The Novel Life Project | WEEK ONE

The Novel Life Project | WEEK ONE

Hi! Welcome to day two of the Novel Life
Project. I didn’t end up filming anything yesterday, yesterday was Easter Sunday so
there was too much chocolate eating going on to do any filming! Let’s swap hands. I
hope you like my hairstyle, I think it’s grand. My fringe was annoying me so it’s..
gone. Anyway, like I said, it’s day two. I am currently at home visiting my family
for Easter, which is why it looks like I’m in the middle of nowhere. I’m just
walking down our driveway at the moment… But it means that the Novel Life Project
isn’t going so well so far, because I’m not at home..
the mindfulness stuff I have done. The task for the first day for the
mindfulness half of the project was to start a gratitude journal, so that’s easy
enough to do because I had my bullet journal with me. So I’ve got my page set
up for me to just write things, I might even add a photo… here. And then the task
for today was to create a seasonal playlist, which I’ve also done. It’s
autumn here so I’ve made an autumn playlist. I’m going to share it, I think,
on like Spotify or something, so anyone who wants an autumn-vibes playlist can
get a hold of it as well. So that half of the project’s going fine. But like the
minimalist half of it isn’t really something that I can do unless I’m at
home. ‘Cause it’s about decluttering your own stuff. So basically I’m just gonna bank them up until I get home. I’m probably gonna go home tomorrow,
and then I’ll do all of those tasks in one day once I’m home. Anyway I’m gonna
keep going for a walk and exploring things, I might take some footage but I’ll
probably just listen to my new autumn playlist. I can’t tell what I’m making
eye-contact with, which is kind of hilarious. But I’m gonna sign off now,
I’ll see you tomorrow or maybe later tonight, or something, for the next part
of this vlog, and it’ll be great. You’ll love it, I’ll love it, we’ll all be friends,
it’ll be wonderful! I’ve been a bit of a mess this week, which I mean is why I’m doing
this project in the first place… But I’ve been low on energy, low on enthusiasm for
anything, haven’t really spent that much time at home… I’ve been out, just away
from home, I don’t really enjoy being at home at the moment which makes it really
hard for me to feel enthusiastic about decluttering it and cleaning it up and
stuff.. Because I just don’t care. But it’s the weekend now, so I’m gonna basically
just take a look at the first seven days of the Novel Life challenge, and try and do
a few of them to catch up today, and see if that helps infuse some more
enthusiasm into my life. But first I actually have to do some NovelTea Co
work, because I’m very behind on stuff that I need to for that too. The same
reason why I’m behind on everything else.. I’m just not just not feeling the energy.
So I need to do like some sort of spreadsheets and to-do lists and other
such exciting things, and then my afternoon hopefully will be Novel
Life-ing it up, and it’ll be great. Hello! Hi! Howdy! Welcome to day nine of
the Novel Life Project, so far I’ve still achieved virtually nothing. Cause I am
wonderful like that, but I’m here right now with my bullet planner, and I’m going
to tackle the overhaul your planner for the minimalism challenge, and I’m going to
write a list of things that make me happy. One thing that has definitely come
to my attention so far, even though I haven’t done too much of this task yet,
is that there is a huge difference between being able to feel positive or
being able to improve your mental health in your everyday life, and being
able to improve your mental health when things are going badly. And I think that
this is something that people often tend to forget about when they talk about
like using mindfulness to, you know, improve your mental health. And like
having a positive attitude towards life, and how it’ll just help things be easier,
and stuff like that. That’s all very well and good if you just struggle generally
with your mood, and with your motivation, but if you’re in a really hard time (and
I know that I’m taking this from a very personal perspective because my life is
really really hard at the moment) there’s only so much that positivity and having
a positive mindset is actually going to help. Having a positive mindset
isn’t miraculously going to help me find the money to pay rent this month, having
a positive mindset isn’t going to miraculously take away the debts that I
have accrued over the last few months trying to just pay my bills, it might be
able to help me in the job interview situation, but it doesn’t help me
automatically get asked to be taken in for a job interview in the first place.
And one thing that I’ve kind of been reflecting on this
week, is that it is important to remember that when you’re talking to people who
tell you that they’re having a hard time. Telling them to just keep their chin up
or be positive probably isn’t always gonna be the most helpful thing to do,
because it doesn’t help them deal with that very real, very big day-to-day
problems that they’re probably tackling at that particular time. It’s almost
offensive to try and tell someone that they can magically cure financial
difficulties or unemployment difficulties just by holding their chin
up and pasting a smile on their face. So that’s my nugget of knowledge for week
one of the Novel Life challenge! That being said, I do need help with my mental
health in general, regardless of the things that are going on, which is why
I’m doing this. But like I said, the reorganizing my planner / to-do list
thing is a really important thing for me, because the way that I have my bullet
journal set up at the moment just isn’t working for me. I’m gonna swap you around…
So my bullet journal has gone through a few different kind of life
reincarnations, or iterations of its existence. The first one that I had for
quite a while was this one. That didn’t last too long because I just.. I needed..
more. So then I moved on to this, which is more of a day to day kind of to-do list,
whereas that was like a week-long to-do list. Because I wanted to try and separate
what I was doing for each day out, and just focus on particular tasks for the
day, but my main problem is that I tend to lose track of when things need to get
done by. Like, I have a lot of deadlines and things that happen that I just can’t
seem to keep in my head, my headspace is just too jumbled for me to
keep track of it.. I think what I’m gonna do, is do like a weekly setup where on
one side it’ll be like this, but instead of to-do lists which is what’s going on
in there, it’ll be just like deadlines and things that I need to remember are
going to happen on each day. And then on this side will be a continuous to-do
list like the previous ones that I’ve done like all the way over here.. I tried
to film a little time lapse of me doing my new bullet general set up, but it
didn’t work, so I’m just gonna have to show you it now! So this is what I’ve
decided to do, so this side here has got my weekly set up, one section for each
day of the week and then the weekend, Saturday and Sunday, is together. And then
the other side is just an ongoing to-do list. So between the two of them I
should be able to keep track of things that need to be done by specific days,
and all of the ongoing tasks that I also need to do. I also wrote myself a little
list of things that make me happy, and that’s it! That’s all I’ve achieved for
the day! So that is the end of my vlog for week one, I’m sorry that it wasn’t
quite as successful so far as I hoped, but there are three more weeks to go, and
it’s an ongoing thing.. So I will see you next week for the next vlog, and also for
other videos in between, and until then as always, stay classic!

