25 thoughts on “The Fourth Industrial Revolution

  1. what is industry 4.0?
    1. an effort to develop and implement technology by more talking and less working
    2. an overhyped terms used by business people to sell technology to society market

  2. In turns of job skills what would be the way to go? IT obviously? Autonomy could be implemented and replace so many jobs i wonder how many companies and corps will choose this route and at what speed

  3. Ultimately thats exactly what we are striving for, all it takes is for the industry leaders to come together and build on platforms that are open now for these foundations to be built. I strongly feel that this is possible in our lifetime as long as the goal of this revolution does not change and remains only in favor of the people as opposed to how things work now.

    We need to find a balance between Accountability, Profit and Cost – thats what controls sustainability.. I believe we will see a greater future for humanity, we just need to work at it

  4. The World Economic Forum is a membership organization. Members comprise 1,000 of the world’s top corporations, global enterprises usually with more than US$5 billion in turnover. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is driven to maintain the wealth of shareholders of said corporations. Profit from consumables is limited. Integrated technologies will significantly reduce business expenditure and increase profit from lifestyle, health and well-being services targeting collectives.

  5. "By ensuring the Fourth Industrial Revolution really does improve the state of the World", to the WEF, really means promoting a "world of joblessness, low productivity and inequality"? What about avoiding GHG emissions, Waste and other pollutant businesses?? I think that will ensure more life quality in the long run…

  6. Did anybody notice- The previous 3 industrial revolutions had approximately 100 years of difference in between them. And the fourth IR is just approx. 35 years after the third revolution. Wondering whether the fifth industrial revolution would be coming faster than one could think……..

  7. I would like to get a french subtitled version, I you share this, we can add the "translation", just engage the community for editing its own sub-titled version ???

  8. you shouldve mentioned the new discoveries found in the quantum world from the particle acelerators thanks to them maybe we will be able to create better circuits ,faster comunications and cheaper and so on

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