The Democratic Debate: Watch the Highlights From the First Half

The Democratic Debate: Watch the Highlights From the First Half

“This is the CNN/
New York Times Democratic presidential debate.” “Sometimes there are issues
that are bigger than politics and I think that’s the case
with this impeachment inquiry.” “In my judgment,
Trump is the most corrupt president in the
history of this country.” “He has committed
crimes in plain sight. And he has consistently
since he won been selling out
the American people. He’s been selling out working
people, he’s been selling out our values, he’s been selling
out national security, and on this issue
with Ukraine he has been selling
out our democracy.” “If it’s not O.K. for
a president’s family to be involved in
foreign businesses, why was it O.K. for your son
when you were vice president? Vice President Biden?” “Look, my son did
nothing wrong. I did nothing wrong. Rudy Giuliani, the president
and his thugs have already proven that
they in fact are flat lying.” “Your son Hunter today
gave an interview, admitted that he made
a mistake and showed poor judgment by serving
on that board in Ukraine. Did you make a mistake
by letting him? You were the point person
on Ukraine at the time. If you can answer.” “Look, my son’s statement
speaks for itself. My son made a judgment. I’m proud of the
judgment he made. I’m proud of what
he had to say. And let’s focus on this: The fact of the
matter is that this is about Trump’s corruption.” “But you have not
specified how you’re going to pay for the
most expensive plan, Medicare for all. Will you raise taxes?” “Costs will go up
for the wealthy. They will go up for
big corporations. And for middle class families,
they will go down. I will not sign a bill into law that does not lower costs
for middle-class families.” “Your signature, senator, is to
have a plan for everything. Except this. No plan has been
laid out to explain how a multi-trillion dollar hole
in this Medicare for all plan that Senator Warren
is putting forward is supposed to get filled in.” “At least Bernie is being
honest here and saying how he’s going to pay for this and that taxes are
going to go up. And I’m sorry, Elizabeth, but you have not said that. And I’m tired of hearing,
whenever I say these things, ‘Oh it’s Republican
talking points.’ You are making Republican
talking points right now in this room by coming
out for a plan that’s going to do that.” “I think we need to be
focused on lifting people up. And sometimes I think
that Senator Warren is more focused
on being punitive or pitting some part of
the country against the other instead of lifting people up
and making sure this country
comes together.” “I’m really shocked
at the notion that anyone thinks
I’m punitive. Look, I don’t have a beef
with billionaires …” “Well, Anderson, this is
my first time on this stage, so I just want to start
by reminding everybody that every candidate here
is more decent, more coherent and more patriotic than the
criminal in the White House.” “This is the sixth debate
we have had in this presidential cycle and not nearly one word,
with all of these discussions about health care,
on women’s access to reproductive health care,
which is under full-on attack in America today. Women are the majority of the
population in this country. People need to keep their
hands off of women’s bodies and let women
make the decisions about their own lives.” “Thank you, senator.” “And let’s talk about that.”

100 thoughts on “The Democratic Debate: Watch the Highlights From the First Half

  1. "Women's access to reproductive health care"…. if this is such a good thing.. why relabel it, because we are talking about abortion, right?

  2. I don't think any of you Democrat's will do a better job..All your speech is insane No one of you cares about us American people..
    All you guy's think about is illegal alien's and giving out more free stuffs to them..Shame on all of you..All of you ➡👎👅🐀

  3. “he has committed crimes in plain sight” but nobody can prove he did anything wrong after three years and millions of dollars spent investigating…. what a joke! TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸


  5. Democrats never do what they say. They get in office and make millions.That is all they care about.Trump rally 35,000 he does what he said he would that is just the facts

  6. Liz warren wont admit shes going too triple my taxes in order to give me shittier healthcare than i earn at work. Btw i paid back my student loans.

  7. One true big loser for that debate ;  "CNN"   –  Truly bias & horribly moderatorated debate,   plain and simple.  They are so out of touch with the average American.  – The biggest winner has to have been Bernie by a big margin.  The more the media cuts out or tries to minimising Bernie the more they are actually helping his cause

  8. Nowadays media wanna talk like they got something to say, but nothing comes out when they roll their clips, just a bunch a gibberish and motherf*ckers act like they forgot about Yang.

  9. Donald Trump has the highest approval rating of all the minorities in the Free World since the time John F Kennedy walked the Earth. Don't believe the hype

  10. The candidate with the most coherent arguments and we'll planned ideas is just not included. Get out of here with this dumb media bias. #yanggang

  11. Kamala Harris is the worst. She acts tough…she thinks she can prosecute everyone. Wolf in sheep's clothing.

    BTW–Trump is ten times more entertaining than these cartoon characters.

  12. Don't mind me, just here to leave a dislike, btw crazy Bernie would ruin the economy in less than a month (for anyone who is a little knowledgable) and btw I do think that Yang is cool, his idea make sense economically.

