18 thoughts on “The Media Is Awfully 'Concerned' About 'Propaganda'

  1. Trump and all his buddies are going to prison!!!

  2. Yadda yadda yadda. Buzzwords, catch phrases and media slogans. None of them are saying anything meaningful, they just complain about each others' propaganda.

  3. The main stream media is in it for nothing more than the money. They twist, exaggerate, manipulate, use quotes completely out of context ect, ect… to get their ratings, clicks and subscribers higher.
    Higher ratings mean more money from advertisers. They don't care what the facts are because most of the time the facts are to boring. They will say whatever they have to in order to keep whatever target demographic they think is higher watching. Cenk even admits to doing it himself when he reported something negative about President Obama and lost a bunch of subscribers so TYT had to start reevaluating what they would and would not report about.
    The first problem is most people either don't know or refuse to believe it so they just keep letting the main stream media manipulate their minds.
    The second problem is if you can't trust the main stream media where do you get the facts about whats going on in the world which kind of explains the first problem.
    Watch the documentary "All Governments lie". I stopped believing 90% of what the main stream media says along time ago and recently watched this documentary. It reinforced what I already believed.
    Remember, the main stream media can't afford slow news days. They have salary's to pay and share holders they have to keep happy so they HAVE to be creative!

  4. That is not the same as reading off a script. You can find these common words anywhere and mash them together.

  5. 90% of msm is propaganda they know this that is why they are upset with that sinclair commericial.I turn on the t.v. all i see is manipulation.

  6. It's not just Sinclair. This has been happening for years. It's not one company, it's cable news too. It's not as centralized, but twice as powerful.

    Greta Van Susteren once referred to this phenomenon where journalists across networks use the exact same phrases/words to describe their "view" of any given news story. Like calling a Trump speech "DARK" or "DANGEROUS." Where do the scripts come from?

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