34 thoughts on “'The Five' breaks down the AOC-Pelosi feud

  1. Racists, racism, people of color, so over it. Honestly it doesn’t even mean anything anymore. Over use of a word just takes the real meaning out of it.

  2. Tim, just keep bringing the facts this is what separates you from mass media today.
    Thank you, this is why I watch you’re channel.

  3. Why can’t people just accept that other people think they are CRAZY because the ARE CRAZY. Doesnt matter if they are green purple or fuchsia. Batshit Crazy is batshit crazy. They want to latch on to being criticized for anything other than the core essence of who they are.

  4. Why the media giving so much attention to this Dummy
    She is a lier crazy stupid

    Please stop giving her the audience

    Trump 2020

  5. Dummy AOC who you think you are stupid Loca?
    Trying to do the revolution?
    First grow up and then let's talk
    Loca like AOC making me leave the Democrats party
    Now I am
    Trump 2020

  6. Those four new congress women need to go. Not because of their color but because of their hate and stupidity. Specially AOC.(dumbalina)

  7. V try to beat that right wing religious fanatics the has more Jesus in her little toe then must church goes in all their life she stand for the poor inlike this low life Trump

  8. AOC is a whiney, spoiled child and that's the whole reason they are arguing. And they are both classic narcissists.

  9. Empires are not often brought down by outside forces, but by weaknesses from within them. If the Democrats can't find common ground with voters, the other parties or even with e/o. They will reach implosion sooner rather than later. Sadly it will be their own fault, not that they'd ever admit it.

  10. The real reason they are receiving this attention is due to their desire for a platform for their agenda. It has nothing to do with race, but rather self-empowered freshmen representatives who desert their constituents that voted them in for a national TV audience. Being emotional, uninformed and abrasive is not a true servant of the people.

  11. When you don't have the brain cells or capacity to intelligently support your position or defend yourself one generally sinks to the level of utilizing race, creed, color or gender in order to find support from those who live and breathe the narrative that all issues stem from these identity politic hot points. Try using your brain for one second AOC you might find it refreshing to look at the world through a fresh lens and might actually help you focus on having a real discussion without this contentious crap you are consistently living in. Work for your district with less posturing and you might actually get something accomplished.

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