‘The Five’ breaks down the latest in Trump’s impeachment war

‘The Five’ breaks down the latest in Trump’s impeachment war

100 thoughts on “‘The Five’ breaks down the latest in Trump’s impeachment war

  1. I dont care what hes done in the kong run it fucks us touching our own oil supply was stupid and ruining our trade deals for oil is far worse and the economy is only good because we violated native American treaties to build a oil pipeline. Sad.. The ignorance out there. If he destroys our democracy you tards… That means we basically set ourselves up for a dictatorship .. Moron fake patriots….

  2. No wonder dem followers believe what they say because they seem believable when they make their speeches about impeachment and nothing else. Just like Juan! He really talks democrat!

  3. Juan makes absolutely no sense even with facts presented he pushes the Twisted talking points and answers to none of the facts. Juan sidesteps the fact that this is not a formal impeachment inquiry and the Whitehouse does not have to play their games. Democrats in power know they would lose if it goes to court. Democrats also know that they would get embarrassed if Republicans were able to Subena people to add to the inquiry. Democrats in power hold the constitution in one hand for all the people to see while holding the torch of destruction in their other hand below the podium. Justice is supposed to be blind, the only thing blind is the Democrats blinding TDS. Due Process must be upheld no matter which party you are with.

  4. Ukraine investigation hurt Biden and Trump (maybe). Helps who? An outside interloper seeking to crash the Dem party. Ukraine has Hillary led DNC impeachment playbook all over it. But Bernie's subsequent heart attack creates Pocahontas rising, a real fly in the ointment causing Hillary to run smack into a bolstered Warren. A link here makes my comment go away. So if you are interested in why I think Hillary and the DNC are behind Ukraine go to Quora and search for Charlie Hubbard former FDNY Lieutenant.

  5. I live in SW Pennsylvania, close to West Virginia, and coal mines have been reopened under president Donald J. Trump. But, there are still "Coal fire Obama" signs in some coal miners front yards. Remember when Hillary said she would close all the coal mines and give coal miners welfare. Turns out coal miners would rather have a job then a welfare check.

  6. the biggest impeachment, the best impeachment. the most beautiful impeachment you've ever seen and trust me folks, nobody knows about violating the constitution like i do

  7. perfectly said … "Mr President"
    its blackmail
    its a huge fix ..
    Biden is a scumbag
    creepy child smeller, toucher …
    why have we forgotten about that ?

  8. Definition of Lobbyist;  one who conducts activities aimed at influencing or swaying public officials and especially members of a legislative body on legislation : a person engaged in lobbying public officials The new rule says that if you were a registered lobbyist in the past two years, you can't work for the administration on any issue.

  9. Congress has broken the rules ,How can waun sit there an support corruption ? Hes a closed minded individual very small with his thinking

  10. Ok, the video is out, creepy Joe bragging and laughing about getting the guy fired and Juan is Still denying the Truth and still defending the liars and Still bashing Trump!??😲 No Comment😏

  11. Biden is a fool trying to put the thing he did on trump what are we that stupid? We are not those democratic cry babies

  12. Slow Joe stepped in it big time by assuming President Trump's legal team including Attorney General Barr, John Durham, Trey Gowdy, Rudy Giuliani and periodically Alan Dershowitz won't crush the Democrats in any fair impeachment fight.

  13. This is not an issue of Democrat versus Republican. This is an issue of democracy versus deep state. And if you look at the way arrests were made during the Mueller investigation then it should be apparent that this is not simply a matter of democracy vs deep state but it is a matter of democracy versus "deep-police-state."

    Is it the "deep-police-state" that rules America or is it the electorate?

    The two greatest threats to freedom and democracy are bureaucracy and taxes.

    If you are looking for the criminal then look for the deep state person.

  14. Juan if the MAGA President is stonewalling, impeach him??? What is so difficult if the MAGA President is refusing?? A good move by the MAGA President

  15. Turkey's attack already hurting fight against ISIS. This president is not taking care of the national security of USA. ISIS will re-emerge and they will come back 10x more powerful than last time, mark my words.

  16. Creepy Joe Biden can't keep his eyes and hands of children…guy just creeps me out watching him. So much wrong with him. His aggressive behavior with reporters when questioned about the Ukraine wrongdoings made me realize he is not a stable person. Like Jekyl and Hyde…flip the switch. He is really weird. And I think he is done….will never get elected. Dems and Independents do not like him.

  17. The democrats are not now, nor have they ever been concerned with "fair and equal" due process under the law. They specialize in denying the rights of anyone who opposes their limited view.

