I always disagreed with that

  4. Many of us have no foreskin against our will =/. Nothing says freedom like having your sex organ mutilated at birth.

  5. I am on the way of freeing myself from the system. I just had to free my mind first inorder to do that. I think it's required in fact. Practicing Stoicism has helped me to free my mind a lot from the desires for degeneracy, and to quell anxiety and stress that comes about from desiring material things I do not have. Life is simple. If you can learn to desire or enjoy the things you already have, then there is no need to make mountains of cash to spend on excessive pleasures. Life is so simple to enjoy and most people aren't aware of this. A free walk in the forest is just all around better and more natural than spending hundreds of dollars in a shopping mall.

  6. This video should be mandatory watching for any sheep not only running to the voting booth, but all those spreading their party/candidates bollocks and taking their bullshit at face value

  7. What I don't comprehend is that certain national programs seem to pawn and tool people and other preciousness. What kind of classless critical thinking makes THAT kind of a system?

  8. The only way to deal with an Unfree World, is to become so absolutely Free (Self-sufficient)
    That Your very Existence Is an act of Rebellion…

    Albert Camus.

  9. Everything that you say about politicians is true! Too bad "people" are too blind to see it.
    Also if we fail we must continue!

  10. because goys…just wanna have fun. Oh, "goys", just wanna have fun…
    Ohh ohh ohhhhoh. Oohhh ohhh.

  11. The Left tries to make heaven on earth with socialism. The old Right tries to make heaven on earth with capitalism. The new Right tries to make heaven on earth with civic/racial nationalism.

    We will NEVER have heaven on earth. We’re not angels. We are human beings. The only thing we can do is that which sustains ourselves and our families.

  12. 3:20 climbing this thing was my favourite game when I was a children, you've awakened some good old memories with this vid.

    Well, having voted for a "revolutionary" party since I got the right to vote, and having seen how that party turned into shit, I think this video is only filled with the truth.

  13. The muslim thread is very real – as real as the zionist one!!! They both want to either enslave or exterminate us.
    And this two party system in the us is an absolute joke – and a very bad one on top… So is the so called “justice” system (with its multiple tiers)!!! Absolutely disgusting and repulsive!!!
    The biggest danger in europe at this point is clearly the tyrannical EU with its (non-elected!!!) power hungry and grabbing megalomaniacs trying to make us real genuine europeans go extinct so they can easily rule over a light brown low iq and submissive slave-(non)race to live their lavish life in their break away settlements somewhere far away from pesky working class peasants. That’s the reason btw they are pushing so hard for an ‘euro-army’; hungary, poland, italy and the other ‘unwilling nations’ need to be punished and beaten into submission in the eyes of these globalist sociopaths!!
    But they (the western conglomerate of fascist leftists) don’t want people to talk about these white-hot topics; so they censor and shadow ban everyone to the right of stalin. All these zuckerbergs, wojcickis and the different jacks are willing to go to ANY length to silence non-conforming voices – and then cry over the outcome (like christ church; about which we weren’t allowed to talk either btw. …).
    1984 has been the day before yesterday; it’s the brave new world now…

  14. It's not only the political parties, works in the same way for all organizations, mass media, etc.

  15. Politicians will blow up entire planes filled with people to kill one or two who 1) oppose them or their ideologies, or 2) have discovered a cure for some disease that they shelve and surpress. They do the same with buildings. This surprises anyone?

  16. Wtf Varg….? Slaving my whole life away to reach a position of power only so that I can have my entire reputation ruined and possibly assassinated is my will and you question this???

  17. Varg, can you make a video about Satanist elite and their pedophile rituals? It's totally concerning and disgusting what crimes they commit.

  18. im a muslim and i agree :…(((they))) are doing the same things to us here … gay rights and femenism is on the rise and they encourage us to go to europe and abandon our identity and land …they are trying to empty our land for israel to expand with ease … i say fuck that …im never going to leave no matter the lie they spew at me nor the terrorists they fund to kill me no matter the subversion …i will not surrender ..and neither should you white christians …we can fight forever like the jews want us or we can wake up and see that we are being played by the same RATS !!!

  19. The Islamic threat is real. It is in Islamic ideology to expand their Ummah. Zionism just stands in the way, of the Islamic agenda. In the UK, Islamic threat has become real from Muslim Grooming Gangs, Sharia Courts, No-Go Zone Areas and Radical Groups like Muslims Against Crusades, etc.The British government were too scared to do anything about it. Tommy Robinson has been a hero, waking up the government, but Muslims now smile as his vocal platform has been silenced. I myself protested against a mega mosque to be built in East London, which we won, but Saudi money helps to find other mosques to be built. There is so much more on this subject. It has got to the stage freedom of speech is being eroded. You see Jews, Christians, Hindus, Atheists, etc are equally under threat! That is reality! Unfortunately the white Europeans living in nice countryside areas will not have a clue.

  20. My only issue though is if Trump is a Zionist, then why did HE get sexual assault alligations and attacked by the media and the establishment so much???

  21. People are FINALLY waking up to this jews/israelis nonsense, when even in the US, you can't boycott israel, #BDS

  22. 2:33 absolutely sums up why i believe IF a government MUST exist. The goal should only ever be continual shrinking of that body, until its no longer required to exist. Why are we goi g backwards and calling it progress? Lets find out…

  23. You are right Varg! The vermin constantly try to censor and bury Our race in lies! Thank you for your advice and for sharing your knowledge with the folk paying attention! Have a great week!☺

  24. You yourself have preached the gospel of reincarnation. That being said, this one life could theoretically be just a drop in the bucket… nay, a drop in the Pacific Ocean. So what if one particular faction has the upper hand at the moment? So what if the game is rigged? At least you're still in the game! What the hell else is there to do??

  25. Even if the election isn’t rigged. A political solution is impossible. There are fewer than half the population in europe who cares enough for their people to take back their countries with force. So democracy will be our end, because a minority doesn’t beat a majority of the votes. But it is still interesting to watch the political climate heat up and escalate.

  26. I beseech these fine young subs here to find "White Supremacy" in PewDiePie's comments section.
    It simply doesn't exist, only comments like "death to jews" which could mean "let jews destroy themselves".

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