11 thoughts on “The Jehovahs Witnesses Governing Body… NOT LEGIT!

  1. On the ARC/Australian Royal Commission videos….Governing Body member…Jackson…admitted under sworn oath. that Watchtower/"We are NOT God's Chosen Channel on Earth" many of us heard him say this right after lying about their shunning Policies and when members want to leave, they are free to go with no repercussions….NOT TRUE! When I heard Jackson say that…I sat silent about 45 minutes sorting out hte feelings of betrayal, the lying and the punishment I went through a a Kidd in school because I was made to act a particular way…I relived the time on 1973 where I was to speak to an Assembly of 12,000 and was influenced by the Congregation Overseer to tell them anything as long as it suited the narrative they were pushing! I had to make up a story there on the spot…it totally F'u'd me up for years until I eventually blocked it from my mind…In 2015 It took me a few weeks to bring all that back to focus so I could talk about again!…

  2. You mentioned why and control,
    I discern they're all under an evil "spirit" of control. The cooperation, a "spirit" of greed. The ppl are totally blind to the reality that their trust has been missplaced.
    Whats worse than defending WTs lies, is that they lie to their ownselves. Its frustrating because I love many of those ppl but the lies do piss me off. I just pray Jehovah will pour out his spirit enough that they all wake up.

  3. This DEMON👽INSPIRED Apostate, is just angry because he doesnt like the FACT that he has been kicked out by JEHOVAH AND JESUS! Lol!!!😆

  4. sense doctrine is the topic here, does the watchtower have it right about Jesus being Michael the Archangel?

  5. I so look forward to every single video that you put out, I am very grateful for you Carlos, keep up the good work, you certainly are helping more people here than knocking on doors.

  6. But you know that for many JWs, after decades of isolation, decades of having men you've never met tell you what to think, and how to feel about every matter under the sun…

    After years of being a JW, it's not really about having 'the Truth', as they say. When a person thinks about what kind up life upheaval is in store for doubting a doctrine, maybe it's worth believing a lie…for some…

    Says a lot.

  7. So they don't claim infallibility, yet demand to be treated as such. I always wondered why sincere Bible readers in the JWs never thought it suspicious that this group of admittedly UN-inspired men, who liken themselves and their Org. to the 1st. Century christians, these men demand for themselves, and wield power that the inspired apostles themselves, the men who KNEW Jesus, never claimed for themselves.

  8. Watchtower's doctrine is their merchandise. "They use false scales and love to oppress."(Hosea 12:7) In order for WT to profit they need full control and all to believe that they are the only channel for bible truths.
    One example of false scales of bible truths to defraud or oppress is of the poor widow.
    Jesus just got done saying how "the teachers devour widows out of their houses" when he sat down to watch all those putting money in the boxes, including the poor widow "who out of her POVERTY gave all that she had." Jesus called his deciples over to witness what he just got done mentioning- ("how the teachers devour widows out of their homes" -Mrk 12:40-44)
    We were taught that the widow wanted to support the repairs of the temple and Jah would take care of her but the verse after in Mrk 13:1,2- Jesus tells his deciples that this place would be destroyed.
    Why donate towards a place full of deceit and hypocrisy that is to be destroyed?
    Also the scriptures tell us in James 1:27 that "perfect, undefiled worship to God is to look after widows and orphans in their tribulation".
    How was this widow looked after if she only had 2 small coins?
    Watchtower teaches us to cheerfully give all that we have towards the organization and leaves us in Jehovah's hands to be taken care of.
    Our God wants to see us do good deeds for each other, to love and take care of others in need.
    This is a false teaching about the widow to squeeze everything out of us.
    Personal note: I am a widower. Loosing my wife crushed me. I couldn't put my hands behind my back or behind my head. My arms would dislocate as I got dressed. I have had constant anurisms in the back of my eyes and was blind for a year. I lost my right eye. The elders drew up a list of places for me to go for help for food and other needs. All of these places were run by a church. I told them that these places are church run organizations and they said not to tell anyone and as they see it, "I would be getting from them and not giving to them". My whole life I gave everything I could to the organization and this time I needed help from the organization and brothers and got nothing. I was that poor widow convinced to give and never looked after.

  9. Power and control feed into the egotistical, prima donna mindset of the Guttering Booty members and, for that matter, the rest of the old and primarily white men in Warwick, Walkill and Patterson, New York. If we're not 100% in line with the GB then we're blacklisted. And that's just for "missing meetings" nowadays as I can use myself as an example as one who has walked away fairly recently from JW and is labeled an "inactive" as a fader and they Shun just for that these days.

    I came into JW in 1992 at age 20, baptized in '94 at age 22 pre-internet right after my Mother died battling lymphoma cancer for 12 years. JW's are taught to capitalize and prey on those in vulnerable and susceptible situations and they sure as hell got me for 25 years before I woke up in 2017. I want to worship God in Spirit and Truth as our Lord, Savior, Master and Reigning King Jesus Christ stated at John 4:23, 24.

    JWs are taught to think they're being "persecuted" every step of the way.

  10. God has ALWAYS worked trough individuals not organizations. And most were ridiculed, expelled and put to death. And over time every organization on this earth has been infiltrated. After all satan is the god of this world

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