40 thoughts on “The Government Shut Down Prophetic Warning 2020

  1. You're a good man, Marcus Rogers. And I thank the lord for trouble. I thank him for pain. I thank him for everything. But most of all, I thank him for the breath of life. God bless you, and all

  2. At first I thought you were too religious in your first video about Lauren Daigle, but the more I really listened and stepped out of my own perspectives I realized you are speaking truth and God is speaking through you. Total respect bro

  3. megadata in the mountains, Nsa, RDFI chip in hand or forehead, talks about needing a worldwide coalition for environnment for example, a robot being build in saudi arabia that might be the image of the beast, oecumenism of the catholic church with islam…and the list goes on as the countdown to Armageddon. Please be compassionate with those black hebrew isrealiste's-at least they care! The rapture was invented by a jesuite priest at the Vatican and belief from some protestant girl prophet!!

  4. Just FYI. Already had a family member spit on Christ earlier this year and say Christians are what's wrong with this world. Wouldn't hear my arguments that would educate him contrary, but only had hate and venom for any that follow God. Get ready, it's here.

  5. Thank you for sharing my brother, we are definitely in birthing pains of The Great Tribulation. Things are coming to a head. Definitely not something to be afraid of, because the Father will take care of His people.These are things to pray about and be aware of.

  6. There will be a shut down and when your cards do not work youbhave 72hrs to get out of the major cities and flee. Marshal law will come.

  7. [(Edit) 13:08 ]
    You had to carry the mark simply to exist. That's happening now people that aren't towing the line and doing so the way that they want, they won't even let you bank. They won't let you talk, they won't even let you exist.

  8. If you was wondering, I really don't care for either of the two political parties. The wealthy elite do the will of wealthy corporations. Most laws enacted protect the corporations and not the people. Sure, ALL authority comes from God, that's Christianity 101. All authority can be used by God. If you are voting for a certain party instead of the person, you may get rebuked later. Both of the main two political parties have glaring problems and they seem to be more about themselves than others. The USA has had plenty of Saul's already. Do keep in mind that the very first amendment was the separation from state and religion. Most of these wise men had seen and heard of the problems that occur when you combine the two. People were slaughtered for doctrine differences. You and I are certainly ready for Christ to return and end the madness. I agree with most of the messages. Don't put any faith in any of our political parties. our faith is in Christ only. With love and truth.

  9. Remember Prophet's spoke by the Holy Spirit and had God's authority. It was God speaking through them. If they prophesied 1 error, the risked being stoned to death. During the early Church age, healing's and prophecies were rampant. By the end of Acts, 15 years later, you didn't see as much. I believe a latter rain will come and we will do great things again. i don't think it's God's will to predict the future without God telling us to do it. We are warned to stay away from those that dabble in the spirits.

  10. We are in the Tribulation my friend.it is given it is written. Want to know more.. trigger Holaday on Facebook

  11. I wanted to let you know, that your words are powerful lead by Holy Spirit. Finally truth from the word, who is Jesus Christ. You are on the right path. See you on the battle grounds. NDN warrior ready for Jesus

  12. Halleluyah my brother I want to join the army of god praise be to god come on people wake up in the name of yahusha wake up Christ is coming what a day it going to be when we stand in front of the father let's wake up an take in heed an let us not be like the days of Noah

  13. Only one thing that I’m not sure you meant it the way you said it. Not my opinion just facts. You said “the Gov. is supposed to take care of us”. That’s what they want you to think.

  14. You are telling the truth brother. The Holy Spirit told me the same about the spirit of division .

  15. Military Murder others for worldly views. To me this is not spreading God's love. You will know God's children by there love & murder No matter Military, Police, Abortion, etc… Seems like it's still breaking God's commandments. Please anybody help explain how we can justify it in the Lord's name. I respect Military, Police, but wouldn't a Muslim argue that they are fighting for the same rights & religion

  16. You are the first individual I came across that is speaking the Truth. Everything you said I have said as well, you are real prophetic seriously. And I feel that in my spirit. Yes the real believers of Christ as well as The true prophets are coming out and I know God wants me to use social media as a platform to speak the Truth as well. So I am so happy ,I am not the only one feeling this way. I'm like you, very passionate about Jesus and want him to be known as much as possible. I'm going to start a YouTube channel shortly and want you to subscribe if the lord leads you to support me because I'm ready for the battle with satan and these demons, it's time for war, I mean a spiritual war.

  17. Thank you for preaching the truth! I am a sleeping Christian, I will changed I'm sure! I will become awake in the name of Jesus Christ! God bless you all!

  18. Brother you on fire with your message. I love the information you provide. Keep trying to wake up.our people. Doesn't matter the color.

  19. Brother you are completely right in all your saying. Good information and prepare yourself my brother. For what's getting ready to come our way here in the United States.

  20. I believe we have to make another ark, just like Noah's. I had a dream just recently that flood came and I was in Astral projection mode, and was trying to save someone from drowning. Another incident before the flood, a comet fell from the sky and hit a pretty big boat. As I was trying to save this women from drowning, I woke up and felt like I could actually fly, physically for a few seconds.

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