  13. Haha Biden is crooked!! Lol I hate how they’re turning it against trump but they don’t want to investigate the Bidens!!! Put them in jail!!

  14. The minute they open their mouths. Socialism,free, and taxes is what I take is their endgame.
    No thank you.


  15. Bernie wants to charge the top 400 US billionaires a 97.5% tax rate…looks like 400 US billionaires will be immigrating to a new country with lower taxes?

  16. It's pathetic how tanking (losing) candidates are the ones who tried to attack Senator Warren! I'm appalled that you made this the focus of your video. Elizabeth Warren will make a fantastic President!! As far as O'Rourke, Buttigieg, Klobuchar — no thanks! They haven't accomplished nearly enough in their tenure and have shown characteristics of lacking a spine at times… #HellYeah #ImpeachTrump #Warren2020

  17. I'm proud of my son's $600k/yr position-er- I mean judgement. Beta-male is concerned about pitting one against another? Fake a$$. If it's morally wrong it shouldn't be taxpayer funded. It shouldn't be legal at all. Millions of babies are killed annually. People need to stop treating abortion like an alternative to birth control. Get the implant, take pill, or sew it shut. liberals continue to call conservative racists, however most conservatives are against abortion of which 27% are black. If conservatives were truly the racists we're accused of being we would applaud abortion not be against it.

  18. y'all literally showed Beto's foaming at the mouth, incoherent answer to a question of non-importance and you don't show a second of Bernie or Yang. SHAME. The initial screen grab alone says it all. You have Biden smiling and Bernie and Warren making ugly angered faces… what are y'all even trying to do.

  19. Over 50,000 people in Dallas last night to see the president. When one of these Democrat communist bimbo's gets maybe 2 or 300 people to come and see them.

  20. sees thumbnail I bet you if we are lucky we will see Andrew Yang once

    You cover Klobuchar and O’rourke but not yang?? 😂

  21. BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!! The democrates are falling! Watching you democrates falling to pieces is soooooo satisfying. Thanks again for the Trump win in 2020. Keep doing what your doing democrates. You're doing great. BWAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

  22. No coverage for Andrew Yang when he’s the best candidate. It’s okay, bc if you look up Yang’s video, he’s got more views.

  23. If President had committed crimes as was mentioned here, he would already have been impeached. Again just words and no action from these Democrats on the stage. Nothing ever gets done. Biden said his son did nothing Wrong. His own son contracted him! Come on!

  24. The agenda is STRONG with New York Times. Honestly I'm trying to be overbearing #yanggang here but Yang had some legitimate mic drop moments agains Warren and Sanders yet you've shown none of that?

  25. The Washington Post posted a fact-check video of all the candidates on stage from this debate. The only candidate that got the fact correctly was Andrew Yang. Where is your coverage for Andrew Yang? Shame on you.

  26. The Democrats hate Trump primarily because he does what the good people of the U.S.A. want. 1. He acknowledges Christians in the U.S.A.(Bill and Hillary Clinton and Obama had an Anti-Christian Agenda throughout their "administration). 2. Bill and Hillary Clinton and Obama, are pro-perversion.

  27. These people are the same exact polititions, who have been running the country for years, only making things worse and make empty promises, I wish a millinial ran for the president.

  28. Here's how I would pay for medicare for all. Legalize weed nation wide and tax it. Also, your doctor could prescribe medical marijuana instead of highly addictive opioids.

  29. I say facts and truth… I understand you cannot comprehend facts and truth.
    If the mentally ill Trump haters keep on telling lies about Trump.. they believe them to be true

    You don’t like facts and truth take your meds and seek help

    Apparently you cannot see for your eyes… look at Uncle Joe just going crazy
    Apparently you cannot see the real Democrat debate

    Trump won again and where are all the American flags?

    I am loving it

  30. Apparently you cannot see all the mentally ill Trump haters causing chaos and anarchy in America.

    Maybe you take too many drugs maybe you never leave your mothers basement

    Again where are all the American flags during this debate?

    I am loving it
    So many Trump haters seeking mental help at a record t number.
    I love watching them trump he has become crazier unhinged and insane every day

  31. What are you talking about? I’m giving facts and truth 90% of the debate was talking about impeaching Trump.

    Then the last question was what do you think about George Bush and that
    Lesbian girl hanging out together.


  32. No grand pa Sanders the most corrupt is right there standing next to you ..his name is biden. He is as corrupt as you are old and delucional…mr sanders do you still remember how the corruption of Hillary and the Democratic national committee rigged the election againt you ..and do you still remember how you left your supporters fighting on the streets for you ….. While you were behind close doors making deals in. the. white house…to keep you quite..and after that you. Acquired a beach house. sanders if you dont oppose the real corrupts you are part of it….you sr do not deserve to be president. ..and mrs warren is the same. . she turns the other way and pretend she dosent know

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