The governing body in Warwick cannot prove their claim that they are the faithful slave

The governing body in Warwick cannot prove their claim that they are the faithful slave

[Laughter] [Applause] eight people how you doing today that was funny when I we were Jehovah's Witnesses how many times we got the door you had your good calls these are the people that took your literature then of course you had the unreasonable ones the ones that ask too many questions they're really no JW's could could answer without getting into a slight debate most of the time JW is at the time were willing to defend their faith until the questions got a little bit too high-caliber for them then they were being unreasonable and chances are you'd never go back there again this wasn't only true what calls this was also true inside the organization itself I used to do a lot of research on my own so I never really was a big gun asking questions I'm the rare occasion I did I kind of liked an answer a lot of times I wouldn't get one towards the end not all my last few years I had a lot of questions my basic question that would have pretty much answered all others was the governing bodies claimed that they were the faithful and discreet slave and that was at Matthew 24:45 okay we all know that the scripture and I'll read it out of a real Bible who then is the faithful and wise servant whom his master made ruler over his household to give him food and due season blessed is that servant who comes whom his master when he comes will find them doing so okay simple enough but still I could never get a straight answer this was the scripture I always got when I asked what how did the governing body prove their claim this was the scripture I got okay but what is pointing to the current governing body of Jehovah's Witnesses what is pointing to the governing body of Jehovah's Witnesses throughout history of their claim I will get the double-talk the deceptive answer that would lead me over in this direction which personally that was no answer at all towards the end they started fading and someone called me and says well you know the elders want to talk to you when I says well it's a little day late and a dollar short and I got there responsible I thought you had some questions you wanted answered okay I have been asking these questions for years and they want to answer now no they simply want to know what I know I think we also know the 1914 proclamation of watchtower Jesus in visible presence in 1919 he chose the governing body well nothing personal but I could never understand how they come up to that date when in all honesty was not biblical the Bible talks of Jesus return a second time that's it it doesn't talk about multiple times but first he came back into this invisible presence in 1914 and actually that was changed because I believe the original date was 1875 then he returned again in 1919 to appoint the governing body okay they reminded me of another scripture in Matthew at bursts I believe it was 23 where it says in Matthew 24 23 then if anyone says to you look here is the Christ or there does not believe him even the Bible itself says that the Bible did state that everybody would see the Christ coming in the clouds I'll read that description a little while but so far the only one who recognized Christ's invisible presence would you Hovis witnesses so frankly who do you believe Watchtower or the Bible when they says if anybody says there is the Christ do not believe him because nobody else is recognizing this invisible presence and in all honesty they're relying heavily on this parable told by the Christ but if there's any fact fact behind this parable if the Christ chooses is faithful and discreet slave it will not be until his second coming so it looks to me that Watchtower created this invisible presence so they get a point themselves it looks to me that they're actually more like the evil slave which is at verse 48 or says but if the evil servant says in his heart my master is delaying is coming and he begins to beat his fellow servants and eat and drink with the drunkards okay you can say yeah well the governing body's not beating anybody and they're not saying that the crisis delaying is presence first of all the fire is beating their fellow servants what do you call the shunning policy what do you call mocking what do you call isolating witnesses to beat them down not physically no but spiritually psychologically Jehovah's Witnesses have had a hand in this as far as saying that the master is delaying I had done this in a video several weeks ago the end is always right around the corner yet they spent several years moving their headquarters to Warwick so if that's not saying that the master is delaying what is but looking right through the Bible I could not find one single scripture that pointed to this one little organization they're really in a whole worldwide scope doesn't know Manto he'll a monkey spit but as far as Jesus invisible presence can anybody find a scripture in the Bible that says that the Christ returns more than once no his second coming at Revelation chapter 1 and I believe it's verse 7 where it says behold is coming with him in the clouds and every eye will see him even they who pierced him and all the tribes of the earth will mourn because of him even so amen so know the Christ didn't come invisibly this was concocted by the watchtower originally by CT Russell and then continued on would ruther fit so that they could put the put themselves and place themselves as the anointed so now question is will there be a faithful and discreet slave will there be an anointed class I'm gonna touch on that in my next video because personally I see this concocted bunch of BS from Watchtower just that BS they cannot prove their claim it's either you either believe if you question your out and that's no answer anyways guys I'd love to hear your comments and thanks for stopping by and if you come across this video hit that notification button you guys have a good day I'll talk to you soon

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  1. At the risk of appearing antisemitic I want to clarify that Dr.Edwin Cohn devised blood fractionation not Cohen …..every witness needs to know this greatest blunder in watchtower history next to 1914 ,and next to the GENERATION change, and next to the U.N. debacle and next to the child abuse scandal …I'm worn out 😴😴😴

  2. Hey Vinny, I the King of England, you know why that is so, its because I said its so LOL; sounds like the G. Body Declaration of it!

