The Fourth 2019 Democratic Debate: Key Moments | NYT News

The Fourth 2019 Democratic Debate: Key Moments | NYT News

“This is the CNN/New York Times
Democratic presidential debate.” “Sometimes there
are issues that are bigger than politics. And I think that’s the case
with this impeachment inquiry.” “In my judgment,
Trump is the most corrupt president in the
history of this country.” “He has committed
crimes in plain sight. And on this issue
with Ukraine, he has been selling
out our democracy.” “I want to give a reality check
here to Elizabeth, because no one on this stage
wants to protect billionaires. Not even the billionaire
wants to protect billionaires. We just have
different approaches. Your idea is not
the only idea.” “You have not
specified how you’re going to pay for the
most expensive plan, ‘Medicare for all.’ Will you raise taxes
on the middle class?” “I have made clear what
my principles are here. And that is: Costs will
go up for the wealthy and for big corporations. And for hard-working
middle-class families, costs will go down.” “A yes-or-no question that
didn’t get a yes-or-no answer.” “Senator Warren, I just want to say that I was
surprised to hear that you did not agree with me that on
this subject of what should be the rules around
corporate responsibility for these big tech companies, when I called on Twitter to
suspend Donald Trump’s account that you did not agree. And I would urge you
to join me.” “Sometimes I think that
Senator Warren is more focused on being punitive or pitting
some part of the country against the other.” “I’m really shocked
at the notion that anyone thinks
I’m punitive. Look, I don’t have a
beef with billionaires. We need a wealth tax in
order to make investments in the next generation.” “If it’s not O.K. for
a president’s family to be involved in
foreign businesses, why was it O.K. for your son
when you were vice president?” “Look, my son did
nothing wrong. I did nothing wrong. Rudy Giuliani, the president
and his thugs have already proven that they,
in fact, are flat lying.” “What has happened
in Syria is yet again Donald Trump
selling folks out. And that’s why dude gotta go. And when I am
commander in chief, we will stop this madness.” “Donald Trump has the blood
of the Kurds on his hand. But so do many of the
politicians in our country from both parties who have
supported this ongoing regime-change war in Syria
that started in 2011.” “I think that is dead wrong. The slaughter
going on in Syria is not a consequence
of American presence. It’s a consequence of a
withdrawal and a betrayal. And when I was
deployed, I knew one of the things
keeping me safe was the fact that the
flag on my shoulder represented a country
known to keep its word.” “Think about how absurd it is
that this president is caging kids on the border and effectively letting
ISIS prisoners run free.” “We have ISIS —
it’s going to come here. They are going
to, in fact, damage the United States of America. That’s why we got involved
in the first place.” “Protect small business
and protect consumers.” “They don’t know how this
is going to affect their jobs.” “This is a disease of
capitalism run amok.” “Have a 15-member court.” “Police violence is
also gun violence.” “Women are the majority of the
population in this country. People need to keep their
hands off of women’s bodies and let women
make the decisions about their own lives.” “Thank you, senator.” “I’m going to say something
that is probably going to offend some people here, but I’m the only one on
this stage who’s gotten anything really big done.” “But you know what
you also got done? And I say this
as a good friend. You got the disastrous
war in Iraq done. You got a bankruptcy bill,
which is hurting middle-class families
all over this country. You got trade agreements like
Nafta, P.N.T.R. with China done, which have cost us
4 million jobs.” “So you started this
question with how you got something done. You know, following the
financial crash of 2008, I had an idea for
a consumer agency.” “And I went on the floor
and got you votes. I got votes for that bill. I convinced people
to vote for it. So let’s get those things
straight, too.” “Senator Warren,
do you want to respond?” “I am deeply grateful
to President Obama, who fought so hard to
make sure that agency was passed into law.” “You did a hell of a job
in your job.” “Thank you.” “Now to the issue of
candidates and their health.” “I’m feeling great,
but I would like to respond
to that question.” “Well, I want to —— I want to start by saying ——” “And Senator Sanders is in
favor of medical marijuana. I want to make sure
that’s clear as well.” “I do. I’m not on it tonight.”

100 thoughts on “The Fourth 2019 Democratic Debate: Key Moments | NYT News

  1. Frickin big tech, release the full debate, not just these sound bytes of propaganda.
    — Lol, Kamala: Trump is snitching on the corruption in politics, dude needs to go.

  2. "Puppets say Orange Man Bad for 4 minutes."
    Yang gets one sentence in this video? Absolutely blatant and shameful.

  3. One too any lies to start with.. welcome to the democratic debate.. it's note democratic.. it's democrat.. if this was a democratic debate.. there would be more than just 1 political party on stage.. that CNN is having this all for.. 1 party is like having a car drive in a circle.. it looks like it's going some where.. if you don't look too close at it.
    People are looking real close to CNN's one sided dictate of who they want to win.. just like MSNBC have done too.

  4. Soo much retardation here but you got to consider it's the new york times. And the demtards so I guess the times speak the language.

