36 thoughts on “The Elder Scrolls: Blades – Official E3 2019 Update Trailer

  1. Make a fallout game like this it would be the best thing ever just FYI don't charge money do in game transactions! For dlcs or more caps or atomic shop or creation club

  2. Bethesda.. making less money now with the BS that's been coming out… pay to win and "suprise mechanics" will really be the nail in your coffins sadly. You want a lifetime of success at Bethesda? Then treat your fans like fans.. or at least like customers, not dollar signs.

  3. This game is a disappointment. It doesnt even feel like an Elder Scrolls game. Its like someone made a game and decided to rip off Elder Scrolls by stealing the name. The game play is horriable….Hurry up and wait. That all you do. Wait for builds to be done. Wait for chests to open, wait for weapons and armor to be tempered. Wait wait wait.

  4. I would have rather spend $10 for this game to have no loot boxes and wait times and if the game was an actual ES game this ain't a true ES experience in your pocket like Todd said I'm done fire Todd or I'm never buying a Bethesda game again

  5. Ha more dislikes than likes this game is trash everything Bethesda makes at the moment is trash especially anything that has to do with 76 and Blades very scummy. Dragons really F dragons they are so boring

  6. For a mobile game is not bad, as for the loot boxes…. I have seen worse pay to win games this is pretty standart for all mobile free to play games nowadays

  7. the fact they reused all the Skyrim game textures, meshes, creatures, weapon designs, and litterally everything, and have the fucking hubris of making this game pay to win, and have the BALLS to say they WORKED HARD ON IT WHEN IT LOOKS LIKE IT TOOK 4 DAYS NEEDED TO CONVERT PC FILES INTO MOBILE ONES, is truly even more disgusting than anything ea has ever done

  8. Why is everyone so aggressive on the comments-
    I'm hoping they do good on elder scrolls six only because i know it will take tImE tO cReATe tHe gAmE

  9. I guess the down-votes are not giving the buggers any clues yet – Shame. How can a company do this to such a loyal client base? FEEL FREE TO RESPOND BETHESDA… In your own time of course. Would not want to rush you.. I know things are tight there right now.

  10. WOW!? Are you guys freaking serious with this pay to win bullshit you call Elder scrolls? I had Enough of your BS!!

  11. Well, unfortunately, Todd "16 times the detail" Howard, has completely lost the confidence of Bethesda fans. Pay walls, timers, and cash grabs in this "same trash, different day" game isn't exactly winning any confidence back.

    I'd go so far as to say, it's time for Todd to retire from Bethesda. You can't lie to people and Todd lied. Todd and all the bosses involved in Fallout 76 are a liability to Bethesda. Nobody trusts them.

  12. Todd Howard needs to find another job. Not sure where they hire liars tho. Maybe politics… just go away and stop destroying our favorite franchises.

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