  3. Watchtower is the evil slave – glad you brought that out. End of world imminent, why are they worried about their assets in Russia?

  4. Vinny, you ask questions that they can't answer cause the JW's are not allowed to do critical thinking; basic cult trait of not allowing to question and dogma. Actually you can ask and elder a question but you cannot question their answer. The Nazi regime of the 1930's and 40's used the same type of indoctrination ; sadly it works to a great extent on sheep.

  5. I am not following you, however, I was treated pretty undeservedly as well as under suspicion and I was actually and truly treated as a pariah. I can tell that because I will never be rich enough, and because I never wanted to pick on them in kind, and all because I could not ascertain the new personality being recognized or displayed by all except one brother and sister who spoke as if my thoughts were being read out loud by their answers, it was this kind of impersonal as well as unbrotherly manifestation that the congregation had toward me by a major percentage of the congregation, except by the elderly sisters who I came to love and who encouraged me to stay true to the organization, which left me feeling outside and alone and adrift even while I tried to be attentive at meetings. I ended that sentence to lay out a part of my involvement with the jws as well as any other jw may feel to be a cold and disrepectful response to my presence in the kingdom hall. What happened to, I should wish nothing more than that you should go on leading a quiet life and to mind your own business,." My relationship with the unknown god that Paul spoke of would certainly have been a god that I would want to find out more about. This was not my experience among jws. Sorry for taking so much space. Venting. No longer associating. I believe they know why.

  6. I have asked my mom on numerous occasions to lay out the evidence for me from the Bible that shows how the Watchtower’s Governing Body is the FDS from Matthew 24:45. Her response is typically one of defection, change the subject, or some form of “shoot the messenger” tactic where the answer is never given.

  7. Vinny, you have hit the nail on the head. The organisation hits panic mode as soon as someone begins to question their garbage doctrines, and in their paranoia they would disfellowship that person so they can shun them, as we all know shunning prevents current members from knowing the truth. This is indeed an evil, evil, evil slave. Yes, they are beating the fellow slaves, and the idiotic slaves or elders are also evil slave masters that are abusing, overworking and feeding death dealing poison to their members.

    I now know why they had to use 1914, it makes perfect sense for them to claim that Christ came in 1919 and chose them. How did we fall for that!!!!!!!!! Absolutely disgusting!

    Jehovah's witnesses have to wake up quickly, but they are in love with the dazzle of the organisation. Someone actually told me that holy spirit has to be operating on the organisation for the growth they are experiencing, and in saying that also mentioned to me that I have to be careful of not going through the broad gate, isn't it ironic. They are growing – equates to broad road, but I need to ensure I am not going through that road.

    I have noticed that the deep students of the bible do not remain in the organisation. If you look around the congregation and listen to the comments of those who meditate and study, look out, they do not remain with the organisation, it is really the lazy, ignorant and foolish ones that are soaking up the rubbish.

  8. Watchtower had an article on this shortly before I left in 2016…they said the faithful and discreet slave would not be revealed until after the great tribulation starts. That was a red flag for me…I was thinking “how is it that they call themselves the slave now unless they self appointed?”. I think Kim and Mikey did a video on that article. Love your vids Vinny, always look forward to them.

  9. Ernest Dooley standing up for Daro said if I triggered now how is an Apostate like me going to cope when God sends his Angels to destroy me! Gonna share why Daro got my goat. My dear friend married a brother like him she never liked him at first, but he did a number on her sending her flowers etc. They lived in separate countries so she only saw him 12 times before wedding. She went to same Catholic school as me but became a JW like me later on. A man gave her lift home from work one day put his hand on her thigh turned out he was a married Elder at KH but she didn't let his behaviour put her off. She nursed her mum through cancer then went to Ireland where need was great to pioneer. After marriage started to get letters from her saying she was ill and using bad language. I had never heard her swear before all years that I knew her. He complained about her to Elders and made her name mud in Cong. She took to drink and stopped going. I had lost touch as df but when I came back got in touch as wanted to visit her again. He didn't want me to as thought I bad association. I wrote to her and she went back to meetings but they all judged her and persuaded her that I would too. But I never would because I loved her which is more than he did! Next thing I heard was a terrible accident she fell down stairs and died. She lay there all night he came home lights on TV blaring but he could not gain entrance to house because her body was behind the door. He didn't raise the alarm just went to sleep at friends house! There was a Police Investigation into why he not raised alarm. Simple he didn't care! He was never missing from meetings or ministry to try help save other lives but didn't lift a finger to save his wife's. He never told me she had died so missed funeral to say goodbye. She now lies in an unmarked grave in Ireland so can't visit her now. I couldn't bear even to talk to any members of that congregation to ask them if I did visit. Just keep her photo and memory of her in my heart. That's why Dumb Daro and Eager to have me destroyed Earnest Trigger me so much! Thanks for listening

  10. Nice job, you explained invisible presence and faith slave class in under eight minutes! LOL, no JDUB or any YouTuber could do it any better. LOL! You got the correct answer! It is bull shit. Congratulation with all your hard work researching that topic, cough! LOL,LOL,LOL. Nothing like wasting ones time doing research on a made up doctrine. Have ever noticed how some religion thrive off of certain obscure bible scriptures and claim it is them. Like the word church in the bible. Every church claims it is them and they are all going to heaven. Maybe they are but still no proof.