  5. lol..Biden: "Isis is going to come here" says a man who only wants people to have Shotguns vs. other firearms. LOL. Who supports the second amendment to it's fullest meaning out of these people and Trump?

  6. Funny how Trump is accused of crime and yet no one can articulate one single incident. They are desperate to win at any cost. Elizabeth Warren was constantly attacked and interrupted by Harris. Rude and unprofessional of Harris to say the least.

  7. Only reason Trump is being impeached is because he is uncovering their corruption. Bidens incident is a blatant Quid Pro Quo. NYT. Consumer manipulation.

  8. How could Warren be so stupid? Hey let's tax the corporations more so they move overseas and take 10,000 jobs with them !

  9. Disastrous Democratic Debate – full of abstract wish, very little specific, failure to recognize pulse of the nation – they have failed to recognize that voters do not care about breaking up big companies, compulsory gun buy back, endless war etc. Mr. Biden singing the old song — very sad.

  10. I just realized, NONE OF THESE CANIDATES are health care professionals, there not in the insurance business, EXCEPT FOR TULSI whom works at a MASH UNIT IN THE ARMY, the rest our carrier polititions who lie for a pay check and free medical care.

  11. Yang and Gabbard ignored by the corporate media!!! Yang has plans and isn't a failed VP! Gabbard was silenced! Other candidates were allowed to carry on.

  12. I honestly can’t trust any of these people. I might genuinely vote Trump to stop some of these candidates from getting into office because they’re WAY too corrupt.

  13. 4:38 that’s funny but he didn’t answer the question. The man had a heart attack. Is he really fit to run the country for the next 4 to 8 years?

  14. ISIS are pretty much dis-armed and left with hardly any terrority. They don't care about the politics of the US, because they can't survive any more. They are finally choking. I hare politicians who use fear tactics to get more voters!

  15. Bernie 2020!!!
    Medicare for all on a single payer system. No more student loans/free college. Taxing the rich on their stagnant wealth over 30 billion. Implementing climate change policies to save our planet.

  16. I'm voting for anyone not a repugnantkkklan, so doesn't matter who wins this democrat debate. Though bern and warn are my favorites

  17. Only God hating, America hating, socialist pigs will vote for any of these traitors, and there by, join their ranks as enemy to this nation!!!!

  18. Dems want more government to control the people and decide what is good for you. They say that they want to tax the rich to pay for healthcare etc. so if everyone says that the “rich” make up 1% then do you really think that 1% will fund all of this? It will all fall on the middle class.

  19. Its all wrong… We are fighting syria for israel. Let them do their own fighting. Trump started no wars and Obama started 6 . Globalist companies are taking control of both the narrative and finances and the little people have nothing left. Fight globalism!!!!

  20. Wow 30 seconds in and already had to dislike, not surprised it's Democrats, biden withheld money from uk to get a prosecutor fired for investigating his son there is a video of him saying that, and obama was the one caging kids at the border, blame trump for everthing the democrat way, wow Democrats can't even get along this is so pathetic, never Democrats!!!!!

  21. 15 Member Court?

    Hahahahahahah. I'm sure they would be saying that if Democrats HAD gotten Merrick Garland on the Supreme Court.

  22. We want less government and less regulation, these folks represent more of what Americans dislike…. we want less intrusion by politicians and big government please….

  23. "When I called on Twitter to suspend Donald Trump's account" – Kamala Harris. She must have forgotten that she took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. Amendment I

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

  24. These aren't Democrats, they are the offspring of communists influence from the 50s 60s, not the dems of years past which loved the country and the constitution.


  26. @ 2.32 Notice how this video cuts out Tulsi's criticism of the Time's smearing those opposed to having war with Syria, and quickly pivots to Buttieg's argument supporting the war. NYT was once a bastion of good journalism; now it is garbage and propaganda. They can't even be relied on to give 'key moments' from a debate.

  27. Here is the Democrats concerns.
    Not China or North Korea.
    Not Iran.
    Not gang violence and illegals.
    But homosexual rights. Yes.
    Disarm good Americans.
    Cater to Islam.
    Sell America to the highest bidder

  28. That is all they can do is to run down President Trump. Most of them are corrupt criminals that made their fortune in government and it wasn't from their salaries. Obama was a failure. So are they. Bunch of liberal socialist and communist and killers of babies.

  29. Oh so now the democrats want war? I remember when republicans were burned at the stake for starting wars. Left and right are both clowns

  30. The democrats armed Isis and basked them up thanks to Hillary and Obama and now they are shocked. More lies just like the Russian collusion. You liars are not doing anything for the american people but promisses but keep fighting for immigrants and people from other countries. Take care of the homeless americans in your districs, take care of americans first. Trump at least is doing something read the list then critisize.

  31. Yet the whole thing was an investigation into Joe Biden abusing his power when he was VP? Not to mention Nancy Pelosi's son Paul also served on another Ukraine energy company but we wont bring that up!

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