The Dangers Of Spirulina? Update! Dr Greger & Dr Klaper

The Dangers Of Spirulina? Update! Dr Greger & Dr Klaper

In a previous video we saw how spirulina and
blue green algae may be Dangerous for our health due to the potential contamination
with something called beta methylamino-L-alanine, bmaa, which is a destructive neurotoxin. In light of those findings spirulina supplement
companies seemed to take action. In his April 2019 Q and A Dr Michael Greger
was asked again about spirulina and here’s what he had to say.[Dr Greger] What are my
thoughts on spirulina, is it safe to while pregnant? I’m not afraid it may not even be safe when
you’re not pregnant and that’s because of neurotoxic compounds that have been found
contaminating spirulina supplements on the shelf and spirulina manufactures say this
spirulina does not create this toxin, which may very well be the case but the way they
cultivate spirulina is they basically grow it outdoors and there’s contamination with
other blue green algae for example that do make these toxins, regardless it’s found
on the shelf and so that’s all we really care about whether or not it came from a contaminate
algae or from spirulina itself and so if you’re looking for a green powder to sprinkle on
your popcorn or something I would encourage you to use chlorella instead where there have
not been any toxins found it makes your popcorn a bright green which kids will love we call
it zombie corn in my household![End] There may also be another serious problem with consuming
spirulina, blue green algae and even with seaweeds like dulse and it’s all to do with
vitamin b12 absorption. So let’s hear as Dr Michael Klaper explains
more, [Dr Klaper] This is the B12 molecule it turns out that a lot of organisms in the
plant world make or try to make vitamin B12 for their own needs. They come close this is a fairly close approximation
but to you chemistry geeks out there you will notice that this pentose with the two nitrogens
that’s now been broken open here phosphorus here that had a hydroxyl group now has a double
bonded oxygen to it and this pentose ring is now been broken open as well so it’s
not the same molecule and it doesn’t do what B12 does it will not keep your brain
healthy will not keep your spinal cord healthy. But what it will do is occupy the receptors
sites on your nerve cells so real B12 can’t get in. You don’t want to be taking these B12 analogues. Well it turns out that some sea vegetables
make these B12 analogues and for that reason as I said to get your iodine if you use the
sea vegetables do them a couple times a week but don’t take it on the day that you’re
also taking your B12 supplement. Take your B12 supplement on a Sunday, start
adding the sea vegetables to your salad on Wednesday or Thursday but space it out a little
don’t flood your body with these B12 analogues when you’re trying to get real B12 into
your tissues. Now speaking of B12 analogues surprise surprise
there’s a couple of health supplements generally recognised as good for you that aren’t! Spirulina and blue green algae anybody taking
them I’d suggested you reconsider that strategy because they are loaded with B12 analogues. They analysed spirulina tablets and 83% of
the molecules that look like B12 were actually B12 analogues and the same thing with blue
green algae. These B12 analogues pseudo B12 turns out to
be the predominate substance and it is definitely not suitable for vegans and it will block
your real B12 from getting in there. But if you’re taking spirulina or blue green
algae and think you’re doing something good for yourself you’re not, reconsider that. [End] So what about chlorella? Well Chlorella is a green algae and not a
blue green algae and a study done conducted in Finland found
that chlorella may potentially contain human bioactive vitamin B12. The study examined the vitamin B-12 status
in long-term adherents of a strict uncooked vegan diet who were compared with 21 omnivores. The researchers found that the vegans consuming
Chlorella algae had serum vitamin B-12 concentrations twice as high as the vegans that were not
using it. Six of nine vegans, that were not consuming
chlorella, showed slow but consistent deterioration of vitamin B-12 status over a 2-year observation
period. On the basis of these results, the researchers
concluded that chlorella consumed in large amounts can supply adequate amounts of bio
available vitamin B-12. Other researchers who have looked at chlorella
itself directly have found human active B12 in it which would support the Finnish study. However I think it would be extremely unwise
to rely on chlorella for our b12 intake but it appears that it is not as harmful as spirulina
when it comes to blocking B12 absorption.

45 thoughts on “The Dangers Of Spirulina? Update! Dr Greger & Dr Klaper

  1. I have a green powder supplement I've used a couple of times maybe five times, the total of ingredients being~ in the following order of quantity~ organic wheatgrass, organic kale, organic moringa and last on the list, organic spirulina. Also the serving size is 1 teaspoon, and I put it in a 15 oz serving of homemade greens and blended vegetable smoothie.
    I also don't have it every day, I have the smoothie but not the greens powder. So of course I'm wondering, 🤔….

  2. Great, now spirulina is bad for you! I'm freaking done with supplements! It was this channel that talked me into using spirulina several years ago and they touted how healthy it was.

  3. Thanks! Great to see this. I went through two or three packets of nori for the iodine but the fishy smell was too unplasant so I gave up, a few months ago. I used to enjoy fried fish decades ago, before 2000 when I became vegan but even then liked only that kind of fish preparation occasionally. Now I'm back to hoping the diverse fruits and vegetables I eat a lot of will supply me enough iodine. Good of you to make this video. I shared it on facebook and tomorrow will do so on Whatsapp too. It's important.

  4. Aaaah! I’ve had this for almost 15 years. Including throughout my pregnancy! He would always kick within minutes of me drinking it.

  5. I mean where's the science on the B12 absorbtion not working with sea vegetables? Wouldn't most the vegans in Japan be done for?

  6. I was told years ago to avoid spirulina by my endocrinologist because of the b12 blocking factor, I’m glad I took his advice!

  7. Wait don't tell me now that my algae epa dha supplement is blocking my b12 absorption aswell. please give me a answer about this..

  8. Whenever someone suggests taking spirulina or algae , my mind always thinks heavy metal contamination, if the fish is contaminated why not spirulina and blue algae ?

  9. Since taking Chlorella daily my liver and kidney function has gotten better but I also added Spirulina recently which it appears I will be stopping immediately now lol Thanks for the info! 🙂

  10. So what, now I can't sprinkle some seaweed flakes onto my buddha bowls anymore…? It's getting more and more complicated… (but I do appreciate your research/guideline niche tho)

  11. Come on, going vegan is easy : starch, greens, vegetables, fruits a bit of nuts and seeds and B12. The rest is all about making big bucks vegan or not.

  12. Thank you for sharing. This is all very new to me as I am moving towards a plant based lifestyle. It's helpful to know what good sources of B12 to take

  13. money money money,everywhere its the same.the animalindustry,veganindustry,I am vegan,But got thyroidcancer(HAVE NO THYROID NOW AND CANNOT EAT ANY IODINE RICH FOODS LIKE ANY ALGES,) because a so called fake health alternative in Sweden persuaded me to eat enormous amounts of kelpsupplements.So dangerous amounts.And buy from him and enormous amounts of kalcium supplements so dangerous got plack in my heart.And a lot of other supplements.He sid that I was so sick and he said the same to others.He got sued of the state for false advertising and started to sell furniture instead.And got rich making people sick and now livs in the richest area in Stockholm Sweden.JUST EAT NORMAL WHOLE FOOD INSTEAD OF A LOT OF POWDERS,SUPPLEMENTS MORE THEN I NEAD.LIKE B12,D-VITAMIN,K2!

  14. You cannot generalize, I am taking spirulina for 15 years and I have to decrease my B12 suplementation because it was to high, way to high, so if this is true, it is not true for everybody. And I didn't eat animal flesh in 46 years.,so my B12 comes from sublingual pills.

  15. you can also get moringa which is much more better than spirulina as a green powder and you can plant the tree and make you're own homemade powder like i do.

  16. Stupid, just Theorie not Prof. And actually it is proven that some strain of spirulina and other algae contains also real b12 not only analog, but not all just some. And also analog b12 should have some benefits too i read a study about it not so long but not remember where it was. I can just say when I take the spirulina and chlorella I feel the difference, but sure if you bye that come from china..

  17. There are b12 analogs in chlorella as well as spirulina. This is not just a problem with these algae either. Other algae have these as well. So?


  19. Is it ok to take a kelp supplement for iodine and a cyanocobalamin supplement for B12 at the same time? There was an image of kelp in this video but I don't think it's a blue-green algae so I'm unsure if it has these b12 analogues in it or not.

  20. Somebody owe me 18 bucks for this thing of spirulina I got if I gotta throw it out now lol screw it im gonna keep using it it doesn’t make me sick and I don’t want kids so I’m good anything is slightly less dangerous than eating meat 😩

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