22 thoughts on “The Heart Attack Grill: Restaurant Promotes Harmfully Unhealthy Food | Nightline | ABC News

  1. Quadruple bypass, HECK YES! Oh ya and a large chili cheese fries… Oh and a diet Coke I gotta watch my calories….

  2. So what? Let them eat and die it is there life if people want to die younger while being fat and obese then let them. Why the fuck people tell other people what to do. I care to live long and achieve as much as possible so I work out and study as much as possible. But that doesn't mean other people need to do the same all people have the right to work and live how they want.

    The same way stupid feminist talk shit about men and want more power for women, thr same LGBT comunnity create stupid ideas and rules that no smart man will follow or the black life matter shit that create the most stupid ideas ever and telling there people that is other people fault fof there misfortune. This is the same thing there are fat people who say fat is healty witch is the most retard thing to say but there are those who know it is wrong and they don't care they just want tl live happy lives while eating to death

  3. This is a message for each and every one of you. That doctor had nothing to do with it. Those fat people would be eating from McDonald’s or burger king if he didn’t exist. Why do you think you see them with 5 Big Macs and 2 sodas and orders like that. He’s just a supplier that doesn’t matter in the grand scheme.

  4. Great!
    I'm tired of seeing "non fat" food products.
    Where did the choice go?
    Socialist/ Communism for you right there!!!!!!!

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