The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy

The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy

as we move on to this related story the anti Hamas bill that passed in the house yesterday was heavily supported by AIPAC the American Israel Public Affairs Committee in fact one of the critics of the bill congresswoman Betty McCollum of Minnesota who the Ambassador referred to accused a pack of threatening her because she voted against the bill she said an AIPAC activists called her office to say her quote support for terrorists will not be tolerated well we turn now to look at this recent study that's caused an uproar in the academic community and in the media the studies called the Israel lobby and u.s. foreign policy the authors of the paper are professor Stephen Walt of Harvard University and John Mearsheimer of the University of Chicago they charge that the United States is willingly set aside its own security and that of many of its allies in order to advance the interests of Israel in addition the study accuses the pro-israel lobby particularly APEC of manipulating the US media policing academia and silencing critics of Israel by labeling them anti-semitic well a new article in The New York Review of Books examines the controversial report and the reaction to it it's called the storm over the Israel lobby it was written by media critic Michael massing who joins us now in a firehouse studio Michael is a contributing editor of the Columbia Journalism Review and frequently writes for the New York Review of Books we welcome you to Democracy Now why don't you summarize the paper and the response well the paper by the two professors it's a very strongly argued case that US foreign policy has been sort of taken into a counterproductive direction by the power of the Israel lobby and they define the Israel lobby in very broad terms they they include not only groups like AIPAC but Christian Zionists neoconservatives media monitor groups from a pro-israel perspective and so on people like well the former House Speaker toned the fate of the majority with not time to let Tom DeLay and other people like that Dick Armey and so on and so forth and they sort of put them all together it's one thing that became controversial or all our Christian Zionists for instance part of the Israel lobby or yet another type of pressure group and so on but they basically argue that from a strategic and moral standpoint the u.s. really it's not in America's interest to be backing Israel as strongly and unwaveringly as it does and the remain reason that the Israel does back that the u.s. does back Israel's because of the power of this Lobby and they they attempt to show that that not only has it sort of skewed US policy on israeli-palestinian relations but it's affected US policy on on many other regional issues particularly who are in Iraq they claim that a US would not have gone to war against Iraq had it not been for the threat that Iraq posed to Israel and had it not been for the support for Israel in this country through the Israel lobby and the reaction you know was was just tumultuous before we get to the reaction explain who these authors are of this piece and which makes it so significant right well the senior person is John Mearsheimer who is a professor of international relations international security to University of Chicago and his colleague Stephen wall too is at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard and has been the administrative dean there for the last three years so these are two very eminent professors more so they're sort of rather I don't know they're realists basically they come out of the sort of bridge in ski school of international relations that international policy should be based on national interest and they are writing from the perspective that US policy in the Middle East particularly u.s. support for Israel to the extent it's been has not been in the US interest so very impeccable establishment credentials which is one reason why they're taking such a strong position created such a stir and the peace went up on the Harvard University well it's interesting it originally was commissioned by the Atlantic Monthly and they wrote it for the Atlantic but the Atlantic ultimately rejected the piece and made its way circuitous Lee to the one review of books which said we want this we want you to have even more about the Israel lobby in it and so the piece appeared there in March and simultaneously went up on the website of the Kennedy School and the harvardconnection is added an element it has brought much more attention just because of the the Harvard brand name the response in the media well the response I mean the response the media is part of the response but in general many many people have attacked us with a venom that has been extraordinary actually the New York Sun has been in the lead they ran several front page articles of a really extraordinary nature I mean one of them their lead story one day in March was about how David Duke endorsed his paper and claimed that it vindicated what he's been saying all along about US policy that sort of Israel was behind the war in Iraq and so on and so forth they claimed based on Alan Dershowitz –iz assertions that that Mearsheimer and walt the two professors got some of their information from neo-nazi websites that became a front page article in the new york sun i mean i was actually surprised at new york sun went as far as it did these articles were so unbalanced even for a conservative newspaper like the sun now on Dershowitz got the Kennedy School to post his own rebuttal forty some pages long in which he attacked various parts of the paper and let me say that the paper itself made a lot of strong arguments about Israel in its history that struck many people even supporters of their general argument as as one sided in harsh they went into a whole history of Israel's crimes as they call them against the Palestinians without really talking about the violence that has come from the Palestinian side against the is against Israel so as I argued in my own paper they sort of invited some of the criticism that the Haaretz is taking this very seriously some interesting discussion in the Israeli newspaper well you know Amy the it long been considered that the Israeli press has a more vigorous debate about sort of relations with the Palestinians and you can have here in part I think because of pressure from from the lobby but how are is for instance said that you know whatever one thinks of the merits of the paper the storm has kicked up the issues it's raised the fact that two professors like this of such credentials have raised these issues should be taken as a warning sign about sort of the limits of American tolerance for Israel's policies and occupied territories we're talking to Michael Massa and contributing editor could you go and be a journalism review board member of the Committee to Protect Journalists has written the piece this storm over the israel lobby Noam Chomsky has also critiqued us right from from the left of some people Chomsky and others feel that it basically takes an ennobling view of America and what its interests in the world are that that America had if it were not for the power of the Israel lobby would conduct itself in a much more assertive Wilsonian way when in fact Chomsky argues if you look at US policy around the world the type of that Israel has in fact served us interest very well smashing our nationalism protecting you as access to to oil and other natural resources and that Israel has helped us policy in places like Central America in providing sort of military assistance to some of the regime's us propped up there in the 1980s we just have a minute so your summary now of where the debate goes and how significant this is despite the debate there hasn't been a tremendous amount of tension to this in the US media right I mean for instance New York Times ran an op-ed piece by Toni Judd which was very very strongly backing the professor's but beyond that their news coverage has been very minimal Washington Post if you look at the sort of main outpost of our top media it's been very scant coverage into some people that's an indication that the truth that it is hard in fact to debate these issues because of the pressure on the press finally a you were at the APEC meeting the big I didn't go I just sort of tried to reconstruct it based on interviews in March where in fact the bill we just debated was a major topic but the power you see of a pack in determining policy I think it's very strong I think that as I quoted what I try to do in my article is do some of the reporting that I thought the paper itself lacked on the actual power of a pack how strong is it and and I found that in fact it's very strong particularly in Congress they create what one former Clinton official told me was background noise that like right now in terms of administration what you showed President Bush's comments it's all made against the background of this tremendous operation that AIPAC has where they can take hundreds of activists to Congress and me put pressure on congressmen if they do not go the way they do is as Betty McCollum found out the congressman from congresswoman from Minnesota they can they can you know brand-new this way and that way the local press will pick it up and also the money factor is very strong AIPAC helps to guide people not both packs as well as individuals in terms of money giving the fundraising aspects very big all which means that AIPAC is is not indomitable but it has a very strong influence in creating the context in which US policy toward is most powerful lobbies next to the NRA it's up there the NRA and AARP I want to thank you very much for being with us Michael massing contributing editor Columbia Journalism Review Board member of the Committee to Protect Journalists his piece the storm over the Israel lobby appears in the current issue of the New York Review of Books this is democracy now will be back in a minute

