THE GOLDFINCH – Official Trailer 1

THE GOLDFINCH – Official Trailer 1

♪♪♪In Amsterdam,I dreamt I saw my mother again.Same beautiful pale blue eyes.This is the one
I was talking about.When I lost her…I lost sight of any landmarkthat might have led me
some place happier.
You’re the boy, aren’t you?The boy whose mother was killed?♪♪♪ We all feel afraid sometimes.You never know…what’s going to decide
your future.
To lose something…that should
have been immortal…
Please, tell me… it isn’t true.

100 thoughts on “THE GOLDFINCH – Official Trailer 1

  1. so many trailers recently give away the entire plot of the movie. i'm so glad this trailer has still left so many things unexplained and intrigued me enough to want to go see the film

  2. Bros came to our house and negotiated using our house for some of the scenes in this movie. If I had authority I would’ve said yes, that would’ve been cool

  3. 0:56 really hits me hard for some reason. Damn it, now I’ve gotta read the book!

  4. I read The Goldfinch and it was an amazing book. This supposed Trailer does nothing to give a clue to the amazing story about to unfold. Boo…..

  5. Did that person who looks like a man just assume the gender of that child simply because they looked male? We're simply not learning anything are we…

  6. When you loose anyone that close to you is heart breaking I lost my dad in the age of 12 it has been one year and I miss him every single day I am exited to watch this movie but I know it is going to be heartbreaking

  7. Donna Tartt's writing is so flushed out a movie adaption would be leaving out very much detail, I wish they would make a movie of The Little Friend though

  8. Currently reading the book. It is unlike anything I have ever read. It is such a genius story and I’m so excited for the film adaption and so excited to see how the actors portray the characters

  9. All I needed to hear was Roger Deakins is the DP for this film…you already know a quality film with a quality story will follow.

  10. i just spent an hour reading an abundance of bad reviews about the goldfinch and now i am devastated because i was SO excited to watch this film (it is not a lie when i say that i watch this trailer every morning while i get ready)

  11. This is gonna be one of those movies that just shamelessly pulls all emotional strings while just being hollow as fuck. Great cast though

  12. This film already will not come close to the book, all the characters are too pretty and too young looking, sorry to Jeff Wright (who is an excellent actor) but Hobie was not black.

  13. What an accelerating teenage experience? To be thrown in to antiques appreciation as though he was the type to appreciate timepieces and jewelry of extraordinary meaning and implications in Antiques shops. Maybe the antiques shop needed an accelerated teen’s appreciation? Or a disfavored gay man’s visitation. The engraved ring meant that it was only for that owner and others would attempt to own it against the way it was engraved. Theo’s father didn’t deserve to have had a son, a new girlfriend and should have appreciated the gay man his son Theo now is thrown into having to figure and appreciate. Theo appreciating the Goldfinch is his figurative way to speaking about blacks as Police slang is to call blacks “birds” because shooters/hunters make sport of shooting birds.

  14. I'm amazed at how the trailer makes the book look interesting! My personal impression was the same as the voice at the beginning of the trailer: dull, boring, lifeless. It just dragged and dragged, making me wish for the good-for-nothing protagonist (with his excuse of being traumatized) to die already, and the unliftable tome to end.

  15. Holy fuck, i love this book, ive watched the trailer a disturbing amount of times in the past 24 hours. Fuck the critics, this is going to be fabulous!

  16. Cant wait to see this movie. Very compelling subject matter. There's nothing quite like the passing of one's mother…excruciating

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