The Latest Joker Trailer Has Fans Losing Their Minds! (Nerdist News w/ Jenny Lorenzo)

The Latest Joker Trailer Has Fans Losing Their Minds! (Nerdist News w/ Jenny Lorenzo)

– The latest Joker trailer
has fans losing their minds. Grab your red noses and
clown makeup, Joker fans. After being teased out this week, the final trailer for
Joker dropped Wednesday and the spot for the Todd Phillips flick starring Joaquin Phoenix
as the eponymous Joker really hit the ground running. Reportedly, the film
will be a character study on the Joker’s origin and how
and why Phoenix’s Arthur Fleck will become the clown prince of crime. And based on what we are
seeing in the latest footage, this certainly seems to be the case. The trailer is chock full
of homages to classic films like Scorsese’s 1982
film, The King of Comedy as well as references to
Batman and Gotham City lore. Come on! Thomas Wayne punches the Joker. Heck yeah! When did we ever think we’d
see that on screen, huh? However, if you were looking for some Suicide Squad-esque Joker antics involving knives or forehead tattoos, you might be disappointed. However, disappointed seems
to be the word furthest from fans’ minds. Joker fans are excited to
see this more art house take on the superhero genre, with
many claiming it could be an early Oscar contender for Phoenix. So we’re going to bring you
some of the best reactions on the internet to the
Joker trailer, right now. First up, @clayappuzzos seemed to sum up most of the internet’s feelings with, “all I gotta say is that the Joker movie “is a cinematic masterpiece already.” Which, honestly, might be a bit premature, but we understand the sentiment. Of course, a lot of the comments were bringing on the awards
buzz, like Charon on YouTube, who channeled his inner Joker with “Phoenix: Wanna know
how I got these Oscars?” (laughs) I sound like Alex Borstein on way too many cigarettes. And Katherine V on YouTube
furthered that sentiment with an all caps “I can smell the oscars.” And Twitter user @616kinney
gave us this delightful and definitely not
terrifying gif when they said “Mr Joaquin Phoenix is coming
for his Oscar as the Joker.” In fact, a lot of people
responded with gifs of other versions of the
Joker, like @nerds4lifee, who tweeted a gif of Heath
Ledger’s memorable turn as the Joker, saying “I like that.” And @SomeKirbyFan took the opportunity to clown all of Twitter with this screen grab from the trailer. It’s true. We’re all clowns. @MasterTarantino’s criticism
turned out to be full of praise with “trailer looks
generic but can we talk “about how perfect and
creepy Joaquin’s laugh “for Joker is because holy (beep).” Yeah. That laugh’s gonna haunt our dreams. Can’t wait. Drewcast35 on Reddit made
a great point by saying “Thomas Wayne punching the Joker… “I guess it runs in the family.” Hey, like father, like son. Know what I’m saying? – You wouldn’t hit a guy
with glasses on, would ya? – Another Reddit user,
hab27, had one criticism. “If he doesn’t meticulously
arrange a billion knives “around him in a circle,
I will be disappointed.” Right? (laughs) How will we know that
this Joker is damaged unless he gets it
tattooed on his forehead? @Memelord2019 took to Twitter to remind us “because one killer clown
wasn’t enough this year.” Yeah. With IT chapter two hitting
theaters next month, 2019 isn’t going to be great
for a lot of childhood phobias. We guess we’ll have to wait
until both films come out and figure out if the Joker or Pennywise has the creepier laugh. (Joker laughing) And we have to close out the reactions with this clever one from @Deshay95, which honestly seems to
be the general sentiment from all of the fans with this trailer. Obviously, Joker has
built up a lot of hype and since we don’t actually
see the Joker do anything bad in the movie just yet, maybe it’ll end up really surprising us by being the feel good movie of the year. Either way, we can’t wait until
it hits theaters in October which is, holy (beep), over a month away. But what do you folks think? Are you down to clown with the Joker? What other DC characters would you like to see get the same treatment? And who is your favorite on
screen version of the Joker? ‘Cause there’s many to choose from. Let’s discuss. Thanks for watching. If you liked what you saw, why not give us a like and subscribe? If you want to get notified
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100 thoughts on “The Latest Joker Trailer Has Fans Losing Their Minds! (Nerdist News w/ Jenny Lorenzo)

