50 thoughts on “The Great Voting Debate: To Vote Or Not to Vote with Jeff Berwick and Mark Skousen at Freedomfest

  1. Lol, Mark's "arguments" are all Great reasons to run FAR far away from establishment Threats-By-Violence control system. Notice his first "concern" is that "many of you will engage in un-lawful activityies and end up shot…" Wow, what? Really?? No one who is awake is fooled by Mobs suddenly being 'concerned" for your "safety" when there was previously no reason to be concerned… Hmm…. Mafia is not very good at lying….

  2. This is hysterical lmao !!! The guy on the right didn't create his reality i guess Trump did !? I haven't voted since Ross Pero ran for President and I think it was obvious that Bush jr. election was a total scam . I have so many friends who vote and believe they are making a difference . I believe its really preordained and already decided for us . However I would like to believe there was a time when voting was real but certainly not today everything seems fixed and rigged .

  3. Voting is bad in violent systems such as governments as we know today. But voting is not bad in voluntary based systems, because that creates a free choice to chose a system you want to get in and there you can vote or not, it's all up to you then. What professor Mark doesn't understand is that necessity of vote he's trying to bring in this debate is fundamentally powered by force and coercion which is called the taxation system.

  4. Jeff wins. Statists lose. Voting only encourages the psychopaths. Also, the power of the people in the USA has been diminishing my entire life, and being in tech, I can see how governments ability to use tech is improving at a rapid pace, and they will have much greater control over our lives. Things are going to get much worse if we do not DECENTRALIZE soon…. this all has to come to an end.

  5. My view is….Do you care who you marry in life?… If the answer is YES…Then you should care who you vote for too…You do not just marry any one…you spend more than a third of you life finding the right one… so how can you even vote form the ridiculously few choices you are given and who you are giving the right to, to control you for 4 years… do you really know these people who are going to control you for 4 plus years?…I like to be free.. I do not like masters….I could not stay married for more than 11 years and never remarried…I would never give anybody the right to control me…I could never vote .A non vote is also a vote if you think about it?

  6. How do you "vote out the statists" with a statist act, i.e., voting? How do you stop initiation of violence by endorsing it? Voting is an indirect act of aggression, an aggressor choosing an aggressor to use violence as a primary means of political action. That paradigm of violence is the problem, not the solution. There is no govt., just people posing as governors but instead being enforcers of rules created to extort. Since rulers have no limits except those imposed by popular sentiment, and that is controlled by the media and the willful blindness of their victims, the voters are not represented. How can you trust someone you give a moral exemption to commit violent acts? Who will limit the govt when it betrays? Who will arrest the military/banking/political complex when it fails? When it takes public money to bail itself out instead of admitting guilt? Who will stop the corruption? Not the voter. Not the people who believe in the system, the paradigm, in spite of all evidence to the contrary. Politicians will keep extorting until voters stop voting, stop supporting them financially and their monopoly with a moral exemption. No one deserves to be above everybody else because we are all politically equal. Majority vote gives an elite the power to ruin lives; it doesn't make it moral or practical. The majority makes​ a mistake but everybody suffers.

  7. Jeff is right about voting. Look what they did to Ron Paul in 2012. He qulified for the RNC then they changed the rules to keep him from speaking.

  8. The problem is that stupid people vote. In order to really get better government, you would have to eliminate government schooling first then wait 18 years. Term limits should also be limited to two, one in office and one in prison.

  9. At the end Mark says something about '…finding out how stupid they (the people voting) are…'
    Doesn't he realize it's the gov't making the people stupid?

  10. If the 47% of eligible voters who never vote would just vote libertarian or independent, they could force out all dems and republicans. The fact is, they don't want you to vote because that 47%, if unified, would topple their hold on America.

  11. A guy in the audience said " I don't you use force." No but he condones the use of force to push his ideas when he goes to the voting boot.

  12. "You can make a big difference with social media". Skousen
    That's exactly like saying: you cannot make a difference by voting. ahaha


  14. jeff , you two are on 2 different wave lengths, well done I admire your spirit, In Australia we are fined if we don't vote.

  15. not voting mark. its not good people doing nothing i'm worried about. its bad people doing something that is frightening.

  16. In a kingdom there is no reason or point to the people talking about politics. We each have a vote to encourage us to be interested in collectively deciding who is the ruler for the next term of office.

  17. Thanks Jeff, you are correct. You are on a higher consciousness level as you said. People will get offended by this but that doesn't make it untrue. Your courage is commendable, it takes a lot of courage to say what you are saying.

  18. How the fluck could anyone who even fakes it as a Libertarian think that voting is useful? Mr. Skousen says (about 11:10), "Guns were probably made illegal by some dictator who was voted in and decided to make that decision" and doesn't realize for a second, that he just made the best argument for NOT voting!

  19. Without leaving, and without becoming violent, one can "abolish the government" by recognizing it as the criminal organization that it is (or "that it mimics," if "is" gives you too much cognitive dissonance).

    When the police aren't around, what is the proper way to handle a criminal? Learn self-defense. For me, "the police" are never around. I didn't hire them and I don't pay them to do what they do, so I employ self-defense whenever I need to. From "government" agent -type criminals, I protect myself by hiding from them.

  20. Why voting is a crime:
    The day John F. Kennedy was assassinated Democracy was buried (it was killed in 1913 with the Federal Reserve Act). And the 9/11 false flag (http://www.ae911truth.org) shows that the oligarchy in control have the power to do whatever they want in any way they see fit. Voting is a scam. It makes you an accomplice.

  21. Jeff is on the thing that I've come to believe, that there is a natural law, and the world is built on a machination.

