‘The Five’ reacts to Trump and Pelosi trading ‘meltdown’ insults

‘The Five’ reacts to Trump and Pelosi trading ‘meltdown’ insults

100 thoughts on “‘The Five’ reacts to Trump and Pelosi trading ‘meltdown’ insults

  1. Look closely at the photo of the meeting where Pelosi is standing up to Trump, pretty much all the men on trump's side of the table have heads bowed looking down in shame, especially the General. The men on Pelosi's side of the table are either looking at Pelosi or looking at Trump's reaction. Trump looks like a confused boy who's being scolded.

  2. If only the Constitution provided Congress and the American people with a means of demonstrating that the United States is truly committed to waging a war abroad. 🤔

  3. Who in the hell cares who supports it if it is right? There are dozen of republican (swamp Members) who try and block Trump on ever move.

  4. why do political "reporting" shows seem like blabby sportscaster shows?
    read more and watch less… your freedom depends on it

  5. Wow I thought she left and while she was there just kept after president Trump , they started discussing stuff after she left, they couldn't cause she kept avoiding it for some reason 😂 funny 😂😂 such a lier she was not even there when they finally had discussions on plans they could do

  6. Nancy had this all planned. ….she got the attention that she needs……..as usual,,,,Nancy. It was all THEATER. GIVE IT UP. YOU AND BUHNER……

  7. Oh Juan, Nancy Pelosi in your mind may not be a 3rd rate anything but in reality she has sold out to the American
    Public for self power. She, Schumer, Schiff and the rest of the leftist want power. Money they already have.
    It's not enough for these hungry souls who would defy the law of gravity if they could to gain every iota of power no
    matter where it comes from. IE: Even if that meant Soros wallet too.
    Oh well. Sad it is for Americans who cannot see what these 3rd rate dishonest leftists are doing to hurt America.

  8. Bowing…their heads…in shame… XD

    Oh my.
    It's pretty obvious Cabal News Network thinks everyone is stupid.

    Well, and to be fair: it IS true that their most devoted viewers ARE stupid.

  9. Greg, Juan, how many of those Republicans got campaign contributions from the military industrialization complex?

  10. she says trump melt down? she looks like she just suffered a nervous breakdown. she needs to step down. she looks terrible

  11. Juan is the only one at that table that thinks for himself. The rest have their heads so far up Trump's you know what that if they spit it's coming out of his mouth.

  12. Trump gets US soldiers out of Syria THEN barters a cease fire between Turks and Kurds. That’s total victory kids.

    Have another drink, Nancy.

  13. Is this really the second or third meltdown of pelosi and shumer where they leave an important meeting to run to a podium already set up so they can grandstand?

  14. I used to love Waters and im trying to enjoy his commentary but after his "I hate metal" comment im finding it hard to not hate the dude. Greg is still God.

  15. Pelosi is just a politician playing political games and to me politician is a very dirty word . Politicians are why prostitutes have a bad reputation

  16. Yeah she’s a historic figure all right. One who will go down in infamy. Kind of like you Juan provided anyone even remembers who you are in five years. How’s that book selling racist…? I mean Juan.

  17. I really wanted to hear what Juan was saying at the end but he got interrupted and shouted down when the whole group launched into loud SIMULTANEOUS "discussion" .. I like them all – they're a good group!

  18. It's Saudi Arabia are you kidding me if you know anything about Saudi Arabia they don't put up with b***** like Afghanistan and Iraq if they're paying for it our troops are going to be pretty okay it just be another vacation

  19. Lemon sucks. So does the lame-stream media. Trump speaks like they do in the area he grew up in – a New Yorker. He gets things done. Pelosi and Democrat liars can only attack Trump – that's all they can do. Putin would chew up and spit out these Democrats. At least Trump has courage to make things happen.

  20. The Evangelical Christian Republican that has 5 kids with 3 different women is our Moral leader ! Save us Chosen one !!

  21. So we are being told all the time that there is no difference between men and women . So, how is Nancy being the only woman amoungst all men signifigant in ANY way??? The moment someone makes a disparaging comment about her she pulls the girly card!!!??? That's why women need to get out of politics.

  22. I do not like STD's……. Swamp Twat Democrats. Who would have thought 3 little letters(STD), could cause such an aggravating itch in America! Lol. Anyone blinded by the shite coming out of their mouths deserves all the shite that's coming their way! Republicans get the last laugh simply by being patriotic Americans that want lower taxes, better education, and wholesome life! God bless America and President Trump!

  23. Now we know the Dem Leaders next tactic to get Trump impeached. Watch in the next few weeks more and more dems will walk out of more and more meetings and claim they had to. because Trump had a melt downand he is not fit to lead our country. Proverbs 26: 27Whoso diggeth a pit shall fall therein: and he that rolleth a stone, it will return upon him.

  24. Pelosi , Harris , Cortez , Omar , Waters , not sure we should keep adding some of these types of females to key positions ! Really not sure anymore !

  25. Sorry I clicked out before the debate had finished but I couldn't take another second of Juan's willful ignorance.

  26. Mrs. Pelosi it does make sense if they're paying us to police their country than the president is right they should we should be getting compensation nothing's free in this world you should know that of all people and just to put in there you are a disgrace to the American people we are not on your side and I'm pretty sure if we could vote right now you'll be out on the street go Trump 2020 best president ever

  27. Hey Juan, Nancy will be gone in 2020 and I believe she knows this! The House will flip back to Republican and liberals will lose their tiny minds!

  28. To all those Russian trolls down there: You are really good! You can hardly be distinguished from the brainwashed American members of the Trump Cult!

  29. How can anyone listen to this podcast? There was so much babble at the end of this clip that I couldn't understand any of them! These people need to take turns and show some respect for the intelligence of their viewers! And no, I'm not subscribed to this channel!

  30. If it was up to the Democrats like Lyndon Johnson, we'd never have pulled out of Vietnam. They'd have said, "Thousands of Vietnamese will die!". "We need to stay and stabilize!" Of course today we know that war went on far too long and this Democratic "saving face" was nothing but political cowardice. Sure, some people died when we left, but it had to be done because the war was unwinnable given the political situation. The only way we could have won was to declare war on China and Laos and win against them too.

  31. What's so sad about all this no one respects the highest office in the world! No matter if you like who's President or not there must be respect just because you have the right to say things dont mean you have to publicly. What all this doing is teaching the younger to be disrespectful to authority and wonder why the kids are disrespectful!!!

  32. i don't think it is only about paying for it. I mean the ongoing unset in the ME could help ISIS spread all over the world.

  33. How many have left the administration. There is something very wrong with this President. Whether it's the emoluments clause, nepotism ,fraud ,obstruction of justice or Trump's drug addiction and mental health.Things are going to change soon as more people (rats) start leaving the Trump ship.

  34. Keep PRAYING for World peace.
    No matter what Trump says or does, Pelosi and the DemonRats condemn him. This has gotten so very old, tiresome and annoying.

    The Satanic POWER-ELITE globalist New World Order ORGANIZED CRIME SYNDICATE, aka the Kingdom of Satan, want CONSTANT WARS. War is one of their methods of destroying humanity. The United Nations Agenda 21 Depopulation Plan calls for the elimination of 85-90% of the world's population so the Satanic POWER-ELITE globalists can enslave and tyrannize the remaining people.

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