49 thoughts on “The difference between US vs UK Ebola news coverage

  1. The UK is like a older mature brother whilst America is the younger loud and doesn't what the fuck they're doing brother

  2. I've noticed that Americans voice tones are louder and in a way sound a bit patronising which could be why they're not taken seriously half of the time, lovely people though. I think people here in the UK (English people to be specific) are used to talking very plain and formal. I'm nor American nor English but as someone with a different accent to both, that's my view when hearing them.

  3. Americans are just retarded, and so are you, ye cockeyed shit. Romesh Ranganathan can belly flop to to Saudi Arbia, where thwn you would be executed.

  4. UK: ok don’t scared, ok
    US: yfttyfuytfbtyufbyubftuybcutytcbuybctuybctyuucbytcbtyuucryrdtexrthdrdrxydgvffgvmgfdkvxrtjrjvtjgrdvdxvhjxcdhjxcdhjcjdfxhdsjhsrjcueycs$5gytjftyjfvyufvtvfutiicxuyuxiycurxciucixycuixfcxufifxcuifxcgixcfigfxigicxfuifgxccfxigfxcigifx gfxig ding I xfgidgx

  5. ***Britain covering the Ebola story: calm, collective and no panic whatsoever***

    ***America covering the Ebola story: World War Two happens, everyones losing their shit**

  6. UK: Don't worry, public. Ebola is being more contained than it's spreading.

  7. Absolutely love that Dele Adebola got a mention in this. When we first heard about ebola on the news one night, my brother said to we will be alright cos Dele had it and hes still alive. 🙂

  8. U.S. news is just more honest, along with the fact that that guy they kept on showing was just that, one one guy.

  9. in uk ??? to inform?? look at brexit…. UK media is to cleverly fuck you with your believes. in a very sbtle and clever way… at least US creates a real panic… and you know in it… in here no one will say the real shit until is too late… fuck that

  10. UK: Ayyy, wassup, did u know Ebola is like spreading
    Everyone else: AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!
    UK:we will contain it
    Everyone else: YOU CANT CONTAIN EBOLA!
    UK: Hold my Tea

  11. 0:04
    Why on earth was someone laughing when he said Ebola was dominating the news. Huh, I guess he really is that funny…

  12. I was a school site manager when this happened, and there was a class room ceiling that fell down due to a leak. Because of possible asbestos I donned my disposable white overalls and respirator as per health and safety to check the damage. Panic set in with kids and parents asking if I was there because of Ebola. Oh the hilarity that ensued

  13. I just dont find this dude funny at all. I mean hes a nice guy an all but I just dont crack up like I do when I see Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle etc

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