6 thoughts on “The Latest News on Rudy Giuliani, His Associates And The Impeachment inquiry

  1. So Gulliani needs to be in jail too with this revelation!…. Lawyer up AZZ!!……How does Chump not know these men that gave hundreds of thousands to his campaign????? REALLY????This wicked cloth is unraveling FAST and FURIOUS!!!….This impeachment needs to happen ASAP!!! … The Lord has intervened 😔

  2. Marie is lucky Igor and his comrade didn't just bust up her kneecaps too. The president ain't phuckin' around…everybody better shut the phuck up before Dirty Don starts bustin' caps and pushin' buttons. You talkin' to me? "When you're rich…they let you do it" – Donald tRUMP

  3. Moral of the story is Zelensky is the Donald Trump of Ukraine. Putin, has his grip on another country. God help us all. Our democracy is on fire.

  4. This reminds me so much a Watergate and Richard Nixon and all his boys and all the members of his gang all went to prison and jail, I got the strangest feeling Rudy is going to be next to be arrested very soon!!!

  5. Watch give it a week and cnn will be falling on their faces again 😂😂😂😂😂 “dirty” their sooooo stupid.

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