  22. I think democracy has turned into one of the biggest scams in history, it’ probably always has been the case.

  23. Did voting give us the Federal Reserve, or take us off the Gold Standard?
    Did voting get us into endless wars?
    Did voting give us legal abortion and sodomite marriages?
    Did voting take God out of schools and force feed the evolution therory on future generations of tax slaves?
    Please tell me what on God's green earth has voting for the lesser of two evils gotten us, if not more evil.

    There is only one solution and that is to accept the free gift of salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone, and then share that good news with everyone you can.

    The Bible way to Heaven

  24. Ask Roger Ver if we are a Free Nation…He went to Jail because he voiced his opinion. And that is why he left..

  25. If voting does not mater, why do some of these piece of shit politicians fight for non citizens to vote? Why do they pander to people they really do not give a shit about, like poor people? To many people are hoping for socialism, they are trying very hard to bring it in. Wipe out all the DC elite and start over.

  26. btw communists and socialists love voting, all those countries were democratic republics. Even when they don't allow voting to the subjugated population, they still have intra-party democracies.

  27. The Dollar Vigilante – Jeff, you should have said that government does not exist LEGITIMATELY and brought up the fact that the people never, in any point in time, agreed that they wanted to be bossed around, caged, controlled, stolen from and even killed by other humans. The government was established by power hungry elites a/k/a the founding fathers and all we do by voting is insure oppression continues and gets worse. Lysander Spooner even points out that the constitution was never signed – only witnessed and that if it had any authority at all, it ended when the founders that witnessed it, died.

    You also should have said that the voting machines are always RIGGED. Also you could have suggested that doesn't the fact that ballots are SECRET BALLOTS suggest that they aren't very wholesome if they can't be brought to light? If voting is so SACRED why does it have to be SECRET?

    The mantra that people don't have the right to complain if they don't vote makes no sense. It is the elected officials who carry out the agenda of the elites. People who vote for them just abandon their morals when they vote whether they realize it or not because they participate in a system that steals from the people and uses their money for wars and killing for starters. Those who do NOT participate are the ones that have the right to complain. These are people who don't vote.

    On our history…..
    If you want to hear a biography of George Washington that is probably the truth and diametrically opposed to what we were taught and pretty eye opening to say the least, listen to Stefan Molyneux's "The Truth about George Washington".

  28. Rather Trump makes a significant difference by the end of his term or not is already in motion. I voted only for local community leaders but not the presidency bcs the corruption mainly seems like it is commanded from the fringe top of the pyramid. Good peaceful people should band together as the violent ones do aswell. Either way eventually, "the meek shall inherit the Earth".

  29. Lol I listened to 10 minutes of the first speaker.
    Vote them out??? Lol. All choices on any ballet paper is voting for the same thing – one must not be naive or ignorant to how the world turns….words fail!
    This is controlled opposition – this man is not stupid…and he (never heard of him) runs a Libertarian Group and writes books. Sheesh.
    Btw. He is wearing masonic colours the blue and red – just a coincidence?

  30. Just let them believe that voting matters so the bastards can have their slave sheeple while we kick it by the beach.

  31. Two of his comments in this debate were not quite on point. 1. Voting which creates aggression towards others example would be mandatory vaccinations. 2. Something is voted on and pass, then a single judge can over turn it. (proof your vote doesn't count)

  32. Mark made some good points about how to influence people, and why that is important. But I didn't hear anything that made the point about how voting accomplishes anything positive for the voter(s). The only person who looks out for your interests, is you.

  33. I like these kinds of debates. I am right down the line with virtually everything you said Jeff. For those who voted for Trump and are singing his praises, reality will smack you in the face one of these days.

    A recent example – Trump puts tariffs on a number of different items and declares that trade wars are easy to win. I understand that's mostly bombast, but a lot of people are writing checks on that statement. I then watched a video with some high influence people in various industries explaining the reality of how their businesses will suffer because DECADES worth of influence and relationship building will be destroyed. Their foreign customers are going to be forced to buy elsewhere immediately because of the added costs to American products. Within a day or two, Trump adds $12 billion in "aid" to farmers who are affected by these tariffs. Knowing just what I have heard recently, that $12 billion will have to continue because it will likely be decades more before the relationships can be re-established to the point of doing business again. Also, as far as I know, the $12 billion doesn't go to the railroads and trucking companies who will also suffer because of this. So government and its debt and welfare state continue to grow larger while the foreign and domestic customers costs increase. And some people smugly stating that some people will have to deal with the pain in order to receive the long term gain. That pain didn't last very long before the relief check was in the mail.

    Another recent event is the recalling of trillions of dollars mostly tax free. We heard no end of how every company was now giving out bonuses to their employees and life was great again. In reality, the totality of the bonuses handed out was probably payback for Trump allowing this repatriation, and it was a tiny fraction of the money that was actually repatriated. The vast majority of the money went to buy back company stocks so that the prices would rise and the execs could take home another huge bonus check. Anybody who believes there is real value in the DJIA has not got a lock on reality. These things are all buoyed by printed money from every allied central bank in the world. THAT is unsustainable.

    During the selection campaign, Donald Trump was giving everyone the idea that he was going to deal with felonious members of the government and deal with the "real" economy by calling it what it was, and is. He has done neither in over a year and a half. Instead he looks more like he has a straight jacket on every day and is scared of really dealing with the deep state.

    The only people whose vision gets fulfilled by government are those who get selected to be part of the quite relatively small numbers of people that become part of that ruling mafia. My apologies to the mafia who have never really even come close to the kind of violence perpetrated by selected and non-selected "governments" everywhere.

    The only person whose priorities are being looked after at all in this current government is Donald Trump's and a few of his compadres. Anyone who transferred their power to Donald Trump via an X in a box will hopefully survive financially and physically to come to that understanding. This planet needs 7.5 billion sovereign states. Forget selections.

    Apologies for my long rant.

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