The NEW GTA 5 Online UPDATE! (GTA Update)

The NEW GTA 5 Online UPDATE! (GTA Update)

what is going on everybody my name is Zack and welcome back to another Grand Theft Auto online video in today's video we are talking about the July 11th Thursday update here in Grand Theft Auto online it's been a while since I made one of these for GTA but I want to get back into it so today we're starting off stunt race bonuses and maze bank foreclosure deals in GTA online plus double salaries for bodyguards and associates discounts and a whole lot more so we have double rewards on all Rockstar stunt races summer is in full swing and the sweet smell of hot asphalt and the burning rubber is in the air it's a glorious time to risk your life for cash a high speeds in the southern San Andreas with all rock star stunt races currently dishing out double rewards so buckle up grip the steering wheel and keep your foot on the floor all the way to the bank this includes all Rockstar created stunt races and Rockstar verified stunt races meaning rot ones races that Rockstar made and also races that players made that Rockstar verify themselves so that is pretty sweet we also have double salary for bodyguards and associates if the hustle and bustle of a nine-to-five isn't really your speed maybe you're looking for something a little more exciting and lucrative squad up with a seasoned CEO as a bodyguard or associate to take on business battles of VIP work sell missions and more to earn double bodyguard and associate salaries this is really good for players who play with friends who grind businesses because now your bodyguards and your associates will be making more money with you which is pretty good as well because we all know the CEO makes way more money than the associates of course because they're the ones who set up the business they spent the money but now the associates get a better payday so it just encourages more collaboration for you to join your friends to help them out and for your friends to join you to help you with your cells to help you out if you can coordinate something it's pretty good now we also have 40% off properties and select vehicles if there's any distinction between a petty crime stake and an established career criminal it's a constellation of illicit real estate holdings there are plenty of discounts to take advantage of in the property Department this week host zoom day heist from a sprawling underground facility or cleanly funnel all of your revenue streams through a fully functioning night club a slew of other business properties are on sale as well as the benefactor terabyte and mobile Operations Center MOC both of which unlock unique missions to take on with your crew starting today you can take 40% off the following vehicles mobile operation center cabs renovations and Bay's the mammoth Avenger renovations and add-ons the benefactor terabyte 40% off facilities 40% off hangers 40% off executive offices 40% off special cargo warehouses 40% off bunkers 40% off biker club houses and businesses 40% of nightclubs renovations and add-ons and 40% off nightclub garages and of course for all current and special events bonuses discounts including this week's lineup of premium races and more you can visit the social club events page this is our newswire here for at GTA online on Thursday July 11th I hope you guys enjoyed I wanted to give you guys a quick video detailing all this stuff I also have some gameplay of the stunt races if you guys want to hang around and check those out they're really fun in my opinion both the Rockstar verified and the Rockstar created I think the Rockstar verified are a little more fun because the fans and players who make these races kind of go all out Rockstar creates good circuits for racing whereas the players do some really unique locations with just some cool styles and turns and it makes for a fun time if you have some friends play it up of course grinding businesses is still probably more lucrative both for money and RP but this is also just a fun way to chill out get some races in and that is the game play that you guys see in today's videos thank you so much for watching let me know if you guys want me to cover the casino DLC as well I definitely want to cover every Thursday update but if the casino DLC has some promising stuff I'm getting back into GTA online with kind of Red Dead online we're waiting for the summer updates so I'm playing both red that online and GTA online more I'm streaming this stuff live every single day on at hazardous HD TV also follow me on twitter at hazardous HD TV join the discord and also check out the link down in the description if you guys want to win some free gold bars or if you guys want to win a $20 GTA online shark card so thank you guys so much for watching I hope you guys all have a fantastic day and I will see you guys in the next DTA or Red Dead video adios amigos alright here we go here we go double rewards on these races this is contact so I feel like people are gonna play dirty I'm gonna try and erase as clean as possible but uh-oh and there we go already getting bumped at the beginning it's not a big deal really I just want to get you guys some good gameplay of racing and I feel like it'll be pretty fun these are rewards you know they pay out I think of course like I was saying in the newswire commentary that standard businesses grinding that will make you more money Arpi maybe not RP but like per hour but definitely more money because you could do some big cells if only you could kind of absorb your passive businesses and work on those while you were racing hope some guy just got wiped out he's upset I have the game shat on that's kind of funny uh-oh I gotta watch out oh my god yo my my Adobe Premiere Pro is playing cuz I'm I was just playing out the thing oh oh that's literally in the middle of this right now might be the time lines literally playing I gotta adjust this mid-race it's about to end anyway dang that's that's so funny I couldn't pause it cuz I was going around a turn let me know do you guys play these stunt races much at all I'm hoping we get another bonus unlike you know the do you guys remember sumo remix last year when we got I think it was double or triple rewards on it it was amazing I love that so much we were like way ahead to the Packer I hope we can keep it this