  11. Enjoyed your video Vinny. Good use of scriptures. Whenever the gb open their mouths it's all lies lies lies!

  12. Great video. I was waiting for you to tell us if you met with the elders when they called you. If so, what happened?

  13. If I were Satan and looking for a way to trip up well-meaning people with legalisms, false prophecies, twisted interpretations of scriptures, denial of the divinity of Jesus. and trapping the members physically and emotionally into doing my bidding not out of love but fear of the consequences, the Watchtower would be the perfect guise. Talk about a wolf in sheep's clothing!

  14. Daro has a huge hard on for you! Fat bastard has comments disabled on his videos. He did crack me up though when he called the brothers at Fountain Hills congregation clowns. He is a real piece of work.

  15. Sorry Vinny…I am not losing my marbles…but for whtevs reason the comments are showing twice at times…again…:-// and I do not hold the button down too long etc.

  16. Awesome topic and reasoning afterward Vinny! You nailed it! My hubby and I were just talking about this very thing today…he was never a baptized wt…he was very young when his Father got Dfed for questioning the Gb of Jwts on many topics…even appeared before the Board of Estimates in New York in regards to various things regarding Wt to being a charity etc….but he discussed things all the time with my hubby so he is quite knowledgable as to the Bible and Jwt ways of twisting etc….he was just saying about them…beating their fellow slaves…as is very evident from you tube vides etc. Then the Gb have the nerve to cry…" persecution"… yeah right…I hope one day they will recieve what they themselves have dished out to those looking to them for guidance and for those they prceeded to kick out and beat down in various ways. Very good video Vinny! Short and to the point! Did you see the new…"worship" dance on Runaway Slaves vide? Those older sisters jirateing there…wonder if the GB will one day approve the…"" Bird dance" and Macarena again? The whole episode made me think of the Skating coach here that my daughter assists…she belongs to an Apostolic type religion…they were loosing so many young people to…" the world"… so now they have what they. all…"Gospel Rock" and " worship dance nights to try to keep the kids in the religion…other wise not the most fun for younger people…so looking at the performance they put on there…maybe the Gb will not loosen up on their shunning policies…but will

  17. Perhaps the term "Governing Body" is political lingo not unlike "Government"? Even though — or maybe especially — since they claim apolitical status. It's because the Governing Body IS the Watchtower's global government.

  18. Hi 🖐 #Vinny I'm gonna jump ahead and make mention of the point that the text in Matt 24:45 is a PARABLE NOT a prophecy. And even if it was a prophecy, the WT GoBo do NOT fit the bill. As the saying goes, "ACTIONS speak LOUDER than WORDS." And the actions of the WT governing body prove that they are anything BUT faithful.

    Often, the GoBo accuse 'apostates' of drawing people after themselves. #WatchtowerExamination recently did a vid that shows the GoBo are the ones doing that, and they're hardly even being subtle about it. 🤦

    Yish! The jesus of the WT doesn't seem to know whether he's coming or going! Poor dear. On the other hand, the Jesus of the BIBLE has a better grip on the situation. Rev 1:7 , like you mentioned, says EVERY EYE will see HIM. Likewise, in Acts 1:11 "Men of Galeli , why are you gazing into heaven. This same Jesus you have *SEEN taken up will return in the same way you SAW Him go. " See+Saw = SIGHT. Physical vision.

    JW's interpret Rev 1:7 as every eye of Understanding. It's mind boggling how they can look at words that are as STRAIGHT FORWARD as "See Jane run" and yet, when it interferes with their mis interpretation, it's the BIBLE that has to be set straight. 🤦 WT interpretation of the Bible would make C.S. Lewis' Narnian fantasies read like a math text book.

