31 thoughts on “The Hated Child Becomes Famous | Full Movie | Read Desc For Updates!|

  1. You don’t deserve hate, and neither does any other gacha creator. They put their hearts and souls into these, and take time out of their lives to have people enjoy their creations. This creator (I forgot to get your channel name) tried so hard for people to enjoy their art, not hate it. -okay 💝

  2. just saying the stupidest thing that that mother said was "Bye sweetie and remember to beat up Galaxia" like WHO THE HELL SAYS THAT?

  3. I all most cried i know How it feels to be hated for being different an i whent threw what galaxcia but my brother an me only argue an yes its hard to gothrew ity all but iin the end you make friends by being nice an kind an this of u who are mean dont be talk to someone i promis you if you talk to someone they will you threw what your going threw^..^

  4. Real quick class only if it was that easy in real life well I'm done school soooo what am I talking about

  5. Okay this is the first time i read the desc and oh boi i did not regret it (it was m eanwhile the full song was bussy)

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