47 thoughts on “The New York Times Journalists Maggie Haberman and Dean Baquet on Covering Trump | The New Yorker

  1. These snobby establishment media types hate me and red state America . The mid-west is Trump country now.
    Trump 2020 is guaranteed!
    Both Obama and Hillary will be exposed and be held accountable!!

  2. Maggie I hope some day soon we will see you smile. You really look beaten up/depressed.
    Reporting on a daily basis about someone as toxic as trump requires protective measures.
    Hope you and your colleagues take good care of yourselves.

  3. NYT.. Is fake President Trump bashing news! They can not report on the positive he does…they are just negative! Red wave idiots!

  4. Trump and his supporters all suffer fromThe Dunning Kruger Effect (they are too stupid to realise just how stupid they are).

  5. 9:30 TRUTH!! The Reason why Media covers Trump when there is a Category 5 Hurricane or Forest Fire or Shooting? Hypocrites, never admit that!

  6. Trump was asked if he still believed Obama was not a US citizen. I wonder what his answer would have been to the question, "Are you still lying about Obama not being a US citizen?

  7. The only people on earth who have ever written anything complimentary about Trump were those who were paid to do so or who had a something major to gain by doing so. Trump himself never writes more than a few childlike sentences.

  8. "What a great f'ing story!" // wtf, don't you mean 'what a f'ing disaster' ?// Of coarse Trump knows he's lying, wtf is wrong with this guy ?


  10. …journo's all are members of the democrat party…they don't matter anymore. more people listen to glenn becks radio show.

    TRUMP 2020!!!!!

  11. Please do a real article like whether it's legal to record strangers and post those vids on social media. That seems to be the biggest issue in America.

  12. I do not see the value in what Haberman does, I really don't. And the NYT is the paper of power, of people like Trump, who they hate less than likes of Ocasio-Cortez.

  13. I had Maggie is high high regards until her knee-jerk reaction on twitter about the "smokey eyes" comedian Wolfe. It was sad to witness that knee-jerk reaction to a joke that made no fun of Sanders appearance.

  14. The NYT should have done less for Drump during the primary and up to election if they were so concerned about him taking the lead!!!!!!!!!

  15. why does robert mueller refuse to question ambassador craig murray and kim dotcom? they both have witness information on who hacked the dnc servers. that is why mueller was hired in the first place= to see who hacked the dnc. he claimed it was Russia. why not question witnesses who publicly claim they have information on this event ?why? why not ? hahahahaha…you know why.

  16. The NYT, WaPo and even Rupert Murdoch's Wall Street Journal have been BEACONS of truth during this ridiculous, yet dark period in US history. While the "cult" members complain, they would have NOTHING to complain about if the MSM didn't have the deep pockets and investigative talent to go and get the story. They wouldn't know about Hillary's emails, or Russian interference or any other information if not for the MSM. I love the NYT, WaPo and CNN. They are the world's best in the TRUE news business.

  17. The NYT in their quest to be just so ‘above it all’ has – with Reporters like Haberman and Michael Schmidt slowly and methodically bolstered Trumps desire to tell people that “Reality & Truth” is what you WANT it to be. Schmidt is unfailing in his ability to tell readers and viewers that Truth is what you want it to be. His coverage of the Recent IG Report is a perfect example. He doesn’t say ‘No – trumps lying or saying provable falsehoods about what’s in IG Report. Instead he simply says Trump says this about it- failing to correct the lies. Schmidt is clearly one of the NYT conservatives and I believe is an undercover Trump Supporter.

    But the problem with not speaking truth to power is that you cowardly help to enable a tyrant to turn this world into a fact free universe. That has consequences. NYT is complicit w Trump whether they admit it or not.

  18. Dean Baquet was the reason I canceled my subscription to the NYTimes!! Scrolling through the app one day during the primaries….the TOP 13 headlines were ALL about Trump – ZERO headlines on Bernie, while he was drawing crowds up to 30,000 nationwide – and one headline buried at the bottom on Huma Abedin (#23), downplaying her role in the Clinton email scandal and sweeping the investigation aside! When I called to cancel my subscription, I was told they were getting tons of complaints and cancellations based on their slanted coverage of the primaries. And this went on for an entire year while Baquet IGNORED all the complaints!!!

    What did they do instead? They continued propping up Trump obsessively as a viable candidate (for profit!) – then acted surprised when he won!!! Thirteen leading headlines in a single day, and this went on for a year!!! They completely ignored Bernie's campaign until the last few days, belittled Hillary's crimes, and utterly ignored their readers' feedback. NYTimes is disgusting!!!! They contributed significantly to Trump's victory, promoting his candidacy incessantly. And they make no apologies for any of it.

  19. Rivetting documentary was aired on TV here last week. Thank goodness for deep investigative journalism of the NYT

  20. Journalism?
    Please people are flaking for the globalist fixtures corporatist cronies journalism is the most failed institution of our modern world and they sit there acting pompous above it all .

  21. They attack you guys because, you care about yourself and not the American people. Your job is to report and let the people choose. But the media, FBI and others is trying to tell Americans what to choose.

  22. The marxist left hates America so much that they team with islamists to attempt to destroy the country.
    The new Yorker is gutter filth.

  23. Nothing to apologize for? Giving him billions of free press day in and day out.. harping on Clintons emails to try and show there's no bias.. nothing to apologize for.

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