  19. Vinny nice video your good at the humour and a little more serious when needed. This cult never made sense to me I always thought because I’m a tad on the thick side 😂 But as time goes by no it don’t make any sense because it’s a cult full of lies

  20. So true. When Jesus comes back everyone on earth will know. The Messianic 1000 year reign will be proven by blessings poured out on mankind. Once NWO government abolished then God's government starts its rule. I believe in two classes as God invites humans to be part of Government not their choosing but God's. I do sincerely believe that some of older ones on GB were invited but had their invite revoked by God. I cannot believe that some of them were ever invited in the first place. I only know that I wrote 3 letters to them in 6 months and their response sickened me. I am so angry with them. It tears at my heart the way they have let God down. They have funds and equipment available to spread real new light throughout earth but instead of letting the light shine they have done their best to extinguish it! However I have found ones who don't pretend to be anything special but whose mission to spread truth abroad has shone like a beacon in this bedarkened world. Hallelujah!

  21. They claim Jesus chose them in 1919 because they were the only ones teaching the truth. But they were still teaching from the Finished Mystery book and all of its nonsense, which has all been discarded. I’d say that’s a big problem.
    Bigger still, is Jeffrey Jackson’s testimony at the ARC where he says of the slave “we view ourselves as trying to fulfill that role”. His big chance to witness to the world of their divine appointment, and, nothing. No proof, no chosen by Jesus in 1919, just the simple truth, under oath, that they VIEW THEMSELVES as TRYING to fulfill that role. A role that according to the Bible, doesn’t come into play until the end of the tribulation, when Jesus visibly returns.
    That is proof that the governing body are NOT who they claim to be.

  22. Not surprised, Vinny; none of the presumptuous pompous false zealots could accurately explain Matthew 24:45 to you without giving you the slip. Like you, I also delve deeply into Jesus' words. The only collective noun he used is "HOUSEHOLD". SERVANT is singular. Only ONE Faithful and Wise (prudent, sensible) Servant (bondman, slave, man) is "put in charge," "seated", "made ruler", "appointed," and "set over" the Master's "household", the Master's "other slaves", or the Master's "estate" (rendered from various translations). The consistency is in the words – ONE PERSON. So, where does those 8 false prophets at Warwick get the sordid idea that THEY are collectively the FDS? ->-> "Do not add to his words, or he will rebuke you and prove you a liar" [Prov. 30:6; NIV]. Welp; I guess HE did.

  23. They undoubtedly beat the flock ,while they party hardy on a wooded lake and flit around the world doing the jig in Scotland ,and doing an overseers wife here or there !?😂😂😂😂

  24. You've convinced me ….the 80s were possibly the greatest decade ever ….its all feel good times ….people weren't so uptight ,even at the hall ….then the hammer fell after Ray outed himself ….the police state was developed with windowless halls and constant hammering about hours and attendance and quicky builds ……Paradise Lost as the evil slave appeared !

  25. Damm bro, awesome video! YouTube timer 5:05 " the Governing Body is actually the Evil Slave!" Yes yes yes 👍
    Great use of scriptures, the point about Jesus coming back invisibly does contradict scriptures completely. I'd like to use this topic at a Cart Crash…I'll work something up. Thanks Vinny for the ideas 👊

  26. They even admit that they are" not inspired" so that makes they're claim to be the faithful slave invalid by WT teachings(they are persumptuous according to Geoffrey William Jackson). Thank you for all this good information exposing them as the evil( servent } slave .

  27. LET THE FIRE WORKS BEGIN VINNY, Oh didn't you know Jesus showed up at head quarter's in New York in 1919 and choose them and HE hasn't left since then , They need an other showing of Christ at bethel to increase there number's . if Jesus did show up he would turn over there tables of literature, and strike there leader's with a whip ,and tell them your father is a liar and a murderer from the beginning.

  28. Very well put. It will be amazing when all the members demand that the WT really prove themselves…..when they find out that truth is "truth" alone. Not any given group or religion. The Holy Spirit is the only One who will reveal Truth to each person.
    Thank you!!

  29. From an article on Charles Russell's wife:

    Maria Frances Russell had an important position in the Bible Student movement. She wrote a significant number of Watch Tower articles, and even had an important role in the writing of his books. One of her most important contributions to later Jehovah’s Witness doctrine is the peculiar interpretation of the parable about the “the faithful and wise servant” in Matthew chapter 24 verses 45 to 47. Maria Russell brought forth the idea that her husband indeed was “that servant,” and Russell himself and his followers later accepted this doctrine. Later, the application should be changed somewhat, but would still remain the de facto ‘Biblical’ basis for the authority of the Watchtower leadership, from Rutherford to the present collective Governing Body. Maria later changed her opinion, and claimed that the following verses, describing the “evil servant,” better fitted her husband in his ‘fallen’ state.

  30. Great content. Can it be that you are evolving as a teacher? I loved your videos that used to be funny and poked fun at the Org, but I am seeing a more serious turn here, and I suspect it is a good thing. A more mature approach and refutation of the Org. I hope we can look forward to more of this.

  31. my thoughts exactly on their move to Warwick. They don’t truly believe the shit they are dishing out. Come on now!…..

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