The Government Shutdown and Trump’s Escalating Wall Gambit | The Daily Show

The Government Shutdown and Trump’s Escalating Wall Gambit | The Daily Show

30 thoughts on “The Government Shutdown and Trump’s Escalating Wall Gambit | The Daily Show

  1. Trump says foreigners are destroying America. It's true – wall should have been built before Christopher Columbus landed there.

  2. 1:27. Am I the only one who loves Trevor Noah and is paying attention to the fly ass coat Trump's dumb ass got on

  3. This show was so much better w/ John Stewart . I'm now activating my weaponized white male maga smirk =)

  4. This is a perfect illustration of how we all live paycheck to paycheck. We are all mere paychecks away from homelessness. And then there are the people who already experienced dire circumstances and are depending on social services… who are already suffering being mocked and hated for it, by people who only believe myths about the people who end up on social services. It’s great to get a letter saying that your food stamp deposit might not come next month. But hey, you can just barter for food, right?

  5. made so many solid points and then ruined your credibility with that last dumb joke. remove the entire panda character

  6. Dear god, if the shutdown lasts years I think the US will transform into a singularity and implode the world

  7. They should get people to trade sex for rent that would work much better, even anal i’m sure landlords will be open to that

  8. i guess this is what they meant by trickle down economy. Shit and golden showers trickling down from the president to the people

  9. Imagine you have a house big, a luxurious mansion without any security or like a gate or even doors ofcuz someone will just enter and steal everything. hypocrite democrats

  10. Maybe trump just wants america to bow down, get confused, let things set on fire and come to level with 2nd and 3rd world countries. You guys should respect his humbleness to 'F' up his own country just to uphold commun.. *oh god I'm tearing up*.. community!

  11. Michael Moore is a little out of touch too. He gets a SAG minimum to appear on the show. When you think of it, that’s almost $100 a minute. But he was all ‘I don’t actually get paid just SAG minimum. $700’ He quickly corrects himself adding it’s a nice chunk of change. I’m just saying the system we have now is so messed up and Michael Moore has done a very good job of highlighting the disparities and I’m not a good enough writer to perfectly enunciate the irony but…you get it; right? Funny world. I don’t know even what to hope for.

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