12 thoughts on “The Novel Life Project | WEEK ONE

  1. I'm so sorry to hear that your life isn't all aces atm ): but I feel your pain abt deadlines I struggle to comprehend time so sometimes I'll think a deadline is Ages away when .. it's not

  2. Oh my goodness I meant to join this and now watching your vlog I just want to join in extra late and just… catch up.
    I'm working on trying to get back on track with my mental health and forcing myself to get back on schedule with videos/writing/cleaning, life in general. It sucks haha good luck to you! And I really hope that life starts to pick you up instead of kick you down sooooon 💜

  3. You bring many happiness ((HUGS)) despite all you face you still have the prettiest, brave forward face and a smile that lights up a room! If you ever need anyone to vent to, I’m a good listener 💗 Praying for you and keeping you in thoughts always-

  4. sorry to hear that things aren’t great atm, hope things get better though <3 your bullet journal is really cute, i hope the new set out is easier to use!! i personally have a monthly spread where i write down important dates/deadlines, and then have say to day to do lists/timetables until the end of the month

  5. "nah" haha. That wilderness area you were filming in was so beautiful, and so are you! Sorry life is still being a mess, I hope things start looking up soon, because you deserve all the good things.

  6. you are too precious for this planet, golly. Sending all the good luck your way so things can start looking up! <3

  7. Give yourself grace – just as you would give to others. You're making steps in the right direction. And any step is a good step! But even when at a standstill…grace!

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