The Outsider (2020): Official Teaser | HBO

The Outsider (2020): Official Teaser | HBO

-UMPIRE: Strike one!
Wait for your pitch, pal. Just a single, man.
A walk’s as good as a hit. OFFICER: Terrance Maitland… I’m arresting you for the murder
of Frankie Peterson. For the what? ♪ (SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC PLAYS) ♪ RALPH ANDERSON:I’m as baffledby this conflicting evidence
as you are.
His prints are all over
the crime scene.
The TV footage puts him
60 miles away.
He can’t have been at two places
at once. You know me.
I didn’t kill that kid, Ralph. RALPH:
Do you see how strange this is?
WOMAN:What would make someone
do such a thing?
He didn’t do it. RALPH:I have no tolerance
for the un-explainable.
Well then, sir… you’ll have
no tolerance from me. JEANNIE ANDERSON:
Answer me this.
Do you think Terry Maitland
killed that boy? RALPH:If he didn’t do it,
someone else did.
(ECHOING)Someone else did.Someone else did.♪ (MUSIC STOPS) ♪ Jessa. No!

100 thoughts on “The Outsider (2020): Official Teaser | HBO

  1. Great book. Show even stars Bill Camp! And one of the writers/producers wrote The Night Of, which is one of the greatest miniseries ever made.

    Everything I saw in this trailer is exactly how I'd imagined it while reading the book, except for Holly, for obvious reasons. But she looks like a phenomenal actor regardless.

  2. The book was great. This show looks great. I just wish the show took place in Oklahoma like the book did! I can't wait to watch it though!

  3. This looks great but can somebody tell me….is this supernatural? I like the crime/drama aspect but I don't want to watch 8-10 episodes for it to be ghosts.

  4. The book was so-so, but far better than Finders Keepers. My favorite part involved the conversation with the monster towards the end. I wonder if they'll keep that in.

  5. For some reason; guessing cause of the novels connections with the Hodges Detective books. I thought this was at AXS. Looking forward to this.

  6. What a pleasant surprise! I am currently reading the book for a second time, and didn't even know there was a series being made. This is the scariest SK book I have read in years, hope the series does justice to it…looks like they have assembled some amazing acting talent to do so!

  7. Everything about the book, and therefore in this miniseries too, was poorly researched.

    Just from the get go, if you can place a suspect at a completely different location than at the one the murder/crime he's accused of occurred, with visual evidence nonetheless, than all the other evidence becomes irrelevant. No matter what kind of "supernatural forces" might be at work.

    Lazy research, lazy writing, this alone destroys the entire story.

  8. HBO and Stephen King… should adapt the Dark Tower books. Then when everyone hates the ending of season 8 (assuming no books get split and Wind Through the Keyhole is included), series fans can join the book fans in saying "what the actual f—?". Not as bad as Game of Thrones, but also pretty head-scratching. It makes sense and it works but a lot of us don't like it. It's a big part of the reason people say King can't write an ending (he can, but you may not like it).

  9. I’m surprised, they choose a black actress for, Holly Gibney character. No problem there, just didn’t see that coming. She been getting a lot of roles lately, which is definitely great for her.

  10. All the people commenting it’s one his best books ever have probably only read this book and the first hundred pages of IT. It’s a great story, but NOWHERE near one of his best. The Talisman? The Stand? Salem’s Lot? Carrie? The Shining? Different Seasons? Those are great novels and stories, not this half ass ID channel thriller that ends with a pile of bugs. Sorry, but he’s a great writer and to call this one of his greatest works is sad.

  11. When I read this book, the first night I had nightmares all night about the image of a tree branch… I was 33 at the time

  12. -Based on a good Stephen King story: "Cool concept. I'm intrigued."
    -Directed by and starring Jason Bateman: "Okay, I'll watch it."
    -Also starring Ben Mendelsohn: "Okay, I'll watch it as it airs."
    -Also starring Cynthia Erivo: "I said I'll watch it!"

  13. Was hoping holly's actress would be the same from Mr. Mercedes but i recognize this as a different network so thats fine lol

  14. in other news, Ben Mendelsohn is fucking brilliance defined and if you have not seen his performances in Bloodline and Animal Kingdom (Australian film not TV show) you must exit out of YT and do so immediately

  15. Literally just started reading this book on Monday and was just saying yesterday that it would be made into a movie soon 😂😂

  16. I saw this as an ad for another YouTube video. I knew immediately when the cops went up to Terry what the trailer was for

  17. I’m sold, I’ll watch anything Jason Bateman is in. There’s just something about him that makes everything seem so real. Most actors try so hard, but he pulls it off so effortlessly.

  18. I enjoyed the novel and with HBO, Bateman, Mendelssohn and Erivo involved, the adaptation for The Outsider looks GREAT and CHILLING. Seems like the TV adaptation has done the novel justice, but I hope they change that awful ending.

  19. I had my headphones up too loud and recieved a jump scare near the end of this trailer. Never been got by a trailer before.

  20. While this mini-series be quite impressive I probably won't have the same enthusiasm as when I saw the James Franco Stephen King miniseries event 11.10 63

  21. Absolutely loved the book right up until the ending which was awful. Hopefully the show stays faithful until the final couple of episodes and then improves the ending

  22. I write what I write only because, knowing what can free people from suffering and corruption of soul, cannot be silent. Lev Tolstoy The Law of Love and the Law of Violence

  23. But who is going to play Holly, please tell me they are getting Justine to cross over? Wait, Cynthia Erivo is Holly?!!

  24. While I was reading this over the summer I couldn’t put the book down, and I was thinking this would be a good tv/movie. And now I’m a happy man!!

  25. Bad casting choices for both the accused/teacher and the detective. Not what I envisioned when I read the book at all.

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