is kind of a tame race like for real this is a very tame race I think oh this is four laps susan's it's not bad not bad at all gonna definitely gotta watch how these people are upset I'm glad I'm away from the pack on that one I don't want to get bumped around anytime you do contact races people just try and like purposely wipe you out and race dirty like you know what happens not gonna get my panties in a twist over it right but don't like purposely take people out like it happens it's racing in a game can't do it actual IRL especially IRL if you try and box someone I mean you can you got a race defensive but if someone clearly has the you know clearance someone's clearly overtaking you need to like let them by if you like bump someone to get them out of the way in a race disqualified and all of that stuff so I wish the same kind of apply but that's why people do non-contact races but I just find these more entertaining there's more on the line when there are contact and this is a good Lobby one cuz the pack is spread out there's it's plenties there's actually only three of us in this race anyway but um you know IRL it would be it would be kind of crazy having people bump me out it looks like that guy's paws this guy's still racing bomb he's gonna catch up I think he's kind of moving it right now so we're going coming up on the second lap here almost halfway down earth the way excuse me can't talk today halfway done with the race let me know down in the comments as well guys like do you still play GTA online is this like a thing do you guys want to see more gameplay I can come out with way more gameplay trust me I want to start coming out with guides for the casino DLC I definitely am NOT a GTA pro but on level 146 like I know kind of what to do in this game I have a lot of money so just let me know in the comments I can do some cool stuff just you know not gonna go crazy Red Dead is still gonna be my focus here on the channel but I feel like it would be pretty dope too so just it branch out especially if the casino update comes first which I would have thought the casino if they would come first but Rockstar kind of said casino later this summer and they said Red Dead for the summer update they just said during summer we're getting it so I don't know it's it's their language that they're kind of promoting oh oh my god my guy my guy is at least the same I bet he's not mean to do it okay he's gonna overtake me now I think whoa it's getting intense he's got the lead on me now oh no oh that that's it I'm coming in second dudes wow that's rough right off the course and I'm gonna lose it looks everyone left it's just me and this guy what we joined and there were a bunch of people I have no idea what happened we got a we got a win we gotta just you know finish it off right we got to come out with the we're not gonna come out with the dub unless this guy's severely wipes out like that but last lap the only way I'm gonna catch up to him is if he really screws up and he goes off the course I almost went off the course a second time oh god this is this is rough I was looking at meats all the way over there yeah we lost this race folks I wanted to get a better one I joined a bunch of races and they were full but I'm having trouble this week already on these these aren't premium races but on the things that have the bonuses which is the stunt races this week people are getting into full lobbies like I've gotten into full lobbies which is pretty sweet cuz last night I was playing these with a friend and you know there were like four people in each race but now that we have some bonuses people are gonna play them again which is nice but the thing is people aren't starting to lobbies the host is always afk and I feel like if the hostess and start it in two minutes like just just make someone else host or auto start the game I don't know why sometimes you know when you're trying to get a little bit of extra time to choose your car you have no time but then when the host is afk that's when like the lobby can just be an infinite timer and you never start the round so that's kind of crazy but let's see if we can do you guys think we're gonna get an under 6 minute time on this race I think we are oh yeah we have to be we can get under 6 minutes on this race I think so I feel it this guy's like just 1 he's crossing the finish line right now yep finish first place I'm gonna be nice 8 seconds behind him but we are gonna get an under 4 4 or a 545 as well which is pretty dope so yeah not too bad I came in second for a almost 6 minute race let's see how much money you make make about 5,000 the other race I came in third with a race of like 8 people I got like 7750 so not terrible but also not fantastic I'll have another one after this if you guys want to check it out just to see kind of what these races are about if you're just getting into GTA online let me know down in the comments what you guys think thank you guys so much for watching drop like you guys enjoyed subscribe to the channel if you guys are new I'll see you guys in the next GTA online video adios amigos

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  1. the only game that give rockstar their reputation is gta titles and big example is red dead not to mention its unstable servers

  2. Wow 40% off… sounds like they are trying to slow rdr2 online down and drive players back to an old shitty unbalanced online experience

  3. Good to see you're diversifying your content. RDRO is a wasteland right now, and is probably going to remain a desert for a while.

  4. Hey okay so like the import export cargo like you know how 3 crates is 72000 i got 6 crates and it dold for 81000 and i shouldve gotten 144000

  5. Out of all people you make the best videos straight to point with no click bait..keep it up..thanks man

  6. The past couple weeks of the GTA Online weekly updates were pretty good for players that were trying to grind for more money and RP, and there are some BIG bonuses and discounts this week but it is definitely the most lackluster of the past 4-5 I think. What are your thoughts? Thank you for watching!

  7. Oh…I didn't expect you'll be making a GTA video. To be honest…I prefer you only making Red Dead online videos, but whatever you want to upload I'm cool

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