34 thoughts on “The Economic Policies that Ruined Zimbabwe

  1. African has great potential… hopefully a day will come when more of those countries get competent leadership that put the interest of the nations before their own…

  2. Mugabe DID NOT OVERTHROW—- the bloody Pommies and their other caballists sold us out so that they could plunder the treasure that was in the ground – every dog has his day

  3. In all fairness, any dictator that dies a natural death can be counted as a successful dictatorship. Improving the lives of the people at large is not the primary goal of the regime, and it may not be the secondary or third goal either. In fact, the economic hardships may have been deliberately constructed as part of a greater plan.

  4. Zimbabwe would seem to be the poster child of what's wrong with monetary inflation. Many liberal democracies do the same thing to their currencies, but just on a smaller scale. The only real difference between U.S. monetary inflation and Zimbabwe monetary inflation is one of degree, not quality.

    And yet, Zimbabwe tried hard to socialize after British rule, with typical results. Why is it so difficult to learn from our mistakes? Will the U.S. and the E.U. inevitably follow down the same paths as Zimbabwe and Venezuela? Are politicians like Bernie, AOC, and Andrew Yang leading the way to our miserable future?

  5. People should just let countries do whatever the fuck they want. For the most part they were all functional before foreign power got involved. Yes they were/are far from ideal. Look at the absolute disaster(s) Western countries (And USSR back in the Cold War) leave in their wake when they take out an "evil" dictator, the whole place becomes unstable and goes to shit. Unless the population actively wants another system and asks for help or something.

    There are a few nations that did alright with an imposed system, such as Japan, but those are an exception to the rule.

  6. i get they don't like the whites, but ruining your on economy to just screw them over, insn't a little bit too much?

  7. rhodesia was the breadbasket that fed africa.when the communists took over,they starved themselves.ooops.

  8. The policies that ruined Zimbabwe are the same policies that ruined Venezuela: international sanctions by the imperialist nations!

  9. A group of evil forces was working against Mugabe, so they could prove how blacks can't run a country.

  10. In short; Ian Smith's Rhodesia was a huge success, despite international sanctions. At least he stands on the right side of history.

  11. Every socialism is real socialism. I get that socialist do not like to look what their religions produces, but you can't change reality by simply believing in your religion of socialism. Communists are socialists, nazi were socialists, socialists are socialists – and all of them are pure evil.

  12. For all the economic troubles of Zimbabwe, let us not forget that the United States has borrowed 10 trillion dollars in less than 8 years and the grace-period is over. The bill in now due. Some times it’s not wise to criticize the misfortune of others when your own house is n disarray.

  13. The true reason that the blacks couldn't run the nation is because they were uneducated and because ZANU-PF broke election laws and threatened many with death if they didn't vote for ZANU-PF. This was a problem for many African countries. No black had a college degree in many of these countries and thus didn't know economics.

  14. Ooh another failed state……socialism..cannot work in the current mindset of mankind, perhaps in someother eon

  15. I don't think you can even call this Socialism. This is just poor decision making and a lack of understanding of economics. Stories like these shows that when you are making policies you shouldn't do it on the emotional level and focus on the logical side.

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