The Iranians will continue to push: Rep. Waltz

The Iranians will continue to push: Rep. Waltz

43 thoughts on “The Iranians will continue to push: Rep. Waltz

  1. Democrats' faith in leftist ideology reminds us of Iran's theocratic leader's faith in their version of Islam. Neither group really cares about their own citizenry, just ideology and of course, power.

  2. Good that the moron said "modernize and keep pace with china." Even he knows china is going to be way ahead of the states in the future.

  3. Mighty whity want to go on another crusade didn't Iraq and Afghanistan get the grave yard fill for your soldiers

  4. Iranian leaders caring about their pockets and not the people, is irrelevant… We have people like that here in the govt.. Update: they keep on bringing up iranian leaders pocketing money and not giving to the people… Where did the money from the deal between Clinton and Russia go? What about the money from the Haiti relief fund go? You cant throw shade at one group of people, when people on your own land are guilty of the same thing… It just makes you look like you are diverting attention from your shyt, onto others

  5. Praise to Donald Trump for killing and torturing children in the border. Now the children are dying bless to the president because the supporters doesn’t know.

  6. Trump Remember Not going to be the Police of the world?

    No more Wars Trump 🇺🇸
    Russia will Not sit and watch

  7. I WISH THAT NEWS ANCHORS would stop interrupting their guests who are explaining something that the the public viewers want to hear. If there is no time to listen to an answer and explanation, then do not ask the question. The anchors seem to love to hear themselves talking. So they endlessly interrupt their guess speakers regardless of conservative or liberal news media.

  8. Because our Presidents wants to look after the safety and security of American citizens, then he's a racist. Yeah…THAT'S logical!

  9. When they are starved into submission they will turn on their government ….let them do it to themselves so they can better themselves by getting rid of their government..Obviously they have to learn the hard way ….Works …China found out and Trump will not back down . He's moving trade to other countries and good for those countries trade is opened up to….

  10. The new US sanctions against the leaders of the Islamic regime and the Revolutionary Guards have shown that in the last 40 years, these were the Iranian people who were targeted by the US embargo rather than the Islamic regime. !!!!!! And all the work that this regime has done has been in line with America's goals !!!!!!!!!! Now that the Iranian people have come to terms with the crimes and sabotage of this regime, the US government intends to replace those factors. !!!!! !!!!

    You're all pussies … some new sheriff!! bwwahahahahahahahahahaha!

  12. This reporting style is just like Pravda used to report about the Russian leadership, congratulations America.

  13. Thank God for President Trump……when will Americans get the picture that Democrats are our worse enemy???????

  14. the great Muslim King Obama and his Muslim Brotherhood Pals created resolution 569 so that Muslims have special rights in America. Obama the great Muslim King said he was going to set the Christian Crusade right with his Aid to the Muslim Brotherhood in the Middle East and America I am sure the Middle East would love to have their great Muslim King back.

  15. Cloaked TR 3b's could take out all of Irans Military. Not ready for the world to know we have this kind of technology.

  16. what the real question is who is this debt owned to ? and why should we pay these con's any of this so called debt that has come from deceit ,it is a bankers con on the whole world, used to keep war going for their profit

  17. A prize for peace in the name of the man who invented Dynamite there has got to be some kind of clinical descriptor for that.

  18. Those diapers on there heads has to be washed, seriously how long do they leave those on for? Anyone know maybe headlice has effected there brain's? Screw those sadistic Killers! We have US people being held hostage now?? Seriously??? Wtt Fudge ? We're not weak. they are friggin Crazy we are smarter than those Crazy Terriost!. We don't do bussines with Terriost ,get our people out of those countries let them rot!

  19. Huh – look at that. Nancy Pelosi’s Democrats are passing FY 2020 budget appropriations in June.

    F’ing Paul Ryan didn’t pass anything but piecemeal continuing resolutions so when the Democrats took over in 2018 they could immediately begin using their power of the purse.

    F’ing RINO.

  20. Watch some of the YouTube on Iran’s riches youth that lives off their parents money coming from the corrupt Irani government and it will make you sick.

  21. Send in paid mercenaries and assassinate the the regime head…America wants no harm for the Iranian people !!!

  22. what a bunch of crap and lies about Iran….We're after Iran because BB ordered it and Trump answers the call of his boss.

  23. I know this is kind of a commie way of thinking but if health care is as big an issue as national defense we need a, "National Health Corp". Nationalize the US Health system, reinstate the draft lottery for all males of the age of 18. If you don't want to join the Army, Navy, Marines, or Air Force individuals will have the option of signing up for the National Health Service. NHS cadre would do all the support, maintenance, and record keeping so health care professionals can focus on health care not the business of healthcare. Give pharmaceutical companies an R&D budget that doesn't create 1000$ a dose drugs and lop the balls off any pharmaceutical companies that gouge the public with overpriced drugs. I cannot afford healthcare and the only people that I know that have it are given it by their employers. It is a broken system and many people are dying because of it.

  24. How do journalists know about who did attacks on ships, while no one else claims to know?
    The funny thing is, Iran is accused to attack a japanese ship just right before highest ranked japanese politicians are about to visit Iran. Kidding?!
    Saudi Arabia would benefit from it, but certainly not Iran.
    Why do you have journalists in the studio who have no clue at all about anything?

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