  1. You do such a good job presenting, very professional and entertaining. You were born to be a presenter and entertainer 😊

  2. Is it pronounced jigabyte? It is GIF with a hard G. The guy who came up with this doesn't get to tell you how to pronounce it. Just stop

  3. Omg! I will totally start Watching Nerdist News again if Jenny Lorenzo become the new regular host! She is funny and super geeky! She is the breath of fresh, down-to-earth air that Nerdist desperately needs.

  4. Why is this movie trying to make me feel sorry for the Joker? He's chaos personified not a bleeding heart you're supposed to want to root for.

  5. I think, the best Version of "The Joker" isn´t even called "Joker". Its Jerome Valeska from "Gotham". He is amazing.

  6. OMG loving Jenny Lorenzo sharing all this nerdy goodness.!!! YAS looking forward to this new version of Joker! Can't wait to watch more of Jenny in all her Nerdist goodness!!!

  7. Joker not the joker, the director has said it has nothing to do with comics (that he has never even read & thinks are for children) & it is not based on anything in the Batman or DC universe.
    Might be a good movie but it won't be a good movie about the joker because its not about the joker.

  8. Now all we need is Ezra Miller's movie to Flashpoint the shit out of this and have Phoenix face off against Pattison's Batman. That's how you fix the DCEU… (as long as Pattison can bring it).

  9. 1:38 why did she say Phoenix out loud when he was supposed to be the one saying the line… does she not know what the colon was for?

  10. THANK YOU for having someone other than Amy do this! I cant watch her any more and I like watching Nerdist news. Thumbs up!

  11. Ms. Lorenzo seems to be channeling more than a little Nicholson with her bone-dry wit and laid-back delivery (the last may be more McConaughey than Nicholson – but it works). Diggin' her!

  12. I miss Amy or Maude. They seemed genuinely excited to do this show. Jenny seems like she's just doing her best just to get through the week. Jessica too but people move on.

  13. I can't handle these people hating on my girl. They probably asked her for her journalism voice because y'all can't handle Latina plus nerdy. She likely knows so much more about editing content than all these haters. Nena can you drop a video of Jasleiny's opinion of the trailer? I can't with these haters.

  14. Her delivery is so strange for this. I feel like she should be talking about war news, not silly Joker stuff. Someone get her a job with a real news outlet.

  15. Arthur Fleck kills Bruce Wayne.
    Could this be a future movie…
    In the alternate timeline of Flashpoint, robber Joe Chill kills the young Bruce Wayne rather than his parents. As a result, Thomas Wayne wishes revenge so takes up to mantle of Batman, but unlike his son he is far more ruthless in his actions as he is happy to kill any criminal that gets in his way. Thomas tracked down Chill and was going to poison him but decided to beat him to death with his bare hands. His wife Martha Wayne is so traumatized by the event she cut her face into a garish grin and soon enough, descends into insanity and becomes the altered timeline's Joker

  16. Jenny Lorenzo you’re doing a great job on nerdist (better than that dumb chobot girl) – much respect to you. Anyway, I would love to see cat woman and the penguin treated in this character study way in their own movies. Being as all 3 characters are essentially psychologically damaged characters, I think portraying them in this style of film by other great actors would also do good for DC’s reputation.

  17. I like batman, is the only dc decent character for me, and I really like this trailer, of course I love the joker as a character too he's pretty cool,, HOWEVER, the way dc-dceu sore-ass loser fanboys are talking about oscars and master pieces already is quite annoying, that's why everybody hates dc-dceu fanboys, honestly

  18. Stop saying jif. I hate the sound of her speaking. Can you just please have a Speak & Spell deliver Nerdist news instead of her

  19. One of the greatest film acting performances of all time is Joaquin Phoenix in The Master. Jenny Lo is the business, BTW.

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