‘The Five’ reacts to Trump’s fiery Minneapolis rally

‘The Five’ reacts to Trump’s fiery Minneapolis rally

100 thoughts on “‘The Five’ reacts to Trump’s fiery Minneapolis rally

  1. What nobody is really putting together:
    Trump has known about crooked DC for years and years
    Trump has his own information network which does not exist in an echo chamber
    Trump won because someone disabled the election fraud machine, literally.
    Just ask Bernie.

  2. Obviously many people on fox are starting to realize that it’s going to be difficult to explain their support to future generations

  3. PETER STROZK and Lisa Page were two of fib AGENTS to interview Hillary who James COMEY SAID that these AGENTS don't give a hoot about politics..also said that they came out with the conclusion that he wanted..the 3rd agent not named wrote the 302.. when finished messaged out that he just interviewed the President, someone replied back the president? AGENT #3 responded with YOU KNOW HRC! …. to bad Trump didn't know this… or the video of where Hillary when asked about using gov't emails she said not with all the investigations going on this way THEY can't FIND OUT WHAT SHE'S BEEN DOING….or Nancy Pelosi SMEAR and WRAP CAMPAIGN where NANCY said to the press that THEY makeup a smear or Falsehood tell to the press while actually talking to the press…this way Nancy Pelosi can say see it's in the news…..NANCY is the
    mother of FAKE NEWS… the MSM ARE
    Co-conspirators for FAKE NEWS


  5. that black gentleman is beyond real!! is he criticizing Trump for his language on his political opponents?? what world is he living in?? is he deaf at all the insults from the democrats and their supporter?? I remember De Niro , to mention one!?? What about madonna? What about all the CNN journalists and the likes? He must be get paid really , really well for eating that much BS , pardon my language .

  6. I have never seen the level of hate and attacks and lies in my 60+ years. The most shameful POTUS and corrupt POTUS in history. The people there are not there for politics, they are looking for a stage show of attacks and love the hate and cussing. If they fall for his BS our country has little hope for the future. Where is the talk of the abandonment of allies and why did it take a whistle blower to learn of the Ukraine bribe

  7. I think that Warren and everyone else is just to far left now for any of this to harm Biden. Biden is safer than anyone one else on the left, which says a lot 🙇🏾‍♀️

  8. Juan just ruins thus show so much U can't even watch it anymore. Does he actually believe what he says? Amazing if so

  9. Just love the fast forward feature on YouTube videos because I just zipped past what was probably a load of old waffle by Juan Williams and judging by the comments I did the right thing.

  10. 3:44, Greg says, "I don't feel the same way Juan does". Does anybody? Anybody with common sense that is? Juan Williams was the inspiration for the 'Mute Button'.

  11. Juan Juan Juan. Trump scared of Biden? You're tripping. He's pissed at him, as should be all of you, for robbing y'all off. Trump just get's back at him, and others, who spew out malicious lies about him. He plays their game because if not he'd be a whuss which he is certainly not. Why only Biden gets it right now? He deserves it the most. The others will be taken out later one by one later, fair and square. Tough language? Look no further than at other democrats who go far beyond Trump's language. Listen to Waters and Thlaib. Ever heard MSM and Juan say they are so saddened by their choice of rhetoric? Guess not. Trump stands up to the worst of what they throw at him and you don't do that successfully by being nice. But all in all it is indeed sad that it is necessary, but that falls back on the democrats. They have weaponiced Trump making his rhetoric totally legit. They should have kept the gloves on. Just my 10 cents and I'm just a dane living far away who just want the USA to be great and strong so it can remain a strong ally. It is not bias that makes me see the democrats' attacks on your constitution and democracy, it's facts watching the Senate broadcasts. Talk about unprecedented unfairness in the Senate. Shocking. I still have faith in the people though and I'm sure that there will be no reelection for a bunch of evil minded democrats such as Schiff, Waters, Thlaib, Omar, Cummings, those two guys who tried to shame Homan and Owens and ended up utterly shamed themselves, the "lady" who went berserk with the gavel in Homan, the unpleasant Sheila something Lee and many many more. AOC is not evil so she may still have a chance if she chooses to learn from her mistakes and adjust her unattainable goals.