  18. No one believes you, Joe.
    PS. We don't give a rodent's sphincter about Trump's taxes.
    PS again:
    Juan, we don't care about you either.

  19. Hey Joe Biden you're nothing but a lying lowlife scum bag you and your son you both belong in prison and God knows that you lie you gonna have to answer to him stupid dumb moron you and Obama and Hillary you're scum of the earth God is in control not you stupid Democrat or Republican God is going to intervene in 2020 and you Democrats will lose big-time..

  20. I can't wait to see this thug, dictator, Rapist and racist behind bars, the normal American deserve better but not those who still believe in him. No normal person in any world would vote for this psychopath.

  21. To quote Juan: "You can't ignore what you see with your own eyes." How true …. and what I saw with my own eyes is the video of Biden telling Ukraine he would withhold 1.5 Billion dollars of aide if the Ukrainian prosecutor was not fired. Your response, Juan ????

  22. If trumps fanclub would stop letting trump deflect for a mi ute and focus on what HE is doing then maybe people wouldn't call them stupid. Gotta wonder what he will do next to distract that his biggest supporters are publicly pissed at him

  23. Poor jaun………..gettin' mad once he's talked himself into a corner…….Comes up with the dumbest spins to try and excuse the criminal behavior of the demshits. I really feel sorry for him……Must be tough to be the only nail in a room full of hammers.

  24. Juan loves Donald Trump 🤗. And it's Jr whom Juan love's as son-in-law😉. Dreamed of being president's and governor's of treasury?

  25. Kurds have already been killed, much like the Iraqi translators because North America decided to become traitors to allies, something YOUR allies have not, and never will do! Not a time to be proud.

  26. This impeachment news is great for the media, but, informed, logical people know it will go nowhere. P.S. This will Not hurt Trump's reelection!

  27. Democrat's have fox news client's?
    How about Democrat's fox business client's?
    Juan William's and Donna Brazile has the database of California silicon valley's 🍼🍯🍰🥧?

    What's the Chinese 🥠 deal's ManWoman😉?

  28. Your new ia trash,Donald Trump ia trash Presidend in US Don"t defend on this FOX NEWS,your channel ia trash for Report how good ia D,Trump,that person ia trash and shot guy,this Guy open door for starting WW3

  29. The president of America Donald J Trump “ Americans behind you at any cost “ you changed America 2016 forever practically you say America First next Is The others. How cool is that!!!

  30. Are we being observant to what Trump is actually doing? He always conflicting himself. How can we keep trying to justify it away as innocence? Do we want to keep going down this road even if he was elected again? I really do see how things will improve but inly get worse as it has been year by year. And all Trump does is just puts the blame on Democrats while does whatever he wants.

  31. The 5 breaks it down
    Let’s see…how much of the 5 is corrupt…
    Eh is the moron in the red tie, why is he here??? LIARS !!!!


  33. I looked up DOTARD in the dictionary and saw a picture of Trump, it then said "See Phat Phuck" So I went over to Phat Phuck and saw the same picture of an orange clown

  34. I can't believe Biden – Donald Trump is one of the very few who hasn't betrayed us, though i am also very impressed right now by Jim Jordan and some of the others who would are standing with him. We can see who the real patriots are. 💕🇺🇸💕


  36. uh oh…I trail Biden by 15+ points in the 2020 polls, I better ask the Ukraine for help, like I did with Russia in 2016 lol – Hey Donald jr.! come to my office for a minute!

  37. Why so much about a perfect phone call. It was probably the most beautiful phone call ever made. This is obviously a coup. Sure some people and the Constitution call it an impeachment… crazy. Didn't anyone hear the Prez tell us it is ok for him to shake down other countries to find dirt on his opposition? So it must be ok, right? We need to remember "not to believe what we see and hear" (Trump quote), just what Trump tells us.

  38. The only wall our illustrious scumbag leader is building is the one of stone around the Whitehouse as he tramples on the constitution. Lock the bum in jail and throw away the key. Let's see how ol' bone spures fares on the inside.

  39. And to think it was not that many years ago we jumped on Congress for accepting free corporate jet rides and expensive dinners. Now you cannot even see Pelosi unless she comes out from behind closed doors and gives them what next to blab about

  40. Bieden you and your son plus the dirty swamp are running scared from all your disgusting illiagal acts.The game is over Dems.

  41. How much I hate one of the fives the bleach one, is destractve, no deferent from Dem ones. He have nothing to say the truth, except showoff to his Democrat liberals. Strange having him the platform.

  42. Patriots we love Hannity Laura Tucker waters judge jeanine. And others on fox. But fox is going with the Democrats on many things. We need to turn off the bad apples on fox. Someone needs to form a list.

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