41 thoughts on “The political fallout as the partial government shutdown begins to impact the economy

  1. Even though Trump puts up His Boarder Wall, it will still and never stop the Worlds Sins with Crime ,Murder,or Immigration.

  2. People needs to understand the different power structure with the US govt. THE PRESIDENT IS NOT A DICTATOR!!! Our government is NOT a dictatorship. The American people is being duped. We have the Legislatures, Judicial, and Executive Branches of government. Our government have a SEPARATION OF POWER! ONE PERSON DO NOT CONTROL THE ENTIRE GOVERNMENT!!! This government shutdown DO NOT apply to all sections of the government. The real questions people should be asking is that where's all the new elected officials who been voted in this past election? The Shutdown shouldn't apply to all of them. To all the people that talked about voting and how's it's important, um where's the people you voted for at?? Why are they not stepping in and nullified this shutdown? Did they grant the President dictatorship over the country? Don't let people point the finger at me or any other regular person who is not in the government because if you do you take away the responsibility that these politicians are required to take care of. You let these politicians to not have a need of urgency to fix the problems. The President is the highest office in the government but it's NOT consolidated power.

  3. I'm confused, when Trump and Mitch had control of both houses of government, why didn't the wall get passed?!

  4. The AMERICAN people can stop the shut down right now and "trump" TRUMP!  ALL Federal/State/County  employees need SOLIDARITY!  NO workers go to work (including secret service, WhiteHouse Chiefs and maids).  Let Melania cook and clean the WhiteHouse.  Let Trump have to drive himself and fly AireForce 1.   NOBODY guard Barron and the other Trump children.   NOBODY pick up the WhiteHouse trash.  Let Trump (and Mike Pence too) have to drive his own trash to his local dump.   Trump cannot fire ALL  Federal/State/County workers if EVERYONE stops working.   First of all there would be no way to train new hires because the Federal/State/County HR Dept would not be showing up for work either.  Secondly, no American wants your job because nobody wants to work and NOT GET PAID anyways!   Not even illegal immigrants!   POWER TO THE PEOPLE OF THESE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!!!

  5. THE MODERN IRON CURTAIN. Has everyone forgotten about the berlin wall already? Who actually supports this shutdown? The people not getting affected of course. but there are thousands of families that need to get paid to feed their families. And how is a wall going to help when you can easily take a boat. Or when most drugs are actually brought in by plane. This is ridiculous.

  6. I'm worried about my dad and grandmother my dad has MS and can't walk and my grandma is 55 with a bad back she can't even move with help

  7. I have an idea give Trump a hammer, nails, and a shit ton of wood and he can build the damn himself problem solved

  8. 99.9999% of Mexicans can show their legal passports to visit America and overstay.

    Republicans seem to feel a wall will prevent all Mexicans from visiting Disneyland or Vegas with their families and then over-staying forever.

    Chinese also have passports. Arabs also have passports. You might start suspecting America has tourism.

    VANISHING CARAVAN: Caravans can travel in a group for safety and then break off and cross the border PRETENDING to cross for "shoe shopping", "Vegas.

    A 100 Trillion dollar dome over the USA would not stop a single "tourist" or "fake tourist" from bypassing a useless wall with their passport.


    Would you buy a ladder or hacksaw and take on the border patrol… or would you simply get off the cruise ship in Acapulco and never return?


    Think on this.

    Why would anyone even bother with border patrol? Passports are cheap.

    A Wall might prevent a few dingbats who forgot their passports on the nightstand and another 0.0001%… but.. seriously?

    This is pure common sense so Republicans may not grasp it (the literate few who can actually read this far).

    A) It cannot.

    This comment explains the stupidity of a Trump wall better than most American news outlets.

    America should ban tourism (Is as dumb as wall) or put $5.7 Billion into facial recognition software to locate and stop illegals when they pass CCTV.

    WALL vs PASSPORT… I know who I would bet on.

    Republicans need less sitcom based educations.

  9. That girl is hot as fuck and smart as shit. Those 2 white dudes are exactly what's wrong with this country, fuck them and fuck Donald Trump

  10. This motherfucker said, IN HIS CAMPAIGN, that Mexico would pay for this piece of shit wall. Not happening, therefore he's shutting down the government to break one of his promises. Get the fuck out of here. The president looks the worst in this bullshit, a wall doesn't even solve the main problems. Republicans are so simple minded. Build a wall they can never penetrate that ever and no more illegal immigrants ever again.

  11. Donald Trump is literally ruining this country now. & we think he has ties with Russia, why the fuck can't they pass legislation to override this stupid ass shutdown b/c no one wants this stupid fucking wall

  12. Just wait till TSA agents stop showing up to work and shut down air travel. Watch Republican senators, who refuse to vote on anything to reopen the government or fund DHS, start squirming. Cory Gardner, bye bye.

  13. People please. Its like no one cares that if they take away peoples lively hood they will starve. Your taking away food stamps and pay checks knowing that's the only way for people to survive. Build the wall if that is ABSOLUTELY necessary but please do it in a timely matter so people that are here in America will live. You still can keep out "infected humans" if tjat is your purpose of the wall and keep us strong while you do it. Use your founds to increase security on the border and end this insanity. Whatever else you raise to fund the wall make that a savings account not something your dying to spend and you don't have enough for so everyone else has to pay. This seems as if you want us to pay with our lives. To end this once and for all get the security for the border, bring our jobs and careers back, then save up like all AMERICANS HAVE to do, to began your wall. Bring back our peace #DonaldTrump

  14. Pass SOME appropriations bills (safety first), approve some money for BARRIERS, (not the old whole wall), and open the government. Is that possible?
    Open Government not Open Borders.

  15. These tax-hole-suckers are going to get paid at the end of this – for dOING NOTHING. All we are doing is giving them TIME OFF WITH PAY


  16. Trump should have declared the national emergency with the 1st wave of
    migrants to the border, funded the border security through military then
    he wouldn't need to negotiate with the dems and shut down the govt. He
    has nothing to prove to these people. He is potus. I'm getting tired of
    the games.

  17. It's amazing that people don't even realize that THE TSA IS ILLEGAL Enterprise breaking the 4 amendment everyday

  18. Why would a collection of millionaires care about this? Why would your government help you?
    Has America fooled themselves into ignoring thousands of years of human history?

  19. Western invention so called Democracy is failed and it's hurting people.
    Elect a Kalif like Umer.

  20. She sounded like a pissed of wife. "Whats more important to you there your wall, or health care!"😱😂😂😂😂😂

  21. It is Democrat’s Fault all of it!!!! They wanna open our borders, take our guns, free speech and freedom to be Christian. They are really evil traitorous snakes in the grass.

  22. Still Money Making. 😆 Safety up bc Feds not after the American People. 800,000 Americans can Build a Wall if want a Pay ✔. Had to add gun violence in there too Democrats. 🔫 is 🗽.

  23. Out of decades while the government shutdowns, what differences it’s gonna make? America has to do better and fast!

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