48 thoughts on “The Dangers Of Social Media (Child Predator Experiment)

  1. Video is great but I have one complaint; it’s not “supposed*B*ly,” it’s “suppose*D*ly.


  2. If I talked to a person and he went to my house I would text. Me: YOU THINK IM STUPID? WOW, oh and I am calling the cops UwU

  3. I need help. There’s a account on Snapchat that is being used and trying to sneak out my niece she’s only on her early teens. The problem is the user is saying is my husband I confronted hem but he denied he ever talked to her so I don’t know what to do I really need help with this I don’t want her to end up missing. The snapchat name Rigo username r2487 but wen I looked it up it didn’t say rigo it sed Rodrigo username r2487. Plz help anyone

  4. If lure the predator to my house and act innocent and have a cop waiting and hidden sit so dat $#&% goes dowwwwnnn

  5. Yea, this is the best way to do it. Can't just tell your kids to be careful on the internet, cause that won't get to your kids.

  6. Im watching this hella late but the second girl when i heard her name i was thinking of thotiana

  7. Don't talk to strangers, yeah that's what I've been doing my whole life & that's why I never met anybody.

  8. The scary thing is that girls are easier to kidnapp because its almost only men that kidnaps children and that is the reason why girls are easier to kidnap.

  9. Here's how I would respond:
    Where do you live? The solar system
    How old are you? 78 billion years old
    What's your name? Jimmy Neutron
    Are you single? No I'm dating myself
    Are you naughty? Yeah, I've killed a man
    Can I come over? Sure. Just so ya know the fbi and police are here but just for a visit
    Send nudes. ok *sends an unwrapped burrito picture *
    No, send me NAKED images not a burrito OH! OKAY! *sends Naked (type of smoothie) images *
    UGH! I'LL FIND ANOTHER GIRL who says I'm a girl

  10. You can tell that last girl still didn’t learn anything after that. If that was my dad in the back telling me to give him my phone, I would’ve gladly given it to him the first time he asked, especially after getting caught doing some stupid shit like she did!

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