The Division - Global Events Returning! State Of The Game Recap

The Division – Global Events Returning! State Of The Game Recap

all right what's going on guys afflicted gamer here back with another division video so state of the game just finished and they gave us some really good news so that's what I'm gonna lean into this with first of all the drop rates for classified year will be increased they don't have any details yet as of one but they're looking at it across the board for more locations to get a classified year and obviously upping the percentage because the percentages were based off of the first global event so now they're going to be increase a second which was music to my ears they're going to be running the global events again I know a lot of you might say well yeah I heard about that but yes they confirmed it a they're gonna run them again and you get a chance to get the masks again that you didn't get the first time complete the combinations you didn't get to complete or if if you're a new player to the game you get to finally do all of the global events period which is awesome in terms of the stats for this global event the total number of global event credits earned was nineteen point nine billion the number of superior ambush caches that were opened was thirteen point three million the accommodation for the statuesque the mask there was two hundred and seventy thousand motion blur two hundred and forty nine thousand and then personal space sixty seven thousand they thought that that number was quite low and I'm gonna look into your reworking how people should be able to get these masks and you know tweaked him a little bit in terms of the plateless the Broadway Emporium was done six hundred and seventy seven six hundred and seventy thousand times queens tunnel 1.5 million police academy 1 million Times Square power relay two point two million and Dragon's nest four hundred and thirty thousand the good old Lexington Event Center was ran one or 8.1 million dimes which is crazy for a game that is dead Hudson refugee camp 173,000 so Lexington beats that by a long shot clear sky was done at 2.2 million times so these stats are for the duration of the entire global event so anyways that's pretty crazy and I am very happy to hear that these events are coming back they also said that in terms of the gear sets and weapons no nurse or buffs are coming anytime soon because the event just ended not a lot of people even have the full six piece sets for all of the gear sets so they're gonna wait give it a little bit and see what happens and go from there so anyways that was the the highlights of this week's state of the game you know they played some cool stuff at the end did the cosplay the usual stuff but those are the SATs and those are the facts which is what I'm bringing to you hopefully you enjoyed them drop a like on the video if so it's much appreciated leave your comments down below let me know how you did in this global event don't forget that you can follow me on twitter at afflicted gamer and stream times for me to be live here on youtube will be at the end of the video until next time guys have a great day and I will see you soon in the next video

31 thoughts on “The Division – Global Events Returning! State Of The Game Recap

  1. Last stand is dead completely here is a 3hr matchmake session, never got a full room

  2. Nomad needs a definite nerf 100% it shouldn't proc in groups. When you get groups of 4 all running Nomad (as is usually the case because it's all about cheesing gear and not skill) you can't stop them. Each person has Nomads Resolve with its 50% refresh chance plus each having their main up, impossible. Whoever though this would be a good idea over at Massive needs sacking.

  3. They should just remove normal sets from dropping in top world tier, have that be tier 5 or make a new tier.
    And cut the green beam drop percentage in half.

  4. Certain clan members such as SONZ OV GODZ CHEATS and will break the game! But who am I just an average Joe looking to enjoy a game to which we can't like Savage thugs like them!

  5. I have this game but I'm a level 8 or 9 i barely just picked the game up because i never had money to get it and didn't have time to get it,it's going to be hard for me to get the masks cause i don't know how

  6. were u 2 lazy 2 record and just put up the ambush clips lol my man #lazyaffiliation hahahah FML!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. The tease when you opened those caches then, TAC Kneepads are the only piece I need to complete that set. Farmed all week long, opened 117 caches, no TAC kneepads.

  8. I don't think they should up the classified drop rate. I think they should up the global event rate instead and do two per month instead of 1.

  9. Of course GE is back, it's one of the few things that will keep the game alive, how much it is left from it. It tooked them almost 1 year to fix the game, but by then thousands of thousands of players left cuz of hackers and the drop rates. I mean lol, who played right after beta, droping a gold item in DZ would mean to be extra lucky and heading straight to extraction even if your bag wouldn't be full.

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