32 thoughts on “The Indian approach to business: Devdutt Pattanaik at TEDxGateway 2013

  1. it is love when we fell happy when our parterner is happy. that something something richard branson had also said.

  2. Although I had never seen this video before, I can practically vouch that what he said about satisfying other's hunger is extremely true. Having taken over an ailing business, we were able to make 500% growth by applying what he said within the span of a year (of course it was coincidental. We didn't know about this as we hadn't seen the video). We focused our attention away from profits and focused more on our employees and customers. The return this payed was so amazing as we had 500% increase in turnover and profits. Although I know the highlight of this video was about not focusing on profits, we actually gained it unconsciously. It would have been amazing if Mr. Devdutt had included the aspect of Karma in business (do good and good will happen to you.)

  3. Devdutt simplifies complex theories so superbly that anyone can understand it easily. I watched him on epic channel and fell in love with Hindutva.

  4. I have never quite looked at lord ganesha family photo that close to notice the predators and prey food chain until now. It was great to know some facts .

  5. Thanks for sharing.
    I purchased but ingnore book from this personality but when I meat with his knowledge and thought process, I restarted !!

  6. From a realistic point of view, what would a situation look like where everyone's hunger is satisfied and your hunger is outgrown?

  7. some say that he twists facts. I say without imagination you will never get a jaw dropping brilliant story.

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