12 thoughts on “The Fourth Industrial Revolution in ASEAN

  1. The Asian asean it the best idea in Asia it will help development in the Asian country welcome to the rise of Asia it our Asia time so we Asian all over the world we need move back home don’t live in other country because we just a modern slave

  2. LOL, why that corrupt Malaysian Prime Minister appeared in this video.

    Disgusting enough.

  3. I don't want any ASEAN nations to associate with the British. We can do better without them. Remember? this fucker colonized almost all nations in the south east, and after the war they did leave a lot of problems here for us to deal with. I have no doubt why there are some people in this region are hating eachother. Because of the west especially UK and France. They came here and confounded our politics, twisted minds of the people intended to make us hate eachother. If you can't find anyone to release hatred to, then take a look back at your nation's history and see who colonized your nation long time ago.

  4. Drone technology helping farmers? yeah…… what about a lot of indian farmers dying because of BT cotton. GM food corps have killed much more people than ever. Its stupid to believe this propaganda.

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