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  1. I'm not surprised at all that AIPAC activists threatened congress woman Betty McCollum because they are very cynical and they were lying and they made propaganda when said ''support for terrorists will not be tolerated''. It's a slogan like ''we do not negotiate with terrorists''. Professor Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer of the University of Chicago are right. Let's not forget USS Liberty was deliberately and cynically attacked by Israel's Army and blame it on Egypt to make USA start a war against Egypt, it was a false flag attack (diversion) like Keene O' Keefe rightly said. Israel's Government lied when Israel's Government said it was a mistake. Keene O' Keefe was right about Israel. The same thing about the Lavon Affair.

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  4. This piece of trash is very useful for folks like me, who point out "Democracy Now" and similar groups as the neo-Nazi scum they are….  it was very helpful a number of years ago for me…

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  6. At 2:49 they say: "the U.S. would not have gone to the War in Iraq, were in not for… [the power of Israel's friends in the US]." If this was true, then clearly Israel's lobby would have saved, not thwarted, the U.S. national interest, and they would have a great merit. It is certainly not in US interest to get kicked from every point of its global presence and to cede their influence in the Middle East to the Russia-Iran-China-NorthKorea Axis, who have sponsored Hezbollag, terror, and local wars around the world for decades, disturbing the peace that could have been. 21 August 1968 in the Czech lands, operation Entebbe, and the terror at the Munich Olympics (Black September) are just a few examples. And the thuggish rebel groups of Africa and Latin America that have plagued the larger part of the 20th century are another heap of examples. The Leftist always TALK about peace, never failing to emphasize how peaceful THEY are.

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