33 thoughts on “THE GOVT. KNOWS – KNOWER

  1. I felt really high on drugs when watching this, it was the longest 3 minutes and 47 seconds of my life. I loved it….

  2. I really want an instrumental of this just so I can appreciate the sheer effort that went into ALL the instrumentation in this song! That bass in particular is FUCKIN' STANKY!

  3. Better to be in USA . if in China and you speak against their Gov.. they take your organs and send your family to nko

  4. this song perfectly describes the obama era.
    i wonder which song will describe the trump era?
    nevermind i just found an artist with 4 channels 100% devoted to describing the trump era in music. check out rucka rucka ali at ruckawho/ruckawhat/wheresrucka/ruckareacts

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