17 thoughts on “The leadership game — creating cultures of leadership | Drew Dudley | TEDxAnchorage

  1. Really really intetesting and inspiring. Making me think about the meaning of my days and my role in life. Has anyone got the transcript of the presentation?

  2. WOW – So Inspiring Drew! This is so practical and "do"able. I've been in leadership roles my entire life but never have I considered myself a leader (not really). You have helped me re-define leadership and I can't wait to START…Ready Set Goooooo !!

  3. That’s what happens to the
    Leaderships!! just opposite of Jesus’ teachings.., BUT true Christians NEVER read the Bible! Merry Christmas.. HaHa!!!

  4. I was blessed with getting to meet Drew at the National HFMA Leadership Training Conference in Phoenix AZ. He truly inspired me to greater heights in all areas of my life. Thanks so much Drew for being a Leader to all of us.

  5. I watch a lot of YouTube motivational/informative videos, and I can say whoww! I have been blown away by this concept!! I love love love what is explained and hope to implement it into my life!!

    Thank you sir!! Thank you for sharing with us!!

  6. I'm not Richard or Brandy…Interesting, kind, and enjoyable.. my three words.. and when put together they are integrity.. Of course God put it better, He set up the bottom line of what it take to be a true leader… the 10 commandments.. that is what humans should live with and up to.. if not how could you possibly think your a leader..

  7. The ending got to me because I worked through an entire book of just goals back in 2014. I haven't had the heart to look at them since doing them it's all documented on tumblr. My only thing that I remember is it took me a month to do the first goal; it should of been simple come up with a personal motto for yourself. Well it took me a month. I was so proud when i found it. It was a mantra that kept me going.

  8. I´ve already defined my values, but never defined them. I think this is an important step to actually live my values. Great talk, really powerful.

  9. 4 years ago I found the first video I watched that was a TED talk.. I recently had been promoted at the time and was looking for some inspiration to a job function that i was clueless of.. fast forward to now and I am spreading the word to every place I work.. You have inspired me and continue to inspire me to lead and create leaders everywhere I go… I now am moving to the next phase of my plan and am branching out and plan to speak in public about things in my life that I can pass on.. thank you and I hope we can correspond some.

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