  12. Juan is the token……………Of the five.Never changes,never will, lot's of laughs.Keep the laughter on the show.

  13. Ya know, Jesse Jackson wanted to cut Barry's nuts off. This was utterly taken out of context, since Michael wears the balls in the family. However, weepy Juan's sadness is, at best, ludicrous.

  14. See how the President's talk did he makes his speech, seeing his Status symbol a wealthy BUSINESS BILLIONAIRE, A President of the USA, He speaks like an ord'nary street guy The people more loves him cuz he spokes their tongues,,,,

  15. Dominos are falling on Trump the ranting President, thank you Jesus please help remove the ranting President from office, he is embarrassing to the American people, America please wake up,

  16. Look at the funny stuff. Like polling shows the truth about this if it was honest. President Trump doesn't even think about the debates against Dem crazies in our Republic. Going down.

  17. Thank you Juan for being the sane person on this trump clown panel. That was a disgusting hate rally. Everyone whos not a racist right wing nut should be appalled

  18. Juan is just perpetuating his african american ignorance. It's typical. Without it he would be bankrupt in the talking points arena just as he is in every other theater of humanity..

  19. DEMOCRATS leave my PRESIDENT alone .😬
    In my eyes he is the best president we Americans citizens of the United States have ever had.
    STOP USING THE WORD IMPEACHMENT you all Deems are Hurting us
    enough is enough. We love ❤
    You hate 👿
    Please be with you.

  20. Trump wouldn't be so harsh if he wasn't constantly under attack by Democratic party created fictitious scandals. He needs to fight back.

  21. TRUMP speaks 'like common simple Americans PEOPLES. Movie Maker made MONEY by making actors talking like Trump. That's why PEOPLES Love him

  22. I know your the Democratic lackey for the show yuan . But Jesus. In denial much. You guys finally have a president who points out blatant corruption. And all of a sudden are offended by the truth … Go to MSNBC.

  23. I always have to skip when Juan Dumbass opens his scaly mouth……. cant stand the BS that comes out his mouth each and every broadcast

  24. A lot of y’all on here is mad that Juan spoke against trump y’all need to grow up and stop treating trump like he is your god

  25. I'm getting sick and tired of pundits like Juan deflecting from answering the question by issuing personal attacks and moral dispersions on the President. Hey Juan …the President has FREEDOM OF SPEECH RIGHTS. If you don't like what he says or his personality …then don't vote for him. But then again …you defended Joe Biden's CRIMINAL conduct when you said what you said therefore admitting you Democrats are LAWLESS brats who cannot think and reason like an HONEST ADULT.

  26. Oh shutup Juan ! You don't have a heart or you would acknowledge the true evil Juans of the world . and not those that are pointing out the corruption of juan .

  27. JUAN, you’re heartbroken because of how Trump talks?? Are you kidding me? You don’t think there’s anything wrong with the Dem’s antics? Going to peoples houses in the middle of the night. Harassing and threatening anyone who supports Trump?
    Chasing them out of restaurants, and congress people like old Maxine Waters inciting people to do despicable things. You think that’s right? Trying everything, wasting away hard working American people’s money in doing so? Are you out of your freaking mind? Please, please go to MSN or CBS, or any of the news reporters take unsubstantiated news and running with it. You will fit right in. I never see anyone agreeing with you on here. Please leave!

  28. Juan you are dead on. Thank you for standing up and saying it to the whole world. HEART BREAKING that our president uses cuss words in front of kids and the world as a standard of professionalism. Cussing is really just a bad idea for representing our great nation in my opinion. God bless president Trump with a nicer mouth. 🙂 God bless all you too! Fox and Juan!

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