The Debate - WHO'S GONNA GOVERN? - Ben Walker, Megumi Nakamura, Elliott Styles & Liam Allen

The Debate – WHO'S GONNA GOVERN? – Ben Walker, Megumi Nakamura, Elliott Styles & Liam Allen

we're here for the first debate of the 2018 comet or Eon campaign first let's welcome to the stage takes the center and all your Pete Weber favorite from his long tenure in public office [Applause] Texas for the better part of 20 years the choice is clear Tata then let's call to the stage retired four-star general parents bucks worth what else this campaign last month with the slogan let's asses in the ass it off countless years and I take the hint moving on last but certainly not least our final candidate a muffin tycoon a political newbie a murderer [Laughter] [Applause] miss snow I know this is your first debate but we have fools politics I'm not a politician each candidate must get equal time of course by the sound of that bear our introductory rabbit saw her and now we move on to our first the elimination round it's question time mr. twiddle start with you that was misspelled mention you've come under fire for the police that you may be willing to engage and pay for playing politics then you are corrupt is there any validity to this claim no I know that you want me to break it down slap for that it's not true just be the better part of 20 years you're saying unequivocally that you do not engage your pay for play politics haven't even a live for anything hey moving on now mr. Bosworth if it called reckless hot-headed and temperamentally unfit to lead this great state your ex-wife recently said that you are mentally unstable how would you spell if anyone else here ever seen war talking towards a beauty I'm done for you need a steady hands hold a gun you need a steady man to get the job done I'm the kind of guy doesn't lose don't believe those pundits on the news or my wife we all know she's still sore is I divorced that building stone yeah it's no similar question even criticized for your lack of elements experience the string of dangerous love and related incidents how context is we confident your ability to hold the highest office in the state [Applause] [Applause] we'll be right back after a message from our sponsors

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