50 thoughts on “The Female Journalist You Should Have Heard About This Black History Month

  1. Thank you, Francis! I don't recall ever hearing of her story. One can find a very informative article about her on Wikipedia. What a woman!

  2. She truly was a hero, to bad the progressive left does not defend freedom of speech like she did. And to bad the left uses racism to win elections rather then ending racism like a true hero would.

  3. Thank you. Black women were very brave then and now.
    Unfortunately blackistan has a habit of burying the accomplishments of black women unless it serves their purpose.
    Let's just say that Rosa Parks played her part very well.

  4. Black people will always have a perpetual victim complex because virtue signaling white Progressives keep dragging up the worst parts of the past.

  5. I would love to see an African-American producer/director to do a do a real life movie, shot in the streets of (Place liberal controlled city name here). Ten week shoot, downtown. Everything you brought would be stolen and on the street for sale in ten minutes

  6. Yes, the same issues in spite of 50+ years of enormous expenditures on virtually every social program the government can dream up to help blacks rise out of poverty.

    Somehow, the problems still lie everywhere else than with black America….with 72% of its' children being born into single parent households.

  7. Black people that didn't do anything but be victims, so the left can hold us all collectively guilty in the present are the real heroes.

  8. i did a report on her my sophomore year of highschool, she was a major force in the anti lynching crusade and a founding member of the NAACP

  9. Meanwhile n today's society, Steve Harvey said it best He put the $$ game over integrity… paraphrasing

  10. Why hasn't Francis moved to a majority-black community yet? It sure is easy for him to be woke from his ivory tower.

  11. This is hilarious.. you got an African kid who can barely speak English prattling on about the history of a country he wasn't born in.. Shit this kid's the black Francis..

  12. TYT made it through two weeks of February before noticing it was black history month! You would think one of their black reporters would have brought it up. Oh, thats right, they don’t have any…

  13. You clowns are STILL living in the past. Not content to call anyone who disagrees with you a racist, you have to revisit the ancient past of the civil rights movement to seem relevant. Some news for you phonies, the civil rights movement completed its work 50 years ago with nearly every major change instituted by …. the Republicans. Done and dusted. Stop living off them you useless dross.

  14. Francis is very tribal when it comes to black people. What about white people? Give us just one white history video that makes us look decent.

  15. Why didn't they ever teach us. about her in school? I would have loved to hear more about these kind of stories. It would have been more interesting than reading more about war which they really seem to try to push into our minds. Like Americans need learn to be more hostile than we already are.

  16. She was a formidable woman who walked with two pistols to protect herself while in the field. She never Kowtowed to white supremacy and bravely fought for Justice. She was an extraordinary American who worked to make this country better.

  17. If you are so concerned about racism what are you doing associated with a media outfit called The Young Turks who have the same name as a multi-genocidal outfit of the early twentieth century. It is like working for an outfit called The Fuhrer Youth.

  18. ha like any modern journalist would put their life or career in line to do actual investigative journalism…last journalist was helen thomas. modern journalist will read off 20 israelis and zionists in djt campaign helping him collude w/russia and being the middlemen to such collusion but are trained not to notice it. these guys spooked america with muslims are coming for last 20 years …all i heard was they hate our freedoms, they hate our free speech, then i find out anti-bds laws are passed very quickly in a country that had ny state boycott another state in the union(over a gay wedding cake) smh

  19. I have found this guy "Marvin Louis Guy" out of texas, which i see is a flaw in the "stand your ground law", in which they see. Thats why i feel they are covering up the story. A cop was killed in a so called justified raid and still no coverage. Hes been in jail about 5 years i believe. Again im just catching this story which is getting any little to no attention. Im way in California im bringing this to tyt because you go after the truth i would like to see this out front not only for a innocent man to the degree in which they are charging him, but for the next american that may fall victim to these obvious games they play. These errors in the law are known nation wide as their loop holes. To that i ask why arent we doing nothing to make sure the people doesnt get taken advatage of by the biggest gang in america. (Words from numerous sfpd officers on numerous occasions)

  20. My HS classmate's Great Grandaughter who championed getting the name change in Chicago. Bless Ida B.Wells.

  21. Any decent human being, would likely be moved by Ida B. Wells' story. The fact that racists would post their bile under THIS video, shows emphatically that they're FAR AWAY from being decent human beings.

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