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  1. I am ashamed of your fear mongering speeches. There is nothing dangerous or fearful about a world government. The "old world" we are living in is an old fashioned model. It has produced all the problems we have faced again and again during hte last centuries. We have fought wars over resources, territories, espionage, religion and so on. A global government would end this. The old model is a model of divide and conquer. It is a model of tyranny. This old model of national separatism has held us back from developing things that would have brought us light years ahead in all sectors of research and development. Today we still are working behind doors and keep it a secret what we are researching. A global society would open all doors. A global government could save trillions of dollars we are wasting today worldwide just to secure our borders and protect our economy from the neighbor countries. We could make laws globally that we urgently need. Especially in the environment sector. The only people who fear the world government are the ones who have things to hide. They seek tax havens for their money. Criminals seek shelter in countries that don't extradite. We would have faster results in solving criminal cases because the police network would be worldwide. We only benefit from a world government and a global society. It is hard to see that some people seem to use the religion as a tool for spreading fear.

  2. Osama bin Laden is a cartoon character invented by the intelligence agencies. David Rockefeller is the true mastermind of 9/11.

  3. Christianity can’t be trusted it put out a “Slave Bible” to keep Africans in slavery and to quell rebellion against the white man! When America falls and it will because of its wickedness it’s going be exactly what it deserves, no one is going to come to its aid! God has been waiting on this country to repent and it won’t so destruction is coming and everyone can feel it!

  4. Why is the terrorism that America is causing everyday all over the world never talked about? Stealing ,killing and destroying for hundreds of years! Stop looking everywhere else for the terrorism and look right here in America! Elite White men are the main terrorist on the earth yet they keep pointing at someone else! Look at all the destabilization and division they have caused all over the world and we’re supposed to be afraid of Muslims! They’re starving out nations, destroying the food, water and air and we’re supposed to believe what they tell us, it’s time to wake up we’re beginning to see the true enemies!

  5. why doesnt he quote the bible?? its more destructions and killing than ISIS! OH NO! GOD FORBID…ONLY THE MUSLIMS ARE THE BOOGY PEOPLE! ……… OBVIOUSLY WE HAVE NO CLUE ABOUT OUR OWN RELIGIOUS BOOKS!!! WE are too busy looking up for dirt on other peoples books. LOL

  6. The NWO will not succeed because of the awakening that comes from God. President Trump is an instrument.

  7. A man as it is written do not swere neither on heaven or in earth because they don't belong to u but to the Lord instead let your yes be yes and your no be no so you can be on to the testamony of the truth Wich Jesus Christ was is and always will be amen

  8. Paused at 18:42 to agree that indeed this USA has become expendable. But it may easily lead quickly to Russia invading Eretz Yisrael and then Yeshua comes back. Either way, Yeshua's Torah Keepers win.

  9. It appears to be a time when we need to ask God for discernment as we look at things unfolding-and for courage to stand firm and true to the Lord.

  10. i really don't want all these conspiracies to be licked with Christianity. It's garbage !!!!!! Focus on Jesus alone. This man is only speculating which is very nonsense

  11. The satanic government monitor stalk and don't want you to know that they are Satan's lying corrupt and evil followers , they will get what they deserve and it will be justified.

  12. Being a part of the one world government means you side with Satan and go to hell forever , you may not have faith or little faith but once you get RFID chip you seal your doom , so weak people side with the one world pyramid people and don't hear gods message of salvation , the message of salvation is because all who oppose Jesus Christ as their personal saviour will enter into the lake of fire that burns forever and ever , " don't believe me " wait and see .

  13. True Christians don't have to worry about the one world government. The Bible clearly teaches that Jesus Christ comes to gather his church(the body of Christ) before the Tribulation even begins. This is called by some as the rapture or gathering together. I know that some people will argue about this being a hoax.( but it is not!!) Some very good scriptures on this subject are: I Thessalonians 1:10, I Thessalonians 4: 13-18, Romans 5:9, I Corinthians 15:51-58. II Thessalonians 2:1. In the book of Revelations, the church is not mentioned anywhere from chapters 4-19
    Matthew chapter 24 refers to the second coming of Christ and has nothing to do with the Rapture. None of those post- trib Rapture theorists will be able to stop Jesus Christ from coming to take his church out of this world before the Tribulation begins no matter how much they try to twist and distort the scriptures in order to fit their theology.

  14. Freemason’s motto is “Order out of Chaos”
    Create a problem (in secret), then propose the Illuminati solution.

    I am no longer innocent about what my history teachers taught me about WW2. There is enough reason to think it was manufactured on purpose.

  15. if somebody says "i have read Quran and then claim bla bla bla" you should VERIFY by yourself! Don't take it for granted! Verify! Verify! Verify! ha ha ha…

  16. terrorists are also satan agents who stealthily shoot laser/microwaves to homes. it causes humans suffer from diseases and stress and age and dead. to eliminate diseases, the world needs police / military more than doctors.

  17. Can someone earnestly pray for me? Lately, I am not in rest because of what is happening and is continuing to happen on the earth.

  18. In Psalms 2 we have been told through the Spirit of God that this final rebellion against him and Christ will involve all governments of the earth.

    They are all in it together. People don't be fool!
    Through their unbelief in Yeshua and rejection of him, God's Christ -heaven's appointed chosen king over the earth, satan has deceived them into accepting his own hellish earthly antichrist. Whom they are planning to enthrone in Jerusalem (in the temple they are planning to build) over the nations. II Thessalonians 2:3‭-‬4.

    This move is a down outright defiance against God, who will destroy them for it (and all their other blasphemies against him). For that is his own chosen place from which he will rule over all the nations when he comes. Zechariah 14:1‭-‬5‭, ‬9‭, ‬16; Jeremiah 3:17.

  19. they are already censuring jesus christ. in some AI and the government is about to censure religious clothing and items to jobs. so it is definitely happening. keep believing in god and jesus till the end.

  20. Dr. Kent Hovind, study years about the rapture and tribulation search on youtube
    Kent Hovind, what on earth is about to happen for Heaven's sake?

  21. Jesus is Lord. Very soon the man of lawlessness is going to be revealed. Don't be deceived. Satan is at work and he is prowling like a roaring lion to devour God's children.

  22. Illuminati have been in place for hundreds of decades.They control the government's and most other things. Everything is run by them the "big boys".. It's all in place being run forcefully so don't be surprised at anything

  23. Think of the Bush family/ skull and bones. Bush family the clintons and Obama are all part of the secret society.

  24. The Deep state is what is behind this globalist agenda. Think 911 and what Bush signed that changed everything.

  25. Thanks Sid 4 this vid.ur guest exposed the work of the enemy! Jesus said we r the light of the world 😁💡💡
    the enemy used religion to destroy even King Solomons life .
    After the king has seen the true God he was tricked by the devil!
    Be alert humans haha Jesus is the only way to heaven the only door🔥➕🔥
    He loves everyone on🌍 He died 4 us He is our saviour accept Him today
    Pray now this prayer⏩ 🙏 God forgive my sins Jesus Christ of Nazareth come into my heart I receive you today as my Lord n saviour Amen 🙏
    YouTube Joel Osteen

  26. THANKS BILLIONS OMNIPOTENT GOD HOLY SPIRITאֱלֹהִי ✌*manifesting DIVINEs Empowering & Firing on thy's servant isisfong once of my life time LOVING GODאֱלֹהִs marriage together serving in *GOD JESUS POWER-MERCIFUL NAME of glorying THE unique*LORD ALMIGHTY GOD HEAVENLY✌FATHER יהוה ✌its done amen thank you Evangelist Sid

  27. 20:40 false mass shootings with false narratives to fool people into giving up their rights. Wake up people this is happening right now

  28. Just because a Masonic member of lower degree doesn't know the secrets of the upper levels, he is still in covenant with the system and thereby guilty by association. Just like Catholics who cannot accuse the Priesthood of false doctrines, but are seduced to trust the system completely are likewise guilty by association unless they renounce their devotion and turn to the Word of God. Thank you, Sid Roth Ministries for this exposure to the truth about the NWO.

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