The Kayak Fishing Bush Anchor: Episode 26

The Kayak Fishing Bush Anchor: Episode 26

fish occurred calm I'm John noticed from this yaker calm want to wait out to a little bit bass fishin and today we're gonna show you how to make a bush anchor for compass okay for this application the main piece I'm using is a clip just picked up from a local hardware store throw it a hole in one side I can pass a line straight through it standard swivel snap clip as you see here again again just from a local hardware store or department store piece of line that's all I'm really using I'm gonna tie off the line through the hole in the clip here tie it off to the swivel clip I'll be ready to go alright so we just want to tie off the swivel clip not on the swivel it's not going anywhere that's so alright you know we want to do it some type of standard not just so it's not going to pull through one clip and you're good to go once you're in position on the water not going anywhere make sure you put the other side of your kayak there's your bush anchor I know the human being

6 thoughts on “The Kayak Fishing Bush Anchor: Episode 26

  1. I've seen this vid before, and was out fishing and did not want to use/lose my anchor….and I said I need to make a bush anchor….so I made one….can't wait to use it…..thanks again John for a great idea.

  2. In flowing water you may snag/lose an anchor on underwater debris. It may also be quicker and easier to just clip onto a limb next to you. This is best for